Are Inner Peace & World Peace Related? MarBeth Dunn Says Yes!

Is peace a spiritual practice and if so, how are inner peace and world peace related? That’s the discussion for this episode, speaking with MarBeth Dunn, creator of the World Miracle Peace Experiment and founder of

How to Create Inner Peace

MarBeth Dunn TenMillionForWorldPeace.orgBefore I dive into the interview, I just want to talk about how peace really is a spiritual practice. I did a little research on this because I just started to volunteer for MarBeth’s organization.

There are many benefits to peace as a spiritual practice bringing you more serenity and equanimity which means a calm and composed state of mind even in the face of upheaval. That would be quite helpful!

Peace is also quiet time. You can get to a peaceful place by quieting your mind and meditating and connecting to spirit. When you are in a peaceful inner space, then you are not inclined to be combative. It’s more likely that it will create peace around you. The vibrations you send out are also peaceful which impacts the people around you.

It can also come in other ways. You might make more conscious choices about what you watch on TV. Whether you watch or avoid shows with a good deal of violence or even the news which is rarely uplifting or inspiring.

I rarely watch the news. If something happens that I need to know, I’ll hear about it from someone. You can’t really escape it.

Your days might not be peaceful because you’re running around like crazy. Maybe you chauffuer your kids to activities, see clients, do chores, and more. Who has time for peace?

Inner Peace One Minute at a Time

Breathe Love & Magic podcastBut what if you could sneak it in for just a minute or two at a time to make your day more peaceful? You might take one minute to breathe deeply and slowly. Maybe one-minute to wonder about the universe and the stars or marvel over the structure and beauty of a flower.

This is mindfulness where tiny increments can absolutely help you feel a sense of inner peace. Anything that helps you feel more serene can be really helpful in a crazy life. Slipping in a few minutes of peace here and there can make a big difference

Maybe it’s even your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning, putting good vibes, love, intentions and affirmations into the cup and then drink it.

When you take these little moments of peace, you might be surprised how they help you feel more inner peace. What a great benefit that costs nothing, doesn’t take long, and you can do it any time anywhere.

Just remember, your inner state can definitely impact your outer world. When you come to a place of inner peace, you affect the people around you and the world as well. This feels really empowering to me.

Promoting Peace

TenMillionForWorldPeace.orgI asked MarBeth how she got started with promoting peace. As long stories go, it started nearly 40 years ago when she lived in Haiti. She was a painter, relying on tourism at a time when the tropical island underwent seven government overturns. There were no tourists!

In addition, her marriage was very difficult and her health wasn’t the best. This caused her tremendous stress as you can imagine. But she discovered A Course in Miracles.

The book explains that you can only connect to God or Source by being peaceful, which is why peace is her highest personal value today.

Following what she learned from this spiritual book, everything began to change for the better. She experienced a number of miracles. Her marriage actually blossomed and was totally transformed for six years, including restating her marriage vows and having another child.

Her health improved dramatically. And even though there were no tourists, people somehow showed up on her doorstep, commissioning artistic projects that were lucrative. Ever since then, personal peace has been her priority.

For MarBeth, inner peace has lead her to work towards world peace. This makes so much sense because as you find more inner peace, it’s easier to create peace elsewhere.

When you think about it, the more individuals there are feeling peaceful, the more world peace has a chance to become a reality. So yes, inner peace and world peace are very related.

The World Miracle Peace Experiment

In 2018, MarBeth woke one morning and heard, “You’re going to do a daily meditation and you’ll start in two weeks.” She asked her guides for more time, but spirit was firm. This was her first Facebook live with between 50-100 people from all over the world.

The power of these meditations built over the two weeks. She based the peace meditations on two leaders in the spiritual arena. The first was Lynn McTaggart who wrote The Field and The Intention Experiment.

The second was John Hegalin, the head of Transcendental Meditation Organization and a physicist. He did experiments where he brought people to meditate at war-torn areas and the violence dropped as a result. For example, the change was measurable in Israel during the war with Lebanon.

Humans Are Made of Energy

TenMillionForWorld Peace.orgMarBeth went on to say that as humans, our minds are all joined. We are all one even though it doesn’t seem that way. We are “wearing” these human bodies made of atoms which consist mostly of space. If you put all the matter in the human body together, it would only be about the size of an apple seed!

Humans are basically energy beings, filled with electricity. We have energy fields (the aura) that are all around us and there is also a collective or unified field. This is why MarBeth decided to work in “the field of love, peace, and miracles”.

She chose to focus on the Middle East because she knew there was a group (ACLED) already tracking violence statistics there. So, if the experiment caused an improvement, it would be noticed and measurable.

Her experiment lasted a month and while she guided most of the meditations, she also brought in guest hosts to help. It was such a big commitment! In the process, they would join all the minds in the field first, then focus on peace in the Middle East.

After the month of meditations were completed, there was a remarkable 20% reduction in violence according to the ACLED stats. Impressive!

Phase Two Begins

Then this year, on February 6th, she was on her friend Teri Angel’s podcast – The Pea Podcast with another guest. When the former diplomat from Australia, who is working towards nuclear disarmament, heard about her peace experiment, she suggested they do it again focusing on world leaders.

For MarBeth, the timing felt right and she has been joined by Teri Angel and Maureen Whitehouse. All three teach the Course in Miracles.

Nostradamus Predicts Peace

Inner Peace and World PeaceRecently, I was watching a YouTube video with Dolores Cannon, who is famous for her deep hypnotic past life regressions. As it turned out, one of her clients happened to be a student of the famous Nostradamus.

According to Dolores, her client, while in trance, said that Nostradamus wanted to talk to her – Dolores! It seems he felt misunderstood.

Even though his predictions are dire and many have come true, they are worst case scenarios. In other words, he says humans are not puppets on a stage. Our minds are very powerful, especially when we work in a group with a single focus or intention. Then the power is squared or exponential.

Nostradamus pointed out that once we hit the year 2000, we can manifest 1,000 years of peace if we work together. We have the power to shift all his predictions!

I wrote an article about Nostradamus’ belief in humanity creating peace and how that supports the Ten Million for World Peace project which you can read here.

Giving and Receiving

MarBeth pointed out there is a spiritual law that giving and receiving are actually the same thing. When you send love, peace, and blessings, you receive everything you sent.

She commented that after her experiment, many people wrote to her to share how their lives has been transformed by participating in the process. Just seven minutes a day, isn’t that amazing?

What a fabulous reward for putting effort into creating world peace.

Ready to Help Create World Peace?

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BIO – MarBeth Dunn

TenMillionForWorldPeace.orgA spiritual teacher for over 35 years, MarBeth is an Intuitive Energy Management Specialist and Miracles Mentor who supports and helps highly sensitive, empathic professionals manage their energy to ditch the drama and live happy, peaceful, prosperous lives.

Her holistic approach incorporates energy healing, spiritual principals, empowerment training,  mind expansion, yoga, and QiGong. She provides individual and group counseling.

MarBeth is also the award-winning creator of the World Miracle Peace Experiment, correlating with a 20% drop in Middle East violence in 2018. Her inspiring work has been featured on several television networks, including FOX, NBC, CBS, and The CW.

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