How to Recover From A Big Fight Fast – Podcast Snack

Have you been through a bad fight or breakup and want to get over it fast? Check out these tips to reclaim your power and bounce back from emotional devastation.

Let me tell you my story.

To Hell and Back

I feel like I’ve been through hell and back after an unexpected fight with a family member. Out of the blue this person just started screaming at me. OK, I admit I did mention something minor that had bothered me, but the reaction was so over the top, it was shocking.

Nasty things were said to me. Cold, lacking in compassion or any empathy. I was mostly quiet due to the shock factor. At first I tried to defend myself but then I tried to just get off the phone.

It was awful and honestly I was devastated. I just couldn’t understand where this outburst came from. You’ve been there too, right?

So, what comes next? Tears. Lots of tears. A virtual flood. Mostly at night when I was trying to sleep. I also cried as I told the story to friends who were as shocked as I was.

Many tried to come up with reasons. I don’t really care why. There’s no reason to speak to me this way. So, I suffered for several days in my tiny pity party.

How Can I Move On?

Then I slowly started to think of what could help me start to move on. Sharing the story with empathetic friends certainly helped. Journaling about the situation and my feelings was good too. But I still needed more.

I smudged myself. I used a smudge stick with sage and sweetgrass and swept over my entire body. Then I saged the entire house to clear it of this emotional tumult.

I listened to a lot of meditation and yoga-like music. This was soothing for my soul. I also made hot chocolate one morning. Doesn’t that cure any problem, for a little while?

But I was still hurting and didn’t feel like telling the story to another soul. What else could I do?

Energy Work & Visualization

I had a session with my chiropractor who does a lot of energy-based work. He said my energy field was burning red and so he poured green light through my crown chakra down through my body to the root to balance my energy.

Green is not only the opposite of red on the color wheel, but it’s the color of heart healing. You KNOW I needed this.

In addition, I took a couple of Epsom salt baths which are wonderful to draw out toxins and sooth sore muscles. A hot bath is relaxing anyway so this was an excellent choice to help me recover.

I visualized healing my heart. Seeing it as a clear quartz crystal that had been cleaved in half and allowing it to heal and come back together into one whole heart.

I did another visualization that I was riding a river and allowing the water to wash over me, clearing my energy field of all this muck. I had a hollow reed pointing up from my mouth so I could breathe easily and let the waters pour over me to cleanse my spirit and soul.

Chanting Shifts Your Energy

Chanting had always been a go-to method for shifting my energy. So I started with Ra Ma Da Sa and moved on the a devotional chant to Ganesh – the Hindu God of problems solving. They say that when you call out to Ganesh, he is honor bound to come and help you.

Over the summer I spent an entire month chanting to Ganesh every morning and doing this again also helped me sooth myself and find a bit of peace.

Working with Ganesh lead to my breakthrough. I realized that all this negative thinking was not helping. Yet, my brain was drawn back to rehashing the conversation over and over.

I thought about what was said, thought about what I said, thought about what I wanted to say and still plan to say. Ridiculous! All this negative thinking is the very antithesis of manifesting.

If I continue on this path, I can expect more of the same – disharmony, emotional pain, unhappiness. That’s not what I want!

Empowering Replacement Thoughts

Then it came to me. When I catch myself thinking about how hurt I am, I need to shift the dialog to something positive! What I heard to say was, “I am at peace with this person, whether we speak or not.”

Now I have no plans to call and make up because I feel like the wounded party. I want an apology. I’m not going to ask if we can talk about this and open myself to more potential yelling.

I just have to leave it in the hands of the Universe. For me, I have NO idea how this can be resolved and I see a much quieter holiday season on the horizon. But working with Ganesh, I realized I don’t need to have the solution. The Universe can provide one.

My job is to let this go. Stop thinking all the negative stuff. Stop rehearsing my speeches and rehashing what happened. Drop it!

This is NOT easy, but I am making a good stab at it. I am calming down by catching myself going in circles in my head and stopping that freight train to say, “I’m a peace with this person whether we speak or not.”

Ahhhh. That feels much better.

Take Back Your Power

This new direction allows me to take my power back. I can be who I am regardless of what was said to me. I am in charge of me. How I feel, what I think and what I do next.

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, this is why it’s good to work with an intuitive coach like me. I can see what’s happening with you more clearly because I’m not emotionally involved.

With lots of training and 20+ years of experience, I have access to many simple tools that can help you turn your situation around quickly.

Whether you want to try intuitive coaching or get a quick intuitive reading or past life reading, you’ll get the insights that can help you shift your energy and feel better.

I look forward to helping you for whatever reason you choose!

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