How My Desire Blinded Me To My Intuition – A Personal Story

In this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I share two personal stories about how intuition works in my business life. I just went through a difficult situation where I ignored my intuition, but then it kicked in loud and clear which changed the path I followed.

Ronnie Ann RyanMy hope is that you’ll learn to pay attention to and trust own intuition when it comes knocking to help you avoid painful situations. That’s why I’m sharing what happened, so you can learn, grow, and take advantage of your inner knowing.

One thing you’ll discover is how to tell the difference between your fear and a warning message from your intuition, spirit guides, or angels.

Story #1 – The Matchmaker

My first story is about a local matchmaker who wanted to open a new office in the town where I live AND he wanted me to run it for him! I was beyond excited because this felt like a very lucrative opportunity.

I was struggling as a new coach at a time when coaching was still a relatively new service. So, this request was like a God send. The guy told me he’d call the following week so we could talk about the details.

The thing is, he didn’t call the next week. In the third week, he emailed saying he was super busy and he’d call the following week. But he didn’t. In the fifth week we finally connected. But by that point, I’d had enough time to rethink this opportunity.

So, I told him that in the time that passed, I realized this wasn’t the right option for me, and I had to pass. He was shocked and tried to convince me.

But I had a strong feeling this was not a man for me to go into business with. It felt like when I needed his help, he’d be out of touch and unavailable. I didn’t want to be left hanging, not knowing answers to important questions.

Thank goodness I listened to my intuition! Five years later, all his offices were officially shut down for FRAUD. I was very happy to have missed out on that disaster.

Story #2 – The Coaching App

Ronnie Ann RyanThe next story is the recent one and had many clues along the way that sadly, I ignored.

A coaching friend of mine told me the coaching app she was working for was having a job fair looking for new coaches. She asked if I’d be interested. Yeah! Suzanne told me she loved working with the coaching app.

I attended the job fair, applied for the job, and got the first interview with the sales manager. Steve admitted to me that he wasn’t being paid for the sales manager job or for the coaching he was doing. He said he was retired and had enough money. (Message #2)

I thought he had that spiritual problem of thinking no one should make money from doing spiritual work. But that’s not my problem because I know I deserve to be well paid.

I then had three interviews with the founder, Barry. Even from the start, I found Barry to be, let’s call it “odd.” During the job fair I asked him two direct questions about what he was looking for and he declined to give me a straight answer. (Message #1)

He seemed coy like a teenage girl. This frustrated me because I prefer to work with people who are clear in what they want and can communicate well. That was not Barry.

Not Every Opportunity Is For You

I asked Suzanne what the story was with Barry. She liked him, so I asked her why. Suzanne explained that he was kind and a good leader. Neither one of those meant he had any business acumen. Suzanne suggested that maybe this opportunity wasn’t for me. (Message #3) Another sign that I let slip by.

Yet, I pushed myself to see the good in him that Suzanne saw. Why do I need to be so judgmental? Again, this is me ignoring my intuition and giving myself a hard time for not being more open when I could have honored what I knew to be true for me. (Message #4)

For the third interview I asked Suzanne for some help preparing. She gave me some direction on how to answer a couple of Barry’s questions and then said, “Maybe this isn’t for you.” (Message #5) Did I heed the warning? Nope.

Then to my incredible excitement and joy, I got the job in early January and began the training. Many coaches started working in March and I was scheduled to begin in April.

Why I Finally Paid Attention to My Intuition

rely on your intuitionOn March 13th, Barry sent out an email saying that he needed our help to get 1,000 new year-long subscribers, and then the paychecks could start. WTF? (Message #6 – finally I started to pay attention!)

That’s when I realized he had no funding. Even if we managed to get 1,000 new subscribers, that didn’t even pay for one month’s salary for the coaching team! I was totally bummed out.

I asked a few friends/family members what they thought of the situation. Much to my surprise, more than one said I should give it a go to see what might happen. I couldn’t understand that.

  • Why would I work for free?
  • How could I work for a man who was so lacking in transparency?
  • Was he going to give back pay once the paychecks started to flow?
  • How long could it take to get 1,000 new subscribers?
  • And, if he knew this when he hired us all in January, why didn’t we start trying to get subscribers back then?
  • Why did he wait?
  • Why wasn’t this part of his training?

Communicating On The Inner Plane

Realizing I needed more information, I tried to talk with Barry on the “inner plane” using my intuition. I got a loud and clear answer that sealed the deal as far as I was concerned. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what that was.

Ultimately, I can’t work for someone who isn’t direct and refuses to be honest and transparent. I don’t think he’s a bad person, but we are not a good communication style match. Suzanne was so right – this job wasn’t for me.

In fact, it’s not really a job if there’s no funding for paychecks! I wonder how long others will stick around to get those 1,000 new subscribers and hopefully get paid. For me, I quit, so I’ll never know; but I’m OK with that.

So, I could have realized earlier that this was not for me. On the other hand, I did finally heed the warning messages and got out before I started to work for free. So there is a silver lining after all.

New Group Forming

I’m starting a new group in April called the Intuitive Edge Circle for Wise Women. In this group, you’ll learn a bunch of intuitive methods and how to trust yourself, so you can make good decisions and avoid painful situations that take you off your highest path.

We’ll meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. There are other perks and you can learn more and register here.




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