Are Inner Peace & World Peace Related? MarBeth Dunn Says Yes!

Breathe Love & Magic podcast

Is peace a spiritual practice and if so, how are inner peace and world peace related? That’s the discussion for this episode, speaking with MarBeth Dunn, creator of the World Miracle Peace Experiment and founder of How to Create Inner Peace Before I dive into the interview, I just want to talk about how … Read more

Conscious Dating & Mindfulness Helps You Find True Love Faster

conscious dating

What is conscious dating? That’s what you’ll discover in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast with my guest, mindful dating expert, Lauren Smith. This will improve the way you date forever so treat yourself and listen in! Conscious Dating Is a Mindful Approach Lauren started the interview by clarifying that’s she’s not … Read more

Learn About Clearing Energy With Energy Coach Alida Morrill

Alida Morrill

On this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, you’ll hear about clearing energy with Alida Morrill. As an Energy Coach, she helps people balance the energy in their life and shares stories about clearing entities, clearing spaces, as well as your ancestral lineage. Everyone Picks Up Unwanted Energy Alida started by talking … Read more