The Art of Enjoying What Is

If you are someone who has a plan, engages in manifesting, and is driven to achieve goals, you are focused on what is to come. You’re working towards the future, which is how most people operate in the western world.

The problem is, being a goal-oriented person, I have trouble enjoying where I’m at right now. That’s because I am concentrating on what I want, which I have not yet manifested or completed. For that reason, I sometimes find myself in a funk while creating a bright future.

Does this sound familiar?

But there is a deeper question lying underneath. How can you feel good about where you are and enjoy “what is” in the meantime?

I’ve tried being more mindful by walking in nature, deep breathing, meditating, and more. These processes are helpful. But the minute I’m done, I’m back to a place of lack because I don’t have what I want…yet.

What has come to me about this strange in between place is that this is where achievers live most of the time! In other words, as I’m striving to create my future life, I’m spending over 95% of my time with the fact that I haven’t arrived.

mindfulnessI’m living in the gap of where I am today vs. where I hope to be, which causes me to feel uncomfortable, unrewarded, and sometimes unsatisfied. This way of living doesn’t work for me.

I want to feel satisfied with what I have currently! I want to feel proud of all I have attained and achieved. I want to feel happy and enjoy what is – THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW.

Enjoying the moment is an art and a skill. A skill is something you practice and hone to become good at. But an art has a creative aspect to it. Both are needed to enjoy what is while you’re waiting for your “ship to come in.”

5 Ways to Enjoy What Is Right Now

1. Live the Future of Five Years Ago

Remember that this is the future of things you have already manifested! Pause and look back on where you came from. Acknowledge what you have already achieved and do this often. Be creative to find a reason to feel good now. This is the future generated by your past efforts – you have arrived, so live it well!

2. List Your Achievements

Make a list of your achievements and keep it handy, so you can review when you forget how far you’ve come. What are you most proud of? What events still make your heart race or bring tears to your eyes?

For those of you who know my story, when I think about my wedding day, journey to find love, and marry the first time over 40, I still get teary-eyed. LOL.

3. Celebrate Milestones Along the Way

Create an award to celebrate milestones. If you are doing a long-term project, you need markers where you can stop, review your progress, and feel good about the ground you’ve covered. You can make something on and put it in a frame. Or put a new plaque on an old sports award you found at Goodwill. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself  – go for it!

4. Enjoy the Journey

Trite as it seems, enjoy the journey. Life is not about the end result, but about how you live on your way there! Accept that you are in process but on your way to where you want to go right now. Celebrate that you are on the road to success and your greatest achievements are still to unfold.

5. Take Breaks and Relax

Take breaks to connect with people, rest, exercise, do self-care, and have fun. Be in the moment and do all those mindful practices you’ve read about on the web.

When you take time off to relax, you’ll be even more productive later. All work and no play will never create a sense of fulfilment or satisfaction.

The truth is the art of enjoying what is will not help you achieve your dreams any faster. But it sure will help you feel more positive about your current situation, experience moments of joy, and have a sense of greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Make it your mission to enjoy what is as often as possible. Fuel your fire, live well today, and look forward to a fabulous future while relishing the present.

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