Are You Ready For 5D Consciousness And The New Earth?

Experts agree we are moving into 5D consciousness and the new earth is coming, but what does this really mean in practical terms? That’s what we are talking about in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

A New Earth Is Coming

5D consciousnessMany experts are talking about how the new earth is going to split into two – the one for those who ascend to 5D and the other for the 3D folks. For me, this seems very odd and hard to believe.

Could there really be two earths existing together? As a practical person, if your kids are in school, that is going to be 3D and physical. How could it not be?

Mollie doesn’t think we’ll be vibrating into a non-physical reality any time soon. Phew! She refers to the earth as a dense being who is the nurturer and creator. She says the earth is moving through an awakening and energy rising of her own.

We are already vibrational beings on the 3D level, that’s what we are here to experience including the senses and the emotions. That is the physical.

With the cross over between the 3D and 5D, the lines will get blurry. As we evolve, we will naturally separate into two groups – those who don’t evolve (3D), and those of us who are taking a higher perspective and vibrational energy (5D).

What does that mean? Will there be different tribes living in different areas? Will the 5D folks be walking through walls? Seriously, what is really going to happen?

Are you on the ascension rollercoaster?

Evolving into 5D Consciousness

Mollie SommerMollie says our lives will become the reality we vibrate at. As you evolve into 5D consciousness, so do the people around you. But evolving brings you into a greater state of oneness.

I just don’t see this happening anytime soon! And thankfully, Mollie agreed! Even though we are going through a collective awakening, humans evolve generationally.

In her family, Mollie was considered the black sheep because she was willing to look within and do personal development work. This has a created a separation with some family members who don’t believe in this process.

Now 5D consciousness is about reducing duality. In a higher state of consciousness, you no longer judge everything as good or bad. It just is. I find this is so confusing!

For example, according the Esther Hicks, contrast helps us know what we like and what we don’t like. So, how can we live without contrast? Will we be neutral and blasé?

Mollie says we’ll redefine good and bad. If you choose something you don’t want, you learn a lesson rather than considering it to be a failure. You’ll always be moving forward no matter what. Hmmm…

Most people don’t believe in any of this 3D-5D stuff and haven’t even heard about it. And my complaint is whatever happened to 4D? Why did we jump to five?

What Happened to 4D?

According to Mollie, 4D is like the rainbow bridge bringing us into 5D consciousness. Where did this concept come from? My bet is at some point, someone channeled this stuff and then it somehow became adopted by one community after another.

Mollie moved through 4D as the result of a friend’s death. She refused to let go and learned how to stay in touch with her friend on the 5D spiritual level. She thinks 4D is the work that you do to get there.

Is the spiritual ascension coming soon?

But then I looked it up on the web. The 3D level is about height, width, and length – that’s the three dimensions. The 4th dimension adds time as another variable. This is physics and the article showed a picture of a donut that turned in on itself – maybe like a Mobius strip.

Then, the 5th dimension has a seamless tie with gravity. That’s like being one with the energy of source. The way it comes to people is through the chakras! So, the upper chakras are from the heart upwards, and the more physical ones are below that.

I researched on the web to learn that the 5th dimension, as a mathematical tool, makes sense of physics models of the Universe like String Theory. Yikes! This podcast is not an episode from the TV show The Big Bang Theory and I’m way over my head scientifically!

The Practicality of 5D

Breathe Love & MagicMollie says the practicality of 5D is to live with more joy. Her body has naturally come into health. As a result, she eats healthier and craves movement which elevates her vibration. Plus, stopped drinking.

She says your relationships will also improve because there’s less friction. You get along better and you attract people who bring more joy and passion into your life. You create synchronicities that show you the right path and feel supported by the Universe. Mollie wakes up with a smile on her face most days – she feels blessed.

Moving into 5D consciousness, what’s the first step? Mollie says she wants everyone to feel as good as she does. The first step is awareness – that’s what creates room for change and making better choices.

Reflective Journaling

Breathe Love & MagicShe began with reflective journaling, writing down everything she thought about in the day. This created her higher level of awareness about what she was often thinking about and doing.

In the past, she attracted people who would take advantage of her because she was very giving. But with her reflective journaling she realized it was time to set a boundary and draw a line in her friendships. Doing this created the power of choice from a higher level.

We make 35,000 decisions every single day. Think about how incredible that is! That means there’s quite a bit to reflect on.

5D and Your Business

So, how do you apply 5D consciousness to your business?

The first step is to disengage from what you’ve been taught about business and create your business from a place of passion, service and where everyone wins. Next, let go of timelines with no more rushing or hustling. Imagine that!

So, 5D affords you a higher level of abundance in many areas of life. Yay!

I wondered how her clients plan their day? She says it’s through consistency. Here’s an example. When she started being a heart-centered entrepreneur, she thought she had to do everything herself. What helped her make the biggest shifts was figuring out what she loved to do.

Mollie discovered she loved creating one-on-one connections and then created a business model around that. Mollie loves to create content and work with her fabulous clients because they make magic together.

There’s much more to this discussion about 5D consciousness but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out the rest!

BIO – Mollie Sommer

Mollie Sommer is a registered Core Energy Coach (CPC), Hypnotherapist Practitioner, BioEnergetics Healer and Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner. Mollie partners with creative entrepreneurs to design businesses and lives overflowing with abundance, purpose, and joy.

Free from the burdens of hustle and overwhelm, Mollie supports you to unlock your wealth consciousness empowering you to effortlessly manifest and flow towards your dreams.

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