The Magic of Transformational Shamanism with Kelle Sparta

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I speak with Kelle Sparta, the Spirit Doctor. Not your every day mystic, Kelle completed an unplanned, year-long walk-about (in her car), traveling around the USA without a home.

She gave away most of her belongings and stayed with old and new friends, as well as other places. You’ll find out why this happened which was actually a bit of a surprise to Kelle and she was told it would take 10 years before she really understood the full meaning of her experience.

We talked about some “old school” spiritual teachers like Ram Das, Ramtha, and even EST – now the Landmark Forum, and we had a few good belly laughs reminiscing! Kelle also shares about her powerful work as a transformation shaman and the stages of healing.

Want to hear more from female shamans? Check out this episode.


Kelle Sparta, who calls herself the Spirit Doctor, is a transformational shaman working with high performance people to unlock hidden aspects of their potential. She teaches motivated people to master their energy to create next-level results. Kelle is also the host of the podcast Spirit Sherpa.

She is also a daring adventurer and cosmic Yes girl, a Shaman, healer, psychic, channel, medium and empath. In addition, Kelle is a hard-core spiritual seeker.

Download her free guide on self protection with Boundaries for Empaths at or contact her at

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