My Favorite Essential Oils For Emotional Healing And More

This week I’m talking about essential oils for emotional healing and more, how they are made, some of my favorites and what they do for you.

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how to use essential oilsThis is a new series for the podcast called “Ronnie’s Favorites” which obviously is about some of my favorite metaphysical tools. I’ll be sharing a variety of topics like favorite essential oils, energy tips, favorite crystals, favorite books and a few other things.

So, let’s talk about essential oils. These plant-based products work to shift your energy, mood and emotions. They also have medicinal properties, but that’s not an area I’m knowledgeable about – you’d need an aromatherapist or herbologist for those details.

Who couldn’t use a little help from the plant world to get going in the right direction?

Essential oils are made from plant extracts to create an oil to support health and well-being. Many also provide an emotional component, working to shift you energetically and lift your mood.

How Are Essential Oils Made?

There are three basic ways the scent, flavor and properties are extracted:
1) steam, 2) water and 3) cold pressing. A true essential oil is never created through a chemical process. And the best ones use organically grown plants. Some manufacturers own the farms, others source globally. Either way works.

Once the properties have been extracted, they are mixed with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil and bottled. And there you have it – essential oils are born. Many manufacturers like DoTerra, Living Young and Eden’s Garden make a quality product.

How to Use Essential Oils for Emotional Healing

essential oils for emotional healingThere are several ways you can work with the oils, but for the most part it’s for aromatherapy.

Use a diffuser – many brands will tell you how many drops to use in a diffuser or oil blends that are helpful.

Anoint the body – place oils on your body in a ceremonial way. Dot your wrists and thymus, elbow creases, etc.

Inhale the aroma – Place a drop or two on your palms, cup to your nose and breathe in.

DoTerra makes some edible products but others say you should never ingest them. I don’t really know, so be safe whatever you decide.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Now I’m going to get scientific, so hang in there. When you inhale the scent of an essential oil for emotional healing or any reason, this stimulates the limbic system of your brain which is related to your emotions and behaviors, your sense of smell and long-term memory.

Since the limbic system plays a role in forming memories, this explains why certain smells can cause memories or the related emotions to pop into your mind. It calls up the memory and the emotion linked to it through your sense of smell.

In addition, the limbic systems contributes to controlling unconscious body functions like breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. This explains claims of how oils have a physical effect on the body.

But for those of you who accept the mystical side of life, essential oils also work on a vibrational level which affects everything, since everything is energy including the body, emotions and thoughts.

My Go-To Essential Oil Book

I have a go-to handbook for essential oils related to the emotions. It’s a spiral bound book called Essential Emotions: Your Guide to Process, Release and Love Free.

No author is given credit just the website This is a companion to DoTerra oils because it does list some of their premade blends. But the oil properties are not related to a particular brand – the descriptions work for any brand.

My Favorite Essential Oils

working with essential oilsThis is in no way a comprehensive list of the oils available. There are so many essential oils – there’s got to be a few you’ll love and benefit from. But this is a list of my personal favorites and the emotional help they provide.

In other words, these essential oils for emotional healing address situations and issues that I have found improved with their use. I felt better after using them. These are in alphabetical order if you want to know why I listed them this way.

Cypress – Flow with life, trust, flexible. Sometimes I feel stuck and that no matter how I try, I can’t move forward. Take out my Cypress oil! It has a nice mild evergreen pine-like scent. When I’m in the flow, I’m working for my highest good and on the path of my soul.

Frankincense – Protected, wisdom, spiritually open. This is a great oil if you want to open to higher levels of consciousness in your meditation. It’s also good for anointing yourself in ceremonies or rituals you might participate in. Very powerful and a great oil in your oil toolbox.

Geranium – Emotional healing, forgiveness, loving and tolerance. Working for so many years with women seeking love, I’ve suggested the use of geranium often. If you’ve been emotionally wounded, this is a lovely essential oil for emotional healing that works on the heart.

Spicy Ginger!

Ginger – Empowerment, capable, purposeful. If you’re on a mission and need to feel confident and empowered, get out the ginger! First of all, it’s a wonderful spicy scent. It will help you get on the path of productivity and getting things done!

Grapefruit – Learn to love your body, healthy relationship with food. To me, this oil has the most heavenly scent. It’s just scrumptious. And the idea that it will help me love and accept my body is a great benefit, especially if I’m going somewhere and not feeling the best about myself.

Green Mandarin – Pure potential. When I really want to connect during a meditation or work at the highest level I’m capable of on a particular project, I use green mandarin. Another citrus blend, the aroma is divine and I feel excited knowing the scent is helping me achieve my highest potential.

Tune into Spirit

Guaiacwood – Used for centuries by the Incas, the indigenous people of the Andes, for ceremonies and rituals, this oil is relaxing and calming. But it’s also excellent for inducing a meditative state.

Combine it with this shaman drumming in the video below and you’ve got the tools to get deep into the other world. I’ve had great results with this oil for connecting to the other side.

Lemon – Focus, get mental clarity, feel alert and joy. Lemon is so refreshing and yummy. I’m a citrus girl and love all the citrus aromas as you’re about to hear. Lemon is also a scent many people relate to cleaning and the oil is good for that I’ve been told.

Lemongrass – Spiritual clarity, cleansing, simplicity and non-attachment. When you want to clear your energy, lemongrass is a powerful ally. Mixing lemongrass with lime is a wonderful blend which I’ll explain in a moment.

Lime – Zest for life. Yes, I love lime. When I’m feeling a little down, I grab my lime oil and inhale deeply – yes! Let’s remember the zest for life, right? Then when you combine lemongrass with lime – you’ve got a powerful combination for clearing and replenishing your energy with zest for life. Beautiful.

Peppermint – Wake up, focus and feel optimistic. In Connecticut where I live, we have a lot more cloudy days then we used to. And when the cloudy days come one after another, I sometimes need a bit of a pick me up. That’s where peppermint is amazing. It will perk you up like a cup of coffee without the caffeine. So invigorating!

Love & Healing

Rose – Love, compassion, healing and empathy. When you’re working on love, whether that’s self-love, romantic love, or love for humanity, rose is the best essential oil for emotional healing. This one is more expensive side, so even a roller bottle which is a smaller quantity could do.

Rosemary – Mental clarity and the ability to adjust. This is another spicy scent. When I’m not feeling clear about a situation, rosemary is my go-to oil. Get that clarity you need to understand what is happening and the steps you need to take next.

wild orange smells divineWild Orange – Abundance, humor, playful, creative, joyful, spontaneous. The last citrus oil, wild orange is such a mood enhancer. Open a bottle and breathe in that creativity and joy.

This always works for me and I’m sure you’re going to love it too. Keep it on your desk where you work so you can remember to enjoy life even when hard at work or lift your mood no matter what.

2 Essential Oil Experts

I have two experts that I have followed about essential oils for emotional healing and they are very different.

Allison Stillman

She calls herself the Aromatic Alchemist.  I interviewed a while ago and I just loved her. Listen here to that episode.

She talks about the sacred art of anointing the body and using oils for She explained the process to me which was so helpful. For example, she talks about putting a drop or two of lavender on the crown of your head to declare you are sacred and divine. It’s a way to make a statement to the Universe and carry that with you throughout the day.

Allison has done a lot of research about the history of anointing and wrote a wonderful book about it as well called the Sacred Art of Anointing. She also talks about aromatherapy, raising your frequency with essential oils and even why the church burns resin as people enter the building.  Visit Allison’s website here 

Desiree de Lunae

My other favorite expert to follow is Desiree de Lunae who is an acupuncturist who is an expert on essential oils and combines them with Chinese medicine. Desiree specializes in emotional well-being and has come up with some wonderful protocols She creates a series of essential oils for emotional healing that you apply to different parts of the body.

I attended one of her programs called I Am Fabulous in person which was pretty amazing. She had command of the subject matter and the room. She’s quite a personality and is brimming over with enthusiasm about what she tons.

Desiree’s YouTube channel is loaded with videos on every topic you could imagine having to do with essential oils.

In the podcast I share her protocols for her I Am Fabulous program and also a blend that she calls Magic!

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