Bioenergetic Clearing

Want to improve your physical, mental, and emotional energy? Who wouldn’t like to feel better and have more energy?

Everything and everyone is made of energy and all energy has a pattern or vibration. Emotions like fear, jealousy, perfectionism, and anger are a lower vibration vs. peace, love, and joy which are from the higher end of the scale.

The point is to release the lower frequencies, so you can enjoy more of the higher vibes. These emotions can now be measured on the David Hawkins scale of emotions.

Bioenergetics Is a Game Changer

soul intelligence method of energy clearing with sacred geometry symbolThe game changer is bioenergetics. This is the science of the relationship between your physical, emotional, and mental health and the mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Alexander Lowen created bioenergetics in the 1950s, based on Wilhem Reich’s idea that chronic stress leads to mental health issues.

When energy is stuck, it’s not flowing or in motion. Think about the word emotion – its really all about energy in motion. When energy is not in motion, that’s when problems begin.

When you are physically balanced, you’re better able to handle the stress and emotions that daily life throws at you. And when you’re emotionally balanced, your body functions properly.

Nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle all help, but bioenergetics is the game changer because it zeroes in on the root cause of chronic issues.


Barb Looks Forward to More 

“I highly recommend Ronnie! She is extremely intuitive, and a delight and quickly went through the charts to clear my energy. One of my issues she discovered was ‘betrayal’ from someone that she cleared for me.

I didn’t think anything of it, but several days later when I saw the woman socially, I wasn’t triggered. This is huge for me! The bioenergetic clearing method seems to work much faster than emotion code. I am so grateful to Ronnie for all her help and will go back for more clearings.” –Barb

What Is the Soul IntelligenceTM Method?

what is soul intelligence showing sacred geometry symbolSo, when you release physical, emotional, and mental tension causing problems, you free up the stuck energy! That is exactly what the Soul IntelligenceTM method does, developed by Kristine Glein.

Another way to describe the method is that it’s like an advanced form of prayer. Sacred space is established for protection. Then a connection is made to the divine or source, a power greater than ourselves.

Next, a request is made to release blocks and balance the energy, allowing you to live with improved energy flow.

The Soul Intelligence method gets to the root cause of trapped energy, whether its emotions, trauma, beliefs, thoughts, actions, intentions, or patterns, from this life or another. This is the energy that keeps people stuck and experiencing chronic issues.

The method can help improve your energy, outlook on life, relationships, prosperity, mindset, well-being, and more. Almost anything you may want to work on is fair game.

You Have Soul Intelligence

Your Soul Intelligence is also your own inner knowing, beyond everyday intuition. Your soul intelligence gives your life meaning, purpose and provides your higher calling.

To live, love, and lead your life from your Soul Intelligence, you need to be connected to the best version of yourself. It’s your divine spark within and a greater state of awareness and consciousness including the higher vibes of peace, love, and joy.

Shifted the Energy with My Daughter

“Ronnie worked on my relationship with my daughter to forgive myself and her as well. Our relationship has been strained for years and I really wanted to change that. A few days later I was surprised and happy when my daughter called suggesting we try therapy to heal and move forward. It’s no coincidence she called just days after my session with you! I am so pleased that you helped me shift the energy between us. Thank you so much Ronnie!” –Melissa

What Is a Session Like?

release stuck energy and get unstuck showing healing handsA Soul Intelligence session takes about 50-minutes, and the best part is, I do all the work for you! You simply set an intention for the session, answer a few questions, then sit back and relax. That’s it! The session is conducted by zoom or phone.

I will use a pendulum, 30 charts, and a few non-religious prayers to get to the root cause and clear whatever energy is stuck or blocked. The process is 100% personalized to you, your energy, and your experiences.

Once the clearing is complete, positive energy is also sent to fill you with higher vibes that support your progress and best self.

Book Your Session Today

To book your session, purchase below and then we’ll schedule the time. I’m so excited to share this amazing energy clearing process with you and can’t wait to get started.

For a limited time only, sessions will be $50/50-minutes. The regular price is $188 which will return very soon. So don’t miss this opportunity now!



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