Medical Intuitive Christine Lang Talks About Energy Healing

Christine Lang

Your body’s discomfort holds messages from your spirit. That’s what Medical Intuitive, Christine Lang explains in this episode. She talks about how to discover what those messages mean, how to shield your own energy from others, and how to handle overwhelm among other energy topics. Becoming a Medical Intuitive I started by asking Christine how … Read more

How To Create A New Identity After A Transformative Healing

Katie White

Wondering how to create a new identity and how this will change your life? A transformative healing can make this a positive experience. Find out what Akashic Reiki Master Katie White has to say about this process. Breaking the Mold Several years ago, Katie made a bold decision at the high point in her corporate … Read more

My Secrets to Manifest Love & The Relationship of Your Dreams

Ready to manifest love? Discover my secrets about how I found love and my proven methods shared with private clients. This is a jam packed episode! This episode focuses on the inner steps for finding love. It’s not about who should call first,pay for dates, anything about texting, or how to use the apps. Instead, … Read more

Raise Your Vibration To Feel Happier With Magical Self-Care

If you want to feel happier, discover how to raise your vibration with these quick and easy methods I call magical self-care. Update on My Spiritual Adventure I want to update on my Spiritual Adventure because this is how I’ve come to the idea of Magical Self-Care. Over the summer I took a Celtic Shamanism … Read more

Changing The Timeline Of Ancient History, Atlantis & More

portal to ascension

Neil Gaur talks about evidence for changing the timeline of ancient history, including Atlantis, Lemuria, and ancient Egypt. Portal to Ascension I started the interview by asking how he got started with the Portal to Ascension and running conferences about metaphysical topics and ancient history. Neil explained that he was raised Hindu in California. He … Read more