If Your Manifesting Is Not Working, Try This!

I’m very excited to share something new I learned today. If you’re into goal setting and manifesting, this essential step is about why it’s important to set realistic goals and what you need to focus on.

I was listening to Kevin Schmidlin from Grow the Show podcast and his message totally resonated with me. It’s like all the pieces fell into place. Or the tumblers clicked to crack a safe. Yeah, it’s really that good.

Kevin did an amazing job of explaining how to set goals in a way that makes a huge difference. His point is that most people set goals the wrong way which leaves them disappointed, devastated, and often leads to giving up. Throwing in the towel and doing that too soon.

I’ve been there – what about you? You set a goal, you do your manifesting and then…nothing.

Focusing on the Wrong Thing

if you're manifesting is not working, try thisHere’s how Kevin explained it. He used the example of losing weight. Let’s say you have a goal like he did to lose 50 lbs. It’s all he could think about. He’d get really serious, focus on taking the steps needed, lose about 20 lbs. and then, he’d stop.

It was taking longer than he thought and instead of being excited that he lost the 20 lbs., he was mad he hadn’t lost 50. He set a goal but never seemed to get there.

What is that about? Has that happened to you? I’ve been there not just for weight loss, but also for other goals. The truth is this applies to anything you want to achieve. Any goal you set. Any manifesting you put your mind too.

So what went wrong? It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to feel what it would be like to lose 50 lbs. Kevin could imagine and visualize that. It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to lose weight or what would be required, because in fact he did lose weight. The same 20 lbs. over and over again.

Okay then, what’s the real problem here? Well, Kevin said he focused on the wrong thing. He focused on the end result – the 50 lbs. This is why it’s important to set realistic goals. Maybe 50 lbs. was just too much and was taking too long.

Turns out that demotivated him every time he thought about how he wasn’t there yet. Every time he stepped on the scale! And he’d give up. Sounds crazy but I really get it. I’ve been there too.

Instead, Focus on the Action Steps

Kevin did eventually lose not 50 but 120 lbs. How? He changed his mindset. And it worked. He changed his goals to 1) Run a mile three times a week and 2) Eat smaller portions and fewer snacks. These are the goals that worked for him. When his goal was to lose 50 lbs. he couldn’t do it.

Why? Because every time he stepped on the scale and hadn’t reached his goal, he felt like a failure! He was sad about his goal. That goal made him feel bad about himself every single time he stepped on the scale.

This put him into a lower vibration. His goal was counterproductive and totally undermined his ability to get there.

Kevin explained that here is nothing wrong with lofty goals. I’d say use that for your manifesting focus. However, for the day-to-day, what works far better, is to keep your eyes on the actions you need to take.

For Kevin, this was to eat less and exercise three times a week. When he kept his focus on the actions he needed to take, he found he stayed motivated and kept going.

He was happy with himself that he kept his word to himself and follow through on these two actions. Focusing on the day-to-day actions allowed him to stay motivated by a long-term goal and number that was far away.

Can you see how this might apply to almost anything you want to achieve?

Setting Business Goals

when manifesting goes wrongMaybe you want to make six figures. Okay, that’s a great goal, right? That might be a stretch for you or you might already be at $80K and it’s not that far away. Focus your manifesting there. But for the day-to-day, what steps do you need to take? What actions are required to make $100K?

Maybe you need to post on Instagram stories every day and do three reels a week. Or you want to become an awesome newsletter writer and send them out 2-3 times a week. Maybe you need to do five podcast interviews every month.

You get the idea. These are action steps that lead you to getting clients and earning $100K.

Now, if you only focus on the number $100K, and by September of that year you are nowhere near your goal, what will happen? As you look at your sales and you haven’t hit the target time after time, how will you feel?

You might be sad, disappointed, angry, or unhappy. The target feels too far away. You start to perceive it as impossible. This is why it’s so important to set realistic goals.

Look at What You Did Do

why it's important to set realistic goals But if you focus on hitting your social media goals, your podcast interview numbers, or writing killer newsletters, then you can feel success. Why? Because you did those things! You kept your promise to yourself, followed through, and took the actions.

You can count on yourself and that is another way to look at your success. It’s a way where you can win every month or even every week. You can hit those targets and feel good about yourself. You can be a success in these daily ways.

So, while you are manifesting the big picture – your audacious goal of $100K, you can have win after win based on your daily efforts.

Why This Matters

Because as humans, we tend to beat ourselves up. We’re really good at it, right? You know what I mean? You are likely well practiced at giving yourself a hard time and feeling bad about yourself.

That’s why shifting to actions steps vs. the end goal makes such a dramatic difference. Because it provides a surefire way for you to succeed in the short term on the way to the big goal. All you need to do is set action goals and complete them.

See why it’s important to set realistic goals? If you do this, you’ll feel good about yourself. Your vibe stays higher. That makes you even more attractive and magnetic for your bigger manifesting picture.

You get a hit of dopamine, which is the feel-good hormone. Feeling good about yourself happens as a result of taking action and following through. You kept your promise to yourself that’s awesome! You have wins all along the way. That makes you a winner. Can you see that?

Dating to Find Love

your goal to find loveOkay, let’s look at another area. Dating and looking for love. My goal when I was 40 and looking for love was to meet lots of men, so I could find the one partner who was right for me.

I dated 30 men in 15 months. Now obviously, most of those dates didn’t work out. The majority were just one time. That’s it. A few guys came back to 2-3 dates. A couple did more than five dates.

In case you want to know more about my love story, click here.

Then #30 was totally consistent, kept asking me out and calling. He was nice, fun, and I felt good around him. That’s the man I married.

However, there were some pretty horrible dates where I came home and cried. Dates who were rude, awkward, not interested in me or I wasn’t interested in them. I’d wonder what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t get anyone to stick.

About halfway through my dating journey, I had a mindset shift. I would dust myself off and cheer myself up with these thoughts:

“I’m taking action. I’m meeting men. And every man I meet brings me one man closer to the right man for me. It’s a numbers game and I’m playing to win!”

I knew the only way to find lasting love was to keep dating. Every man I met was more evidence that there were plenty of men and I just had to meet enough to find that one good one for me. That’s part of my manifesting love method that lead to success!

Don’t Quit!

Yet, many women I know and past clients wanted to quit after 5 or 10 dates. They want to meet the right partner fast and don’t want to really go through this process. They are focused only on what they think of as the prize – the ideal partner for lasting love.

After every date where things didn’t work out, they felt bad and felt like a loser. They were miserable because they hadn’t found the one yet and threw in the towel. It felt too hard and they gave up too soon.

On the other hand, my clients who kept going – they found lasting love with the right partner. Because they didn’t quit. They knew that it was just a matter of time. A matter of numbers and they kept meeting new prospects.

This is the same mindset shift Kevin used to lose not 50 lbs. but 120! This is the same goal business owners use to make 6 figures and more.

Your Vibe

manifesting is not workingLet’s get back to how this works. No matter what your goal is, if it’s a long game, make that your manifesting goal. Then think about what steps will get you there. What do you need to do consistently to achieve your long-term goal?

Decide what the actions are and then promise yourself you will do them. Focus on the action daily. It’s important to set realistic goals so you can count your wins for every day, week and month and the actions you complete. Celebrate all those wins and feel really good about yourself.

The more time you spend feeling good and taking action, the higher your vibe goes, the easier it is to manifest your big goal or outcome.

When people talk about manifesting, they make it seem like all you have to do is believe it. But is that really enough? On occasion I have seen it happen or heard about it.

The truth is, for most goals, you have to believe you can do it, and then you have to do the work to get there. Identify the action and take it. Are you with me? You can tell I’m very excited about this

How About You?

What do you want to accomplish? Is there a big goal you’ve been dreaming of? Take yourself seriously. Now you know why it’s important to set realistic goals.

Think about the steps you need to take. Research if you have to so you can learn what needs to be done. Ask experts, read articles, use AI, get a coach and use your intuition! Pull out all the stops and then get it done.

I hope I got you fired up like I am. I’m very excited and my goal today was to share that with you. I sure hope you’re feeling positive and energized and come up with the actions that are right for you.

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