The New Earth Is Here Even If You Don’t Want It To Be

Medicine Woman, Mother and Mentor, Kerri Hummingbird talks with me about what the so called “New Earth” will be like in real terms I actually understood!

Connect with Mother Earth

Kerri HummingbirdKerri loves to help people and clients connect with Mother Earth and many do this by hiking in nature. You might get quiet being with the trees, rocks, and birds. But there’s so much more!

Indigenous people know that Mother Earth is awake, conscious and a being of light and we exist in her auric field. We are created from her material of fire, water, earth and air and all of life is connected in this way.

When that becomes an embodied realization, you can feel it in your body and your body is Mother Earth. She is present inside of you. Then you learn to listen deeply – this is what is studied in any mystery school or by indigenous people. The journey goes inward.

When you connect with Mother Earth in this way, you bring your soul and consciousness into the body and operate from a higher consciousness which Kerri calls the Love Mind and the heart. You’ll make very different types of decisions from being connected this way then if you were coming from fear.

Decisions for the Good of All

Kerri HummingbirdMother Earth helps us make wiser decisions for life on the planet. You might think, “How is this choice creating health, wealth and prosperity for seven generations forward, not only for my descendants but for all life on the planet?”

You stop thinking about just you or your family and consider the relevance of all species. For example, if there are no bees, that will impact ALL life on the planet.

I asked Kerri why seven generations back but she wasn’t sure of the origin of that number. She did relay a story from her own life – how she’s related to a medicine man seven generations back who walked the Trail of Tears with the Cherokee nation.

Having connected with this ancestor has helped her learn about healing and it’s been very powerful. I brought up Jane Robert’s book The Education of Oversoul 7 which talks about how there is no time and the soul fragments to live all seven lives at the same time.

This is like what Kerri has gone through connecting to her own soul as her ancestor. She was that medicine man in a past life and is related to him as well! Amazing, right?

Higher & Lower Level Minds

The Pachamama (from the Karo people in the Andes mountains) is the mother of time and space. When you are embodied in the Pachamama, then you’re living at the  intersection of time and space. A little bit mind blowing.

The medicine person learns to transcend time through the hummingbird consciousness and eagle consciousness – both are aspects of the higher functioning brain.

Most of humanity today use the limbic and reptilian brains which are lower level functioning and why we have so much human drama. At this level, there is no sense of soul or spirit. Instead it’s “Us vs. Them” for the most part. This demonstrates a lack of awareness.

The Great Awakening

Kerri HummingbirdBut now, with the great awakening, people have this higher level brain to open up our consciousness to access beyond the veil. This requires an understanding that we are more than a body with one life on earth.

We need to reconcile our past lives and come to peace with it all. This is the opportunity to clean up the karma and the mess humans have made.

The point is to transcend the drama. With eagle consciousness, you get the higher perspective with soul eyes, bringing higher frequencies with it like compassion and patience. This helps you make different choices and allows things to shift!

Many people here today, have been getting ready for this time through several lifetimes to be hand-holders and wayshowers. They have come from around the Universe to the New Earth.

This group studied a variety of modalities to guide people now who are waking up and opening to spirit.

Who Will Ascend?

Ascend to the new earthWe are shifting into the next potential, having prepared to be in service this way for many lifetimes. OK, so what does this have to do with ascension?

Kerri explained not everyone will want to come along and ascend, or have the same reality as those who are awakened. They may like suffering for some reason and come from a place of fear. However, those with the awakened mind can accept people from a place of love vs. fear.

More about ascension and 5D

When you are connected to the earth and are operating from a higher consciousness, you allow yourself to be guided towards love.

So, awakened people are already experiencing a different reality. There has been a strengthening of duality. You can just tell when it’s not worth having a conversation with someone who is closed off and chosen to stay at the lower vibration. It’s clear now and easy to see.

This is a big part of what it means to live in a different reality. Not that we are actually separated or on different planets, or that the earth will split in two. (Yes, I’ve heard people say this kind of stuff!).

Instead, it’s about looking at life through a lens of higher consciousness.

I’m Not Buying It

Personally, I have a hard time with this idea that we’ll be off to some other world. Kerri explained that people will self-select to be with similar types in similar environments. So, if you come from love, you will work to love and accept people.

People who have a fear perspective will ultimately be impacted by the love-minded folks whether or not they want that. Many of them will end up coming along and moving over to this frequency, especially as the fear model dissipates.

The Changes She’s Seen

Next, I asked Kerri what changes she’s noticed about her clients recently. Kerri said when people move into love consciousness, you are more gracious and compassionate.

You start to have access to magical teachings, wisdom, rituals, ceremonies and your own power. And you can use all of it for the benefit of humanity and the world.

Rather than confront someone on their short comings, you’ll work on yourself to clear the energy, clear the space, bring love and forgiveness to everything. This is how you’ll resolve things. The other person won’t know what happened or how the change took place, but that’s OK.

Kerri’s biggest miracles were with her family. When Kerri started on the shaman journey, her family thought she was crazy and didn’t understand what she was doing. Her dad had a condition that was life threatening, the same thing his own mother had died from.

Family Healing

Kerri Humminbird on the Breathe Love and Magic podcastSo, Kerri asked his permission (always important!) to look into this and she cleared this. As a result, her dad’s condition stayed as is and never progressed for the rest of his life.

She also healed the relationship with her mother which she explains in one of her books. They had been at odds after her father passed, and they couldn’t even have a simple  conversation.

Kerri’s solution was working her medicine, doing ceremonies, plant medicine, and writing a book about healing the mother wound. This went on for a two-year period, learning to process, forgive and get to a place of love. Now things are wonderful between them.

This is a beautiful example of how living in a reality from a place of love and higher consciousness can exist on the planet at the same time as the hate and fear. And how love will influence those people stuck.

Love is sort of pervasive and contagious – that’s what it sounds like to me anyway. LOL.

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The Love Curriculum

Kerri refers to this process as the Love Curriculum! What an interesting time to be alive on the planet.

To make this process easier, this medicine woman’s advice is to find a community of like-minded people and take responsibility for yourself. Amen to that! Forget the lone-wolf perspective, it’s time to be relational.

If you want to be in the community, consider the Intuitive Mastermind, where we support each other by amplifying our energy and using our intuition for the good of all the members.

Last but not least, Kerri asks that we thank Mother Earth for all her efforts and send her grace and love. Done!

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BIO – Kerri Hummingbird

Medicine Woman Kerri Hummingbird, Medicine Woman, Mother and Mentor, is the Founder of Inner Medicine Training, a Mystery School that shares potent ancient traditions from the Andes and Himalayas for owning your wisdom and living your purpose.

She is the #1 international best-selling author of “Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity” (on the international bestseller charts 29 weeks), Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound, The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama (on the international bestseller charts 237 weeks) and the award-winning best-selling book Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening.

As the host of Soul Nectar Show, Ms. Hummingbird inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. As a healer and mentor, she catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom.

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