How My Intuition Kicked In Yesterday

I’m so happy to tell you that yesterday I noticed a sign, then followed my intuition and had great results!

A lot of times when you follow your intuition, you don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t.

But yesterday I got to see the positive payoff of listening and going with my gut. That’s why I’m sharing this with you today.

Here’s what happened…

I’m getting off the highway to go to Trader Joe’s for groceries. There are two lanes that turn left here:

1) A right lane which can turn right at the next light.

2) A left lane that can turn left at the next light.

I ALWAYS go right.

I like going right because I think it’s faster. However you can go left and get to Trader Joe’s as well, it’s just not my preference.

But yesterday the right lane had more cars and they were moving so slowly. I was pressed for time and on a tight schedule.

From nowhere the thought popped into my mind, “Ok I’ll go left. Maybe it will be faster.”

I get in the left lane, make the left turn and am on my way using this alternative route.

There is a point on the road where the “right lane” route meets up with the “left lane” route. Much to my surprise, I saw that the other road was blocked!

Had I gone my usual “right lane” way, I would have been seriously aggravated on some detour, taking me out of my way and making me late!

Normally, when I make decisions about which route to take, I never know how the other route would have been. It’s rare to get evidence of making the best choice.

But yesterday, I was so grateful for my intuition. I was grateful that I took the busy right lane as a sign to go left. I was grateful I paid attention and followed through!

Even though I’ve been working with my intuition for over 30 years, that doesn’t mean I always listen.

I’m like everyone else who might sometimes have self doubt or let ego choose the way it wants to go, even when intuition is loud and clear.

Why is this? There could be a number of reasons:

  • Being stubborn about what you think is right
  • Sticking with preferences rather than being open to better possibilities
  • Being in a hurry
  • Not tuning in
  • Feeling distracted by problems or something pressing, etc.

So yesterday, I was rewarded for paying attention, tuning in, and following through. That was so exciting! This is EXACTLY what synchronicities are all about.

When synchronicities show up in your life, and things seem to line up and push you in a direction, be open to noticing that.

At the very least, you might avoid a detour.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are countless people who tell stories of a strong pull not to go to work on 9/11 in Manhattan.

They are alive to tell the tale because they heeded their knowingness. They listened to their inner wisdom and trusted their instincts.

Big or small, the rewards of honoring what you know or the little hints you get are innumerable. I hope you try it today.


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