8 Gut Deep Ways To Rely On Your Intuitive Guidance

Ready to use your intuitive guidance on a regular basis, but aren’t sure how to advance your skills? This episode goes deep into eight ways to rely on your inner knowing and trust the information.

Tip #1 – Take the Pressure Off

intuitive guidanceIf you try to work on the biggest issues of your life with your new intuitive skills, that’s too much pressure to be right! This kind of pressure clouds your connection to your inner wisdom and shuts down the information gateways.

If you’re facing a difficult situation, shift to your tarot cards, the I Ching, or runes.

Then practice your intuition on simple, low-risk subjects, so you can build up your skill and have a track record so you start to trust it.

Tip #2 – Know Your Clairs

There are four main clairs and while there are a few others, they are less common. Clairvoyant is the ability to have visions or see things in your mind’s eye. Clairaudient is when you hear words, sentences, or even paragraphs.

Clairsentient is the ability to feel things. If this is your clair, you might get goosebumps or chills or just have a feeling about something and that’s how you get your intuitive answers.

And the last of the main four is claircognizant which is about having a sense of knowing. You might get blocks of information all at once, or you just somehow know what you need to do next.

Most people have one main clair to start with, but often the others will develop as you continue to practice and build your skills.

The Magic of Intuition in a Pinch

Tip 3# – Trust Exercises

inner wisdomBuild up ability to receive intuitive guidance by trying small tasks on a regular basis. For example, think about the route you want to take before you drive, then check your GPS system to see how you did. Did you pick the best route to get where you want to go?

When you do this often, you will get very good at it and then the trick extends to other intuitive work because now you’ve built up some trust, based on your track record. You will have experienced the accuracy of your intuitive gift working with low-risk questions.

For more simple ideas to practice with, get my free book Inklings: A Quick Guide to Your Intuitive Gifts

Tip #4 – Keep a Record

The best way to build even more trust in your intuition is to write your experiences down in a journal. You don’t have to go on and on, but when you write down your questions and then the inner guidance you received, now you have evidence!

Looking back on your results and track records is an incredible resource and it’s the only evidence you have that your intuition was on target! Make it a habit to write your sessions down, even just the quickest notes or voice record the information.

Now you have something to refer back to which makes a huge difference. Watching your improvement and reviewing the evidence of your success will help you feel much more confident.

Tip #5 – Be Consistent

Intuitive development in the Intuitive mastermindIf you are serious about learning to rely on your intuitive guidance, consistency matters. Working on your skill consistently will help you get more comfortable with the practice, so it becomes second nature.

What do I mean by consistency? That you’ll practice twice a week, or every weekend, or on whatever schedule works for you. You get to decide, but then you want to follow that pattern regularly to get really good.

Tip #6 – Trust Your Gut

The vagus nerve is a superhighway from your gut to your brain which has between 100-500 million neurons. That’s why scientifically, your gut is referred to as your second brain! It really is!

Your gut is all about instinct and that gut reaction to something. If you ever feel at risk or unsafe, that’s the most important time to trust your gut!

Back in caveman days, humans relied on intuition to stay safe, hunt, and know if someone was a threat to family or community. Intuitive ability has been coded into your very DNA which is why everyone has access to inner wisdom.

But not everyone practices to excel at it, uses it regularly or even acknowledges that it exists. That is up to you. So if you want to rely on your sixth sense, then learn about the skill and practice it.

Tip #7 – Relax and Be Playful

This goes back to tip #1 which was to take the pressure off. When you relax about your intuitive guidance and just have fun with it, it will be much easier. Playfulness opens the pathways and expands your energy field, making it easier to connect with the higher realms.

Tip #8 – Work with Others

intuitive mastermindThe way I honed my intuition was in a group. Working with others amplifies the energy field making it easier to connect to higher levels. That’s why I urge you to work with a friend or join my Intuitive Mastermind which starts Wednesday, April 17th at 11am ET.

Nothing will accelerate your progress faster than group work and this is what really got me into a good place where I started to really trust the intuitive guidance I received.

Being in a group offers confirmation as well with the answer you get because often people get very similar messages. It’s fantastic. There are still eight spots (out of 10) open for the Mastermind, so if you want to check it out, don’t wait!

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