Are You On The Ascension Roller Coaster And Ready To Get Off?

People have been talking about spiritual ascension for years. Frankly, I’m a little tired of hearing about it. Surprised? Let me explain.

What Is Spiritual Ascension?

ascension spiritual symptomsFirst, you might be wondering, “What the heck is spiritual ascension?” It’s a term from the spiritual community (non-religious) that has a range of meanings.

To some, it’s about the energy of earth shifting from 3D to 5D (don’t ask me what happened to 4D, I have no idea.) It means you have an expanded consciousness beyond the ego, know the truth of who you are, and live at a higher frequency or vibration.

This translates into a more loving, peaceful world based on being all one people and connected spiritually. Being focused on helping each other and being united.

Others think spiritual ascension is about utopia. A world without illness, a fair and equitable monetary system, with social justice and peace for all. Everyone treats each other with respect and kindness, operating at a higher level. Beautiful!

I know one woman who firmly believes that the mother-ship will come to pick her and the other lucky ones up and take them away to a better world in another galaxy.

I’ve also heard that believers and non-believers will co-exist on earth, somehow separated, so the ones who haven’t ascended can still struggle if that’s their preference.

There’s talk about ascension spiritual symptoms, spiritual ascension flu, and lots written about the spiritual ascension stages.

To each their own! Everyone has the right to believe what they choose. To be honest, it’s not up to me anyway.

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How Soon Is Soon?

What makes me ready to get off the spiritual ascension roller coaster is that we are on the brink of this amazing transition. Many promise the lightening fast upward shift to nirvana-like living is actually imminent.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, be the fly in the ointment, and an annoying pessimist, but seriously? Like how soon?

Maybe it’s just the word “soon” that’s the problem. It’s kind of vague don’t you think? To me, soon would be a few years away. On the other hand when you think how long humans have been around, soon could be a couple of hundred years.

I absolutely agree that more people than ever have awakened and are now spiritually aware. Many are no longer tolerating poor treatment, striking out on their own in creative careers that offer greater self-expression and more control over their lives. That’s awesome!

COVID Up-Leveled Spirituality

ascension spiritual fluYes, COVID had a big effect on society in countless ways, and spiritual awakening is one of the more positive outcomes. Today, it seems like everyone is a Tarot card reader, channeling a collective, offering energy healings, and connecting with your loved ones on the other side.

This is a good thing! No doubt about it, there’s plenty of spiritual work to be done in this world. Which is one big reason why I don’t think the promised land of spiritual ascension is all that close.

I know there will be people who are not held back by societal norms or corporate greed, who will flourish remarkably well. That’s great!

But do you really see a magnificent overhaul in the near future where everything has completely shifted for the better? I’m not feeling as optimistic about us being on the edge of that momentous transition.

Even though I’m doing volunteer work on a world peace project, and I know we can manifest miracles, I still think it might take some time to get there.

The Promise

spiritual ascension fluI don’t object to ascension taking time and people working towards it. That’s a noble and honorable goal. My only objection is limited to the promise that we are almost there.

This feels a little like hyped-up sales language that encourages you to buy the expensive vitamins when a bargain brand will deliver the same results. Do you know what I mean?

My concern is spreading the word that a great resolution to the world’s problems is almost here, is a bit of an over-promise. It does keep you sitting on the edge of your chair, anticipating and hoping which has benefits I’m sure.

Yet, there will be some believers (OK – me) who will start to get disillusioned as time goes by when this promise has not been delivered.

I would hate for that to happen. We need the optimists and believers to keep this beautiful vision alive. It gives us something wonderful to aim for and hold onto during rough patches.

Let’s Be Real

spiritual ascension stagesIf these enlightened seers would say we are getting there and they can see a bright future, I’d be OK with that. However, when someone talks like ascension is just around the corner, it turns me off. I don’t want to be disappointed like that.

Please, let’s be down to earth and real.

Definitely work on raising your vibration. Focus your energy on healing yourself and the planet. Get involved with spirit, meditation, healing, and greater self-expression. Talk about your angels, astral travel, and star seeds.

I love it all.

Just please don’t promise utopia is almost here. We are working on it for sure, but like anything worthwhile, spiritual ascension will take some time.

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