Which Divine Feminine Goddess Appeals To You Most?

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m talking about the Divine Feminine Goddess. There are so many Goddesses, this will be a two-part presentation. Honestly, this topic could be a weekly podcast itself. There’s so much good stuff to cover and talk about!

So Many Goddesses!

So many goddesses on the Breathe love & magic podcastEvery culture has its own flock of fabulous Divine Feminine Goddesses. I’m going to talk about several I am familiar with and have worked with.

The episode is organized based on the powers these Goddesses offer including help with love, healing, motherhood and fertility, children, home, abundance, wealth, warrior energy, justice, magic and the dead. Whoa, that’s a lot of stuff they provide!

The only Goddess I’ve worked with extensively is Freya. During COVID, I found a magic coach who had encouraged me to try working with a deity. Having never tried this before, I decided to give it a go.

Friday is Freya’s Day

divine feminine goddessAccording to tradition, Friday is Freya’s day and for a full year, I connected with her every week. She’s a prominent Norse Goddess associated with love, fertility, war, beauty, sex, gold, and magic. Her name translates from Old Norse to “(the) Lady”.

At first nothing much happened when I’d call to her in my weekly meditation. But over time, she started to show up. In my mind, she’d walk towards me. She gave me gifts, did healing work, and sometimes spoke to me.

The healings were sensational. She’d clear energy or send me energy. I saw colors, felt sensations, and listened to her wisdom. It was always a surprise and a good experience for me.

One time I saw myself covered in protective metal all around my body. Freya began to peel it back for me. It took more than one session but it all came off.

After a year I moved on, but I still feel drawn to this divine feminine goddess, Freya. I found this amazing prayer which will be in the blog post that accompanies the podcast on the breatheloveandmagic.com website or you request a copy by email – ronnie[@]intuitiveedge.biz

Freya’s Prayer

“Freya Goddess of gold and love, please inspire me today. Teach me to walk through my day with pride in my own being, with confidence and power. Goddess of fiery passion, bless me with the insight to the marrow of my bone that I am a person of worth in the eyes of the Gods and of myself. May I radiate this and transform all I meet.

This is my prayer for this day or great and powerful goddess that I might mirror your presence throughout my day. And in return, I shall praise you always and lay amber before your image, consigning it to the scared fires that burn when the day is at its longest. Hail Freya, shining Goddess of gold and love.”

I just love that! Must be from my Viking lifetimes – LOL!

When working with a divine feminine Goddess, it’s important to feel drawn to her and relate to her. It’s also a good practice to offer gifts which could be water, wine or liquor, honey, sweets, flowers, incense, light a candle, etc.

Appealing to Hecate

The Greek Goddess HecateI’ve been told that you need to be careful working with deities because if you want something from them and ask for their help and get it, then you’ll owe them. And apparently, they’ll take what they want even if it’s a sacrifice.

Thankfully, I have not had this experience. I once reached out to Hecate when I was at a crossroads in my life. I was told a very specific way to reach out and contact her when asking her for help.

In case you don’t know, Hecate is the Goddess of magic, crossroads and witchcraft from ancient Greek religion and myth and often lived or visited the underworld. She can be depicted as a Goddess with three heads thought to represent the past, present and future.

Naturally, I changed the ritual because I’m a rebel. I was told Hecate prefers the dark of night, to go alone, and stand at a crossroads to connect with her. Don’t laugh at me but I’m too chicken to do this at night! I haven’t liked the dark since childhood.

Instead, I stood at the edge of the wild area behind my home that is open space and untouched. I called to the Divine Feminine Goddess, Hecate, saying her name nine times which is a Feng Shui trick, and singing her name in a tune that just came into my head while standing there.

Then I asked her my question. I waited quietly until I heard her speak to me, reassuring me I was headed in the right direction.

I had also left an aluminum pie plate with fortune cookies as an offering. My research found that she likes crescent shaped cookies like the moon, so fortune cookies were close and I put honey on them.

Hear more about how to harness the divine feminine

Butterfly Signs

divine messages from the goddessAs I opened my eyes, I saw two black butterflies and when I looked up the meaning, it was a message of joy, freedom, love, and hope. Always good to hear. Of course, butterflies are also a sign of transformation since they do the whole caterpillar chrysalis thing.

But I felt quite satisfied with this exchange. The next day I went to retrieve the pie plate. It was completely empty with not a crumb or smudge of honey remaining! The animals must have enjoyed or perhaps a goddess…

Abundantia – A Roman Goddess

Breathe Love & Magic podcastThe other Divine Feminine Goddess I’ve been working with recently is Abundantia – the Roman Goddess of abundance. She provides prosperity, success and preservation of wealth.

I rediscovered her in the fall last year and couldn’t believe it but I had a postcard of her on my shelf in my office for years! I didn’t know who she was but I loved the artwork when I got this and I don’t remember where it came from.

Those are three of my extraordinary Goddess stories. My work with Goddesses also includes a Goddess deck of cards by Doreen Virtue. And for six months the spiritual book club I’m in focused on the book Archangels and Ascended Masters which included a lot of Goddesses also by Doreen Virtue. Each week we’d learn about a different goddess, angel or master – so cool!

Discover the Secrets of a modern-day Pythian Priestess

Now I’m going to go through a list of Goddesses chosen by their gifts and powers. Today I’ll cover Abundance, Home, and Warrior Energy. To hear about each one, you’ll have to listen to the podcast episode.

Abundance & Prosperity

  • Abundantia
  • Lakshmi
  • Aeracura
  • Dana

Home & Warrior Energy

  • Athena
  • Brigit
  • Maeve
  • Isis
  • Devi
  • Vesta

Who Is Your Guide, Goddess, or Angel?

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