Emotion Code Therapy: Dramatically Reduce Anxiety & Depression

If you struggle with anxiety and depression, Tenya Eickenberg works with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code therapy to find relief and enjoy life more.

Things Looked Good But They Weren’t

Tenya EickenbergI asked Tenya how she got started with this healing process and sharing it with people. What was at the root?

Tenya had just purchased her dream home on Chesapeake Bay, her children had graduated and her husband had finished college. 2018 was a big year! Everything looked wonderful on the outside but on the inside, she said she felt like she was miserable.

She had hit her highest levels of depression and anxiety. Plus, she had a big fight with her mother and they hadn’t spoken for months. It hit her that she needed something to heal this once and for all because Tenya was tired of the roller coaster of medication and talk therapy.

She Googled “emotional holistic healing” and a modality came up called the Emotion Code therapy. That is where it all started. She went to a few practitioners and decided to get certified, so she could heal herself.

Her Journey to Healing

First, she learned the original Emotion Code method, then was certified Body Code and within four months she had healed about 80% of her anxiety and depression. She still had smaller bouts of sadness and mini-panic attacks. That’s when she found self-care including meditation and journaling.

Within six months of finding the Emotion Code, she was completely healed. How fantastic! Dr. Bradley Nelson was the person who created this system. I have some experience with his heart wall concept and have had amazing success.

Learn about the Heart Wall Meditation

It’s fascinating work and clearly effective for Tenya. Anxiety and depression can be debilitating. No one knew she was feeling poorly because she was embarrassed and ashamed of this. And she had a lot of fear of being sent to a padded hospital room.

She’d been on and off medication for years and was tired of it. Now her mom has complications due to the medication she’s been on and Tenya wanted to avoid that in her future. That’s why she’s grateful for finding Emotion Code therapy.

How Emotion Code Therapy Worked for Tenya

Breathe Love & Magic podcastI asked Tenya what is it about the Emotion Code that helped alleviate what was bothering her? Turns out she had a lot of inherited energy from her father’s dad who passed away from alcoholism and his liver. This became clear through the healing process.

She thought it would have been through her mom, but it was through her dad. If it hadn’t been for Emotion Code therapy and it’s muscle testing technique, Tenya may never had known this was a problem or how to release the ancestral issue.

Tapping into her own subconscious mind, getting to know who she was and what was affecting her was a game changer. Tenya feels mental illness is not a chemical reaction in the body but a trauma response to what our ancestors, our parents, and ourselves went through. It may even include what’s happening with our society too.

Manage Your Consciousness

If you scroll though social media or watch the news, it’s 90% negative. Tenya doesn’t follow either. People ask how can she not care about what’s happening in other countries?

Her point of view is that she does care, but doesn’t need to make those stories her own. What’s happening in other parts of the world doesn’t personally affect her.

I agree and totally understand what she is saying. You have to ask yourself, “What can I do about it? Is this a place to put my energy?” Sometimes there are things you can do, but other times there aren’t.

Take Ukraine for example. People have collected clothing, food and money to send to the people of Ukraine to support them during this time of war. After that, worrying and being upset about every battle won or lost won’t help the cause. However, it sure could drag her energy down.

I don’t watch the news any more and I can’t even watch the same kind of violent cop or spy shows I used to watch with my husband. I’m not sure if the shows are more violent, or if I’m just less tolerant.

This could also be a change in my consciousness because what you “consume” affects you, just like food. Being conscious of this, I am choosier about what I watch and expose myself to. It’s for my sanity.

Clearing Ancestral Patterns

emotion code therapyBack to ancestors for a moment. When I first heard about people working to heal things from their ancestors, I was a bit put off. After all, don’t we have enough to deal with just ourselves?

I’m here to learn my lessons, not my grandparents lessons. And I’m not responsible for healing their souls.

Yet, what I’ve come to understand is that is we have “DNA residue” from what our ancestors went through. Today I can see how clearing these patterns energetically from our consciousness and at the cellular level can make a difference.

Discover more about generational and ancestral healing

Through science we now know that our consciousness and state of being absolutely affects our cells and DNA. So, we don’t need to actually heal our ancestors. Instead, we heal the consciousness residue that is handed down through their DNA.

There are certainly things we need to heal from in this life and there are layers of issues that need to be dealt with. And, you might not even be aware of it.

So, I have to admit there is definitely something to this and for Tenya, discovering this and eliminating the leftovers from her grandfather dramatically changed the quality of her life.

How Ancestors Handle Money?

Another example is how your ancestors handle money. If you look back to the depression in the early 1900s, if your family was fruitful then, it’s probably fruitful now.

On the other hand if your ancestors didn’t know where their next meal was coming from and they had to hold on dearly, this can easily impact your relationship to money today.

Tenya started her business because she felt there were likely a lot of other women who wanted to heal their depression and anxiety naturally. Maybe they tried talk therapy and it didn’t work or want to feel better without medication.

She decided the most effective course of action was to pair the conscious side of healing with the subconscious through energy healing and self-care. First she helps clients clear the blocks energetically that are contributing to the anxiety and depression, as well as blocks to not being able to do self-care.

Becoming emotionally intelligent, you learn that your emotions are not going to kill you. Thankfully, they will pass. Tenya can help you learn how all of this works.

BIO – Tenya Eickenberg

Breathe Love & Magic podcastTenya Eickenberg is an anxiety release coach, certified in life and self-care coaching. Her passion is to help women release emotional baggage and direct their energy to healing and regaining strength, freedom and happiness.

Her own long-term fight against depression and anxiety made her seek alternative healing methods. She discovered that energy healing could produce positive changes that medication and therapy could not achieve.

Today, Tenya encourages the use of deliberate self-care techniques, along with energy alignment, to overcome anxiety and depression. Her specialized skills and expertise have contributed to her clients’ recovery and lead them to live a more positive and vigorous life.

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