Practice Kindness For Yourself First, Then For Others

Ready to step beyond gratitude this Thanksgiving? Learn how to practice kindness with yourself first before being kind to others. When your internal dialog is kind, that’s when your world will open up and flow with goodness. Move Over Gratitude! Everyone knows the Thanksgiving holiday is about gratitude. Gratitude is a practice that will always … Read more

Listen To Real Life Stories of The Faerie Realm

the fae portal

Curious about the Faerie Realm? My guest reveals her real-life stories of the Fae, opening the Fae Portal and connecting with your heart and mind. Fae Folk in America Contrary to popular belief, the Fae Folk can be seen across the globe. Even here in America, you might encounter faeries and elementals while taking a … Read more

This Manifestation Coach Says Use Your Body Not Your Head

Master Manifestor

Manifestation Coach, Danielle Marggraf, shocked me when she suggested that you should use your body not your brain to attract what you want in life! I never knew that, did you? Becoming a Master Manifestor I asked Danielle how she got started doing this work as a wealth manifestation coach. She explained how hard things … Read more

Akashic Records Readings: Uncover Your Past Lives & Heal

Akashic Records Readings

In this episode of the Skeptic Metaphysician podcast, Will and Karen (the skeptics) ask me about Akashic Records Readings. What Are the Akashic Records? The first question and a great place to start was what are the Akashic Records? Many religions talk about a Book of Life and some actually talk about past lives like … Read more

Halloween Podcast – I See Dead People, Salem Witches & More

Marla Martenson

In this special Halloween podcast with my guest Marla Martenson, you’ll hear how I see dead people, about her witchy visit to Salem, MA, stories of dream paralysis and visitation, and so much more! A super fun and spooky episode to celebrate the thinning of the veil. Marla’s Salem, MA Adventures Marla went to Salem … Read more

Essential Secrets To Improve Your Odds Of Finding Love After 40

Debbie Rivers Dating Coach

Ready to improve your odds of finding love after 40? Two long-time dating coaches share their essential secrets in this revealing episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast! Dating Trends Today, I’m speaking with my favorite Dating Coach, Debbie Rivers, and we started this episode talking about dating trends. The first one was “Infladating” … Read more