Release Relationship Patterns And Blocks With Soul Realignment

Relationship Patterns

Feeling stuck on your life path or not finding the relationship you want? Release relationship patterns and blocks with Marilyn Penny and the Soul Realignment process. What Is Soul Realignment? There are so many ways to use the Akashic Records, and the Soul Realignment process, which is what Marilyn Penny works with, helps identify blocks … Read more

I Don’t Call Myself A Psychic, But I’m A Brilliant Intuitive

I don’t call myself a psychic, predicting what will happen to you. I do intuitive readings, so you can understand the situation and take inspired action. Psychic Predictions To me, being a psychic is more about predicting the future – you’ll marry twice, have three kids and move to California. That type of thing. Psychics … Read more

Discover Your Star History With Galactic Astrology & Ulrika Sullivan

Galactic Astrology

You’ve had past lives on earth, but also in different star systems! Discover your soul’s star history with Galactic Astrology and my guest Ulrika Sullivan, in this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. What is Galactic Astrology? In this practice, Ulrika combines her intuitive skills with the Akashic Records and astrology to … Read more