Are Your Past Lives Holding You Back from the Life You Deserve?

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Are Your Past Lives Holding You Back from the Life You Deserve?

When you can’t manifest your desires or create the life you want, it might be due to experiences and beliefs from this life.

Going deeper with an Akashic Record Reading, situations from previous incarnations are revealed that dramatically affect you today in ways you never imagined.

That’s why if you feel blocked or frustrated, it’s smart to investigate your past lives too.

Maybe You Feel Stuck at a Crossroads or Worry You've
Where You Are on Your Spiritual Path?

past livesSometimes its hard to move forward due to confusion, anxiety, lack of confidence, or self-sabotage. The cause could be former life patterns, decisions, or vows that are holding you back.

  • Are you at a crossroads in your life?
  • Do you have trust issues?
  • Have you picked the wrong mate more than once?
  • Are there issues with family members?
  • Do you have problems at work?
  • Is self-sabotage a factor in not moving forward?
  • Are you lost and don’t know why?
  • Has true love eluded you?

Ronnie Ann RyanThe ANSWERS you seek may lie in your Akashic Records. This is like a vast library or supercomputer that exists in the ethers containing the details of all your past lives (and everyone else’s too).

Buddhist and Hindu sacred texts refer to them as did ancient civilizations like The Greeks, Babylonians, and Egyptians who used this knowledge to guide them.

Today, millions believe this resource holds a wealth of information that influences your life now, which is why they have an Akashic Record reading.

The root cause of ANY situation often lies in your past. When you access the Akashic Records, you can get a better understand of what might be standing in your way.

With a Past Life Akashic Records Reading, you’ll discover soul guidance with solutions to begin healing the negative patterns that prevent you from living your best life.

Ronnie has been featured by BBC’s 5 Live Radio, NBC News, Fox News, and ABC’s Chronicle in Boston, NPR, Fox News Online Magazine, eHarmony,, Huffington Post,,,, Toronto’s Zoomer Radio, Connecticut Magazine, & Long Wharf Theatre among others.

She’s been working with past lives and offering readings for more than 20 years to resolve issues and blocks that hold people back from their dreams.

Wendy Loved Her Reading...

Deep Insights Resonated With Me
“WOW! The information Ronnie relayed to me was powerful, and everything really resonated with me in the Akashic Record reading. She saw previous lifetimes I shared with my husband, and others that shed light on a problem I have lived with since early adulthood.

Her deep insights explained why I have been attracted to certain countries, cultures and periods of history. Ronnie’s bubbly personality makes the interaction fun. Let Ronnie be your guide!” – Wendy, Florida

A Case Study On How Past Lives Affect You Today

When I worked at psychic fairs years ago offering Akashic Record readings, a young Japanese woman named Suki approached me for a reading.

When I went into The Akashic Records to gain access to her past lives, I saw she had been an American sailor at Pearl Harbor.

Discovering this, the woman mentioned how afraid she was of big booming sounds, drowning, and explosions. The reasons became obvious given her past.

It was amazing how brave this soul was in choosing to return to earth as a Japanese woman! She came back to see how the people who ended her life lived and what they were all about.

This is how reincarnation works as you learn lessons, further your growth, and raise your consciousness…

While many of your feelings, beliefs, and experiences have been created in this current lifetime, you are also influenced by what has happened in your past. 

It can be difficult at times to understand, clear, or resolve a particular situation today without looking into the root cause of how it originally began.

The Akashic Records helps you gain insights for a deeper level of understanding, powerful solutions, and positive next steps.

A Case Study On How Past Lives Affect You Today

There’s another type of Past Life-Akashic Record reading that some people opt for. You can simply enjoy a Past Life Travelogue, where I’ll be your tour guide through time as we touch upon a series of your previous lives from around the world.

Sometimes people are just curious about who they were, what they did, and where the lived before.

This kind of reading often confirms some of your current interests, talents, or skills, as well as relationships. It’s both fascinating and fun!

Here's What Happy Clients Say...

Helped Me See the Big Picture
Ronnie is amazing and I totally appreciated her guidance. She helped me see the big picture and I really needed help with that to get past my typical black and white thinking. Understanding where my journey is taking me and slowing down will give me time to improve myself, my relationships, and make better choices too.”   – Holly, North Carolina

Connected the Dots of My Patterns
“I had my first Akashic Records Reading with Ronnie which connected dots on patterns that have shown in my life for years. Ronnie made the process easy and fun and the reading helped me to see that I can let go and see situations with forgiveness, kindness, and purpose.

Thanks Ronnie, this was a true gift for myself and one I recommend for anyone in need of clarity or insight about unanswered questions in their heart.” – Melanie, Maryland

Enlightening and Clarifying
“Thank you for the wonderful Akashic Record Reading! It was very enlightening, clarifying why freedom and independence are so important in my life. We did some exercises to heal a few relationships/heartaches and heal my heart. I am very grateful for this reading.” – Sandra, Netherlands

What a Magical Reading!
“The reading with Ronnie was wonderfully nurturing. I felt a strong resonance and hearing about these lives was so validating. That’s important – it helps to be seen for who you really are. For an insightful and healing experience, get a reading with Ronnie!” – Rachel in California

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