Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt, Build Confidence, & Trust Yourself

Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt, Build Confidence, & Trust Yourself

learn to use and rely on your intuition

It’s time to stop second guessing yourself and activate your own inner wisdom. This empowering shift occurs by developing your intuition and learning how to rely on this innate skill. Your Sixth Sense is a game changer like nothing else.

Whether you are trying to determine your soul’s path or live your best life, your Sixth Sense is a powerful resource.

Intuition helps you better understand your situation and find solutions to critical life events and major life challenges. Your inner wisdom can address the biggest problems and small quandaries too.

7 Super Simple Lessons

This comprehensive program cuts through the cosmic fluff and confusion to get to the intuitive tools that really work.

  • You’ll learn how your gut is your second brain and part of your innate inner wisdom.
  • You’ll hear about the six “Clairs” and how to figure out which ones you may have.
  • Plus, you’ll get seven complete lessons packed with super simple methods, exercises, and practice tips, so you can start using your Sixth Sense right away.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

This introductory lesson talks about what intuition really is and offers real science on why you should trust your gut. You’ll hear some potent stories about how intuition has impacted my life and what it can do for your life.

In the second lesson, you’ll discover that everything in the Universe is made of energy. Then you’ll hear about the six “Clairs” of intuition including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and more. Knowing what your “Clair” is will help prepare you for how the intuitive information you seek will most likely show up for you.

When you are seeking intuitive help and answers, first you need to know how to ask the right questions. You’ll discover how to pose a question to make sure you get the insights you actually want.

In this fun lesson, you’ll be learning about a number of methods to connect with your inner wisdom. These are called Divination Tools and there are quite a few. Find out which tools resonate and work best with you.

Learn how to start building confidence in your own sixth sense. You’ll be given exercises to practice that will help you start to trust yourself and the intuitive information you receive.

This two-part lesson offers a number of ways to enhance your intuitive practice, get answers more quickly, and dive deeper into your inner wisdom. There is something for everyone in this array of methods and many work well together!

Learn a more advanced technique to connect with spirit and your higher self offers deeper wisdom and understanding about your life and the situations that arise. This method is not only surprisingly effective, but it’s also FUN.

Easy, Self-Paced Program

These lessons are self-paced, so you can take your time and practice before learning something new. On the other hand, you might be the kind of person who races through to learn everything in just a couple of days. That’s completely up to you.

Once you go through the entire program, there’s no doubt you will awaken your sixth sense and be able to tap into your intuition.

Plus, there is enough instruction in this program, that you can go through the lessons again and learn new things as you uplevel your skills.

Your Higher Self Wants to Connect

The Universe and spirit are calling you to connect with your higher self and follow your true path. Yet, sometimes critical life events and challenges can get in the way. Awakening Your Sixth Sense will help you move past your struggles and concerns to get you back on the right path.

It’s time you live your best life and that only happens when you are attuned to your own innate wisdom. Get the guidance you need at every turn and learn to rely on yourself vs. outside sources.

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Rave Reviews!

“Ronnie, after doing the exercises from the first few lessons, I started to get stuff right away! I got answers to questions about little things happening and a couple of bigger insights too. Other programs make things complicated, but Awaken Your Sixth Sense is incredibly simple – thank you for that!”
West Virginia
“I love this program! You have made tapping into my intuition easy. I’m getting the information I need and guidance that has already been a life saver. Who knew that I would pick up how to use my sixth sense this quickly? Now I’ll know when I’m on the right path or going off course. I can’t thank you enough. Keep the programs coming if they are like this one!”
“Ronnie has a very clear and practical teaching style, with great examples that make it all easy to understand and to put into practice, whether you’re a beginner or expanding your skills. Plus the lessons are just the right length. Short and to the point. I highly recommend this program!”
“I’ve dabbled with my intuition for years, but was never too sure I could trust what came to me. After working with Awaken Your Sixth Sense, I’m doing great! Connecting with my own guidance is so much easier now. Ronnie explains how to do this step-by-step in such a simple way. I finally get how this works! If you’ve only used your intuition here and there but want more, this is THE program that will get you there!”