Intuitive Style And Spirituality Redefine Fashion Rules

Does your sense of style accurately reflected the real you? Imagine feeling fabulous in your clothes. Now you can with an Intuitive Stylist! Becoming an Intuitive Stylist I started by asking Susan Padron, how she became an intuitive stylist. She answered that she always loved dressing people and finding clothes that allow people to see … Read more

The New Earth Is Here Even If You Don’t Want It To Be

Kerri Humminbird on the Breathe Love and Magic podcast

Medicine Woman, Mother and Mentor, Kerri Hummingbird talks with me about what the so called “New Earth” will be like in real terms I actually understood! Connect with Mother Earth Kerri loves to help people and clients connect with Mother Earth and many do this by hiking in nature. You might get quiet being with … Read more

Past Life Reading Resolves Current Fears And Limiting Beliefs

Past life reading is the subject of this Breathe Love & Magic podcast episode.

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m sharing a recorded Past life Reading and Intuitive Coaching Session with Lori. Past Life History This was an amazing session that delved into so much history. The session was sort of a wild ride with really interesting twists and turns. Lori wanted to better … Read more

The Remarkable Power Of Reframing Shifts Your Life

Have you heard of or tried cognitive reframing? It’s a powerful tool that can positively shift your mindset about something permanently to change the direction of your life! The Power of Mentoring In this episode I interview my friend Jane who has been a mentor in the school system, helping young kids, 4th grade and … Read more