Spiritual Walk-ins, STEs, Mediumship, Ancient Aliens & More

Do you know about spiritual walk-ins? My guest Julia Marie is one! We talk about STEs, star seeds, mediumship, ancient aliens, pyramids in Antarctica and so much more in this week’s wild episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Breathe Love & MagicJulia and I started by having her explain what an STE is – Spiritually Transformative Experience. She said this is what happened to her 35 years ago when she had her awakening, but there was no name for it back then. Any experience that causes a person to look at and experience the world differently. It could be grief or loss, out of body experience, past life recall, having a vision, etc.

Julia had just finished law school and had passed the bar, when she had spontaneous activation of healing ability. Her hands got hot, she got red circles where her chakras were, and she had a 2″ inch stripe of fire going up and down her back. This was also a kundalini experience. This happened over a period of months.

There was no medical reason for what was happening to her.

Then invisible people showed in her living room and started teaching her things about life. She could feel their presence. This part made her wonder if she was losing it.

She wrote everything down and used her legal training to challenge these beings (which gave us a good laugh). The material was logically consistent and guidelines for her to live by. She called it perennial wisdom such as “Intent is everything” and the process went on for 18 months.

He Died, Visited Heaven, and Came Back!

Vincent Tolman wrote a book called Life After Death: My Journey to Heaven and Back. He had died from poisoning, was pronounced dead – it had been one hour and zipped into a body bag! Then he was brought back to life in the ambulance taking him to the morgue.

While in a coma for three days, Vincent visited heaven with his spirit guide, learning the 10 important guidelines to live by which he put into his book.

Julia agreed this sounded very similar to the material she wrote down, although she was glad she didn’t have to die or have an NDE (Near Death Experience) to learn these principles!

Julia wants people to know that everyone doesn’t have to go through her type of extreme experience. You can do yoga, meditate, or drumming to have an STE. She wants to be there for people going through this kind of spiritual awakening, so they don’t have to be alone.

(More on the spiritual walk-ins soon, I promise.)

Julia Marie’s Work

Breathe love & magic podcastI asked Julia how she works with people and she said she offers a couple of services. First she provides guidance as a reader and certified medium to connect with people’s loved ones on the other side.

She also teaches classes like intuitive development and mediumship and attunes people to healing energy. Plus, she has a podcast called Evolving Human.

We spent time talking about mediumship and how you can tell by the energy whether you’re talking to someone on the other side or getting the information intuitively.

When you get evidence from spirits about who they were, what they did, or had, this shows you the communication is REAL. They are providing validation.

Ancient Aliens TV Show

We then jumped to talking about the Ancient Aliens TV show on the History channel, both agreeing it’s completely fascinating. I’m a little afraid of aliens and don’t want to meet one. But when it comes to archeology and ancient history, I’ve loved it since I was 10 years old.

What’s amazing are the similarities about Gods coming from the sky around the world and all the art that shows the Gods wearing what looks like space suits.

Pyramids on Antarctica

Have you heard about the 2 kilometer pyramids found in Antarctica? At first you could see them via google, but now the government must have censored it and it’s no longer available. I saw them in a YouTube snippet about the show it aired on.

There is scientific fact that shows Antarctica was tropical at one time. In a Netflix show called Ancient Apocalypse that talks about how meteors hit the earth about 12,000 years ago which caused the earth to shift on its axis and a great flood. Sounds like the Noah’s ark story, right?

Another guy, Greg Braeden, was on the YouTube show Next Level Soul. He talked about how the archeologist are begging Netflix to recategorize the Ancient Apocalypse show from science/documentary to science fiction!

They refuse to acknowledge civilization has existed longer than what the Bible says. As yet another example, a hammer has been found stuck in sedimentary rock dated at over 100,000 years old, when the rock had actually been mud! How did it get there without an earlier civilization?

About Spiritual Walk-Ins

Intuitive Julia Marie I’m learning a new healing technique called Soul Intelligence which is a clearing method that uses charts and a pendulum. There is a chart for star seeds which I don’t know much about.

Julia explained how she had learned a similar method and that’s how she discovered she was one of those spiritual walk-ins! Yes, when she was just 3 years old, she entered her body as the original soul decided to leave the planet.

This information was shocking to her as she was going through all of her awakening experiences. It all felt like a lot to handle. She also learned she’s from another galaxy or even universe and came through the Pleiades to our system. Truth is, at this point, we are likely all hybrids, not just earthlings.

Wow, we covered all sorts of topics in this episode! Julia offers a Free Grounding Meditation on her website, so be sure to visit and check it out!

BIO – Julia Marie

Spiritaully transformative experienceJulia Marie is an insightful, dedicated spiritual teacher and mentor with over 33 years’ experience.

As host of the popular podcast Evolving Humans, her mission is to help sensitive women and men as they take the next step in unlocking their intuitive potential.

Julia is a gifted trans-dimensional healer, intuitive and medium. If you want to schedule an appointment or are ready to accelerate your spiritual development, please visit www.JuliaMarie.us.

Or go to EvolvingHumansPodcast.com, click on the purple microphone in the lower right hand corner, and leave her a question! You might hear it on the next listener driven episode!

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