Earth Medicine Can Heal Your Womb, Cycle, & Divine Femininity

Have you heard of cyclical living or womb work? Are you fully connected to your body? In this episode, we talk about earth medicine and the 3Ms – Mindfulness, Meditation, & Mushrooms, which can help you heal and reconnect with the divine feminine and your body! Psychedelic Guide & Embodiment Coach I asked Leslie how … Read more

Notice Synchronicity And Coincidences To Guide Your Journey

The path of ease and grace

Did you ever have synchronicity and coincidences that don’t seem to connect and then somehow magically it all becomes clear? That’s what I’m talking about in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. This is a new installment of my spiritual journey to nowhere with no map and no guide, that began last … Read more

Intuitive Style And Spirituality Redefine Fashion Rules

Does your sense of style accurately reflect the real you? Imagine feeling fabulous in your clothes. Now you can with an Intuitive Stylist! Becoming an Intuitive Stylist I started by asking Susan Padron, how she became an intuitive stylist. She answered that she always loved dressing people and finding clothes that allow people to see … Read more

The New Earth Is Here Even If You Don’t Want It To Be

Kerri Humminbird on the Breathe Love and Magic podcast

Medicine Woman, Mother and Mentor, Kerri Hummingbird talks with me about what the so called “New Earth” will be like in real terms I actually understood! Connect with Mother Earth Kerri loves to help people and clients connect with Mother Earth and many do this by hiking in nature. You might get quiet being with … Read more