Learn About Clearing Energy With Energy Coach Alida Morrill

On this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, you’ll hear about clearing energy with Alida Morrill. As an Energy Coach, she helps people balance the energy in their life and shares stories about clearing entities, clearing spaces, as well as your ancestral lineage.

Everyone Picks Up Unwanted Energy

Alida MorrillAlida started by talking about how you pick up energy in your daily life without realizing it. This could be at a restaurant or when you are out shopping and it might not be the kind of energy you really want.

But the energy clings to you and then goes back home with you. Similarly, your phone and computer collect energy as well and she clears them too.

This energy weighs you down, effects your mood, and so much more. That’s why it needs to be released on a regular basis. Yet so few people know this or do it!

Deep Energy Clearing Method

energy clearingAlida created the deep energy clearing method that she uses today and it started as picturing an imaginary net. Over the last 12 years, she has energetically added many tools like Kevlar, which is bulletproof fabric, the Madagascar spider’s golden thread, and even Kryptonite.

Just imagine pulling any item through the fabric net to clear it. This is done mostly with clear intention. Over the years, she learned to clear big buildings and other large things by visualizing them as shrinking down to fit in the palm of her hand, and then clearing with the fabric net.

Alida teaches a Course in Awareness that incorporates 54 tools that is part of a spiritual journey. Sounds very comprehensive! She also talks about clearing your ancestral lineage as far as 25 generations back.

I clear home and office spaces with a traditional smudge stick, a Reiki symbol, my pendulum and prayers, which is a different, but still effective, process.

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Clearing Entities

She’s a grandmother, and her 7 year old grandson had a temper tantrum over not getting to eat a cookie. This seemed very strange to her and then she realized his grandfather who had passed was attached and bothering him.

Recognizing what was going on, she cleared his grandfather’s spirit and the problem stopped immediately. Her daughter asked her what she had done since the results were obvious and fast!

We also talked about older people with dementia who sometimes attach themselves to family members and how she encounters this often and clears it as well.

Clearing Ancestral Lineage

ancestral lineageNext, Alida and I talked about ancestral lineage and how her clients frequently come to her for a clearing with their ancestors clinging on. She says this happens because many from your lineage want to be cleared as well.

She asks the ancestors for their permission before clearing, so there is no forcing or anything being done without proper consent. A definite and lasting freedom comes with these clearings.

How Open Are People to Energy Clearing?

Living in the Bible Belt of the USA, I wondered how people reacted to her energy work. Alida said there was a lot more openness than you might imagine.

She gets referrals from many sources like chiropractors, nurse practitioners and more. The list is long for where she gets referrals and she feels strongly spirituality is on the rise in Texas. This was so encouraging to me, in terms of bridging the gap between the political and ideological groups that split this country in half.

Her experience is that many are reaching out to make a spiritual connection and investigating spiritual and energy methods.

Alida thinks one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to ground. She does this with a waterfall of white light, which runs down through the body and into the earth. She then brings the earth energy back up into her body. It’s a beautiful visualization.

As a dating coach, I created a pink light of love meditation for my clients which helped to clear their energy, shift out of work mode, and brighten their feminine essence. Those who did this on a regular basis reported fabulous results!

Alida has a wonderful FREE gift for you – 7 Spiritual Tools which come to you in seven emails that can be downloaded here.

BIO – Alida Morrill

ancestral lineageAlida Morrill is an Energy Coach with over 12 years of experience! She helps people create and maintain balance in their lives. She works from the client’s place of lack in their life, hears what they would rather have, and creates an Intention Statement that depicts this desire in great form.

Then, she identifies and removes all of the energies that are blocking the client from manifesting this intention.  Alida worked in corporate America (in IT) for over 40 years and after retirement (which she now calls graduation) was guided to a secondary career using her spiritual gifts.

Born in Berkeley, CA, she lived there until 1976 when she moved to Texas where she currently resides.

Website & Social Media

Website: https://energybalance4you.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alida.morrill.3

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alida-morrill-909a41a/

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