How To Infuse Magic & Happiness Into Your Life

What Marina loves about being a hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner is being able to help clients in a short amount of time to shift, change, and reinvent themselves to bring magic into their lives.

Are You Willing to Play?

Her biggest surprise with client success was one woman who had a significantly sized cyst that had been around for seven years. She had scheduled surgery and wasn’t looking forward to the process.

Marina asked her if she was willing to play to see what happens and her client responded, “Yes, I’m in!” So, they did four sessions. The first few were about helping her feel better about herself, healing the trauma that seemed connected to the cyst.

In the fourth session, Marina had her client go into a trance, but she also went into an altered state herself. She saw the mass in her clients body and was suddenly handed a light-saber scapel and she removed the dark mass in her vision.

There was also a spirit she recognized that came to help her. Finishing up by adding lots of light into the affected area, the session was complete.

Create Magic Together

According to Marina, both the client and the practitioner need to work together to create the magic. She shared with her client what she had seen during the vision and what transpired.

Later that day, the client went to her pre-op exam and the tech told her there was no evidence of the cyst which had been documented and carefully watched for seven years! It had completely disappeared! They were both thrilled.

Was it spirit? Marina? The client? Yes, Marina says all of it contributed to this incredible story. Marina facilitated the energy and acts as a conduit for the energy.

St. Germain’s Violet Flame

Next, I shared an experience of watching a healing take place. A friend of mine had cancer and was under going chemo prior to surgery to shrink the mass. She was very dedicated to meditating during her chemo treatments, imagining the chemo winning the battle and eating away at all the cancer in her body.

I had been experimenting with St. Germain’s Violet Flame which is supposed to be a strong healing energy. I picture my friend standing on a massive purple lotus blossom with a wire arc like an arbor that she stood beneath. It was sort of shaped like a light bulb. And this wire had little purple flames all along it.

Then I invited the Violet Flame to come in and heal her and what shocked me was in this vision, my friend was totally engulfed in these flames. They burned for several minutes and then the flames started to disappate and finally stopped. Somehow I knew this meant she was going to or had healed herself.

A couple months later, she called to tell me a story. Half way through the surgery, the doctor came out to talk to her husband. She explained that the hysterectomy had been completed, however there was absolutely no evidence of cancer. That’s why the surgery took half the time expected.

What? That blew me away. I don’t take credit for that healing because my friend did a lot of work on her own. But Marina pointed out I contributed by faciliating the Violet Flame with her. Amazing, right?

What Do You Want?

Moving on, I asked Marina how she can help people with more every day stuff vs. the catastrophic. She explained the first thing to do is to ask her clients what they want. This is the hardest thing because she said most people are very familiar with what they don’t want, but unsure of what they do want.

Then she works to identify the fear or trauma that is interfering with the client’s desire by going into trance. What is behind the behavior they want to change. The subconscious mind works to figure this out.

The client doesn’t have to dig in the muck, but simply identify what happened as the source. And they don’t even have to share the details with her.

Next, they work to change the perspective about what happened that holds them back, so they can shift the behavior.

Lastly, She assists the client to see the future they want to live and create, which leaves the person in an empowered and positive state. The magic is to see themselves thinner, sober, or happier (whatever they want) and this improved future pulls them foward to it.

Your Mind Is Like an Orchestra

Breathe Love and Magic podcastEveryone is madeup of many parts like an orchestra – the drums, the horns, and the string section. Marina asks the subconscious which part is not playing in harmony and then they work on that part to get back into harmony. Plus, there are ways to calm yourself if anxiety or fear are getting in the way.

NLP is practical and designed to look at solutions. Marina noticed that most self-help books talk about the problem but offer few solutions. But that’s what NLP is great at.

You imagine the scene you don’t like and you create a scene you do like, shake them up and focus on the unpleasant scene shrinking into non-existence. What remains is the scene you do want!

How Marina Got Started

I asked Marina how did she come to this place of doing this work. For many years, Marina admitted her spirituality and metaphysical interest was in the closet, so to speak.

But then her mother asked her to help get her book published. Her mom was very spiritual too and she felt comfortable being open to that with her. That was the start of her journey to be more public with her beliefs.

For herself though, she had a good business and didn’t want to go in the spiritual direction – thinking it wasn’t for her. Letters requesting to buy her busienss started to come in and she resisted this idea feeling that her busienss was good and she would keep going.

However, the Unvierse had other ideas and Marina thinks because she didn’t listen, her business started to fail and she had to close it. Distraught over how this impacted her employees, she felt shame and guilt over leaving them in a lurch.

Breathe Love & Magic podcast

The Big Moment

One day while jogging, she felt suddenly like she was having a heart attack. Grabbing her chest, Marina was so upset and scared. But she heard a voice say it was just a warning, yet if she kept up with the guilt, it could be real next time.

Marina needed to release the shame and guilt which were holding her back. She also heard to follow her path – “her father’s” path. To Marina this was clearly the heavenly father being spoken of and the spiritual path.

The next step was to get some tools and she learned several, but then found the clinical hypnosis and NLP combination training which was perfect for her.

There’s more to this interview, but you’ll hvae to listen to get the rest.

BIO – Marina Shakour Haber

Marina Shakour Haber is a life coach dedicated to transforming life’s breakdowns into magical new chapters filled with purpose and meaning. Drawing from her personal experiences, Marina has developed a repertoire of tools and techniques to guide her clients through change and self-reinvention. She expertly incorporates NLP and clinical hypnotherapy into her solution-focused coaching, helping clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Marina empowers individuals to overcome phobias, fears, and anxieties; reduce stress and depression; conquer addictions and weight issues; enhance relationships; and boost confidence and self-esteem.

As a motivational speaker and the author of Dream A Better Dream, Marina calls on readers to transform their thoughts and beliefs from toxicity and fear to enthusiasm and love. Her latest book, Your GPS to Happiness, provides a roadmap to navigate from where you are to where you want to be—achieving fulfillment, prosperity, and the life of your dreams.

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