It’s Time For An Intuitive Reading

It's Time For An Intuitive Reading

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There are lots of reasons why this is the perfect time for an Intuitive Reading. Scroll down to discover which ones make sense for you.

Am I headed in the right direction?Where Am I Headed?

Are you thinking about starting something new or going in a new direction? Maybe you are at a crossroads in life? That’s a great time to have an Intuitive Reading!

Let’s explore your life path and purpose and uncover options with the most energy or that resonate best. We can also confirm the direction you’re already considering.

An Intuitive Reading helps you build confidence about your next step, while holding a vision for what you plan to create.

Is Something Keeping You Awake at Night?

If a situation is bothering you and you aren’t sure what to do about it, that’s a great reason to have an intuitive reading.

Get the clarity you need to understand what is happening and potentially why, then figure out what your possible next steps could be.

Hearing practical intuitive guidance and support can be comforting and extremely helpful.

She Shared Messages and Brainstormed with Me!
“I had a session with Ronnie about my business because I’d been feeling stuck, not knowing which way to go with some of my projects and ideas. Ronnie not only transmitted messages that the spirit guides had to say about the challenges and confusion I was having, but she brainstormed with me. This resulted in some kick ass ideas for my coaching programs! I am so excited to implement everything that came through. Thank you Ronnie!”  Marla Martenson, Life Coach

I Felt So Much Lighter!

“After my reading with Ronnie, I felt so much more confident about what the next six months has in store for me. She answered questions about my business and gave me great insight into what will be unfolding in the near future. If you’re searching for answers on your love life, career, or a variety of areas, a reading with Ronnie will tell you what you need to know.”  Keisha, New Jersey

Connect with Your High Council

Did you ever wish you had a team of spiritual guides who would share amazing insights about your life  with only your highest good in mind?

Well, you do!

Let’s connect with your spiritual team of advisors, discover who they are, and ask those burning questions about your life or spiritual path.

There’s nothing like a higher viewpoint to better understand your life choices and next steps.

Confused about Your Relationship?

Between my 20 years as a dating coach and my 30 years doing intuitive work, helping you better understand your relationship is a natural for me!

Tell me what’s going on and we will figure out what you need to know and come up with the best possible solutions. Getting insights into your relationship helps you know where you stand.

This Intuitive Reading works for questions about your life partner, friends, family, or business relationships. Let’s bring in the clarity you need now.

Ronnie has been featured by BBC’s 5 Live Radio, NBC News, Fox News, and ABC’s Chronicle in Boston, NPR, Fox News Online Magazine, eHarmony,, Huffington Post,,,, Toronto’s Zoomer Radio, Connecticut Magazine, & Long Wharf Theatre among others.

She’s been offering Past Life and Intuitive Readings for more than 30 years to provide greater clarity, resolve issues and blocks that hold people back from their dreams.

Here's What Happy Clients Say...

Helped Me See the Big Picture
Ronnie is amazing and I totally appreciated her guidance. She helped me see the big picture and I really needed help with that to get past my typical black and white thinking. Understanding where my journey is taking me and slowing down will give me time to improve myself, my relationships, and make better choices too.”   – Holly, North Carolina

Helped Me Solve a Complex Issue!
“With only 30 minutes, Ronnie was able to help me work through a complex business decision I had been sitting on for weeks. She has a lot of modalities to try out and a great foundation of business consulting.

Sometimes you can’t overthink your way to a clear solution and having someone like Ronnie who can help you tap further into your intuition can save a lot of time. I highly recommend her!  – Grace Broder, Mindset Coach

What a Magical Reading!
“The reading with Ronnie was wonderfully nurturing. I felt a strong resonance and hearing everything was so validating. That’s important – it helps to be seen for who you really are. For an insightful and healing experience, get a reading with Ronnie!” – Rachel in California

Book Your Intuitive Reading

An Intuitive Reading is 55 minutes via Zoom or by phone (inside the USA only).

After purchasing your reading, you’ll be automatically redirected to the “Thank You” page where you’ll find the calendar link to schedule your private appointment.

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