Can You Manifest Love? The Magic Of Attracting The Love You Want

If you are asking can you manifest love and haven’t had much luck so far, this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast offers proven methods that really work.

I share the intimate details of my manifesting efforts, as well as a few other essential tips that really helped me along the way to find love and my adorable husband.

These techniques have worked for my private love and dating coaching clients and the women who follow this advice found an amazing man and true love that lasted. You can too!

Somethings you might already know, but others I created. In addition, I shared about how being vulnerable changed my love trajectory to finally attract the man I married.

Learn How to Manifest Love

learn how to manifest loveI’m going to share what I call the Inner Steps I took to find love with the adorable, sweet man who has been my husband for 20 years. This is not about the practical aspects of dating – like which site to use, what to write in your profile, when you should text him, etc.

This episode’s focus is on your inner game, love magic, and manifesting love, which includes your mindset, the law of attraction, and healing work, so that when you take action, you are fully aligned with your true intentions.

To be really honest, I was sort of terrified I would never find love. I believed all the load of crap the media presents about how women can’t find love and most men are catfishing and dreaming up schemes to take advantage of you.

If you are wondering can you manifest love, the answer is a definite YES! Having gone through this process myself, combined with 20 years as a love and dating coach, I am quite sure any woman who wants to find love, and will take the steps, can do it!

Mindset Matters for Manifesting Love

Let’s start at the beginning. Mindset is everything.

Are their scammers, liars, and cheats out there? Yes, of course. But if you’re a spiritual person, and know anything about the Law of Attraction, then you know, you don’t want to focus on this.

When it comes to consciously choosing your thoughts, select those that are positive, happy, and optimistic. Your mindset is the foundation from which all else begins and grows.

As you hear negative stories or news about love, the best way to react is to tell yourself that has nothing to do with you. That is a problem for other people. Your truth is that you were born to be in a loving relationship that lasts and supports you.

However, if you don’t believe you can find love, I get it. I’ve been there and I understand. And that’s Okay. It’s a place to start.

This is what I did since I knew believing in love was a fundamental issue for me. I started with affirmations. But, I didn’t start with the end results I wanted – to get married.

I began with something easier to believe in. I focused on “falling in love with an amazing man” because I wasn’t sure I’d get married even though I wanted to.

Instead, I worked with something I could believe –  like falling in love and built from there.  This was my ground zero platform for believing I could manifest love.

You Can Manifest Love with Affirmations

Here is the affirmation I repeated over and over. It has four lines like a prayer or poem and I’ll explain line by line why I specifically chose these words.

Please allow my love to flow (knowing I had love energy within me, as we all do.)

Open my heart and let it grow (because my heart had been closed off to men and love for 18 years!)

I’m more attractive than I know (because I had to find a way to believe in myself and feel like an attractive woman so a man would desire me.)

There is a man who loves me so (because I wanted to believe there was a man out there for me who would love me like crazy.)

Each of these affirmations were at a level I could believe. You have to start where you are. Sometimes women go all the way to the end where they want to be – “I am married to the man of my dreams and we are blissfully happy in our life together.”

You’ll get there. But if you don’t believe that statement, then your subconscious mind will push against that and struggle rather than help you attract your heart’s desire. Affirmations can backfire.

How Affirmations Work

Affirmations are positive statements said in the present tense as if they are true and happening now. Their purpose is to convince your subconscious mind that this is true and get it on board with you.

However, affirmations that stretch beyond your ability to believe, actually become a deterrent because your subconscious negates the words and builds resistance! That’s why you have to start where you are, or just one step beyond to get moving in the right direction.

Affirmations require repetition – over and over again until your subconscious mind opens, embraces the statement, and is ready to attract what you want from this new level of belief.

At first, I consciously choose to sing this affirmation when I went on my morning walk, in the shower, and when I did dishes. I found it made me feel happy, so I sang while driving, before I went to sleep, and anytime it came to mind.

Immerse Yourself in Love Manifestation

immerse yourself in loveI immersed myself in what I wanted to manifest. The more I sang this tune, the more optimistic I felt about falling in love. Within two weeks, I noticed a shift – my subconscious took over and sang the song without me realizing what I was doing.

Just like when a song from the radio gets stuck in your head. But this was with purpose! I took this as a good sign my subconscious was now on board and had embraced the manifesting goal.

Can you manifest love? That’s exactly what I began to believe and do. Then I add a second verse to take things a step further.

Please allow this loving man,
To be with me and hold my hand
We are together now as one
In spirit, love, growth, and fun!

Evidence Manifesting Was Working!

After a few weeks with this second verse, a friend called out of the blue to fix me up with this guy she knew. Was I interested? Yes! Can you manifest love – this story demonstrates that you can.

I dated the guy sporadically for six months. He was not the right man for me, but he sure was the right man to get me started on my journey to find love. I felt safe enough with him to give it a shot.

This is why I’m so sure you can manifest love! When the outer world starts delivering what you want – that is a sure sign something is building.

Take Action To Find Love

take action to find loveI’ll be honest with you, manifesting wasn’t the only thing I did to find love. I took plenty of action as well to meet men. I went to singles events, asked friends to fix me up, and used personal ads because it was just prior to online dating taking off.

Meeting men and doing your manifesting work at the same time is called working your inner and outer plan. They often go hand in hand.

More Affirmations As Things Heat Up

As time went on, I wrote more powerful affirmations. I turned them into chants since many were put to music. And then someone told me these were really charms or spells. Who knew? The only thing I could focus on was can you manifest love?

When things got rolling, I wrote one to the music of Love potion #9.

I’m so alluring and cosmically, I’m so magnetic good men flock to me
I am in touch with my feminine energy – right now I’m attracting the perfect man for me

Honestly, by the time I was singing this I was hot! I was meeting lots of men and feeling like a desirable woman. This was a completely new phenomenon for me. I never felt I had a way with men.

But my affirmational chants changed all that. This manifesting method had transformed me and my approach to dating like nothing else could.

Feel Like a Desirable Woman

feel like a desirable womanFeeling my power and desirability as a woman, changed how I interacted with men. I felt more confident and self-assured. Turns out men like that trait in a woman. Apparently, confidence is very sexy to men.

As I felt better about myself and believed all of this manifesting effort was going to deliver, I got braver and  stronger.

I became the kind of woman who met men every where I went. Men asked for my number. Even though none of them lasted very long, I had amazing experiences, learned about men, and myself.

I definitely saw this as a growth opportunity. More and more the answer to can you manifest love was YES! In fact, I came to believe that love was my destiny.

When things didn’t work out with a new guy and doubts started to surface, I would shift back to remember that I now believed love was my destiny. Knowing deep within my heart that I would find HIM was a part of spiritual journey for me.

Strengthen Your Belief in Manifesting Love

My thinking was, why would I need to go through all of this dating and learning if it wasn’t going to work? There was no reason I could come up except that I was absolutely going to meet the right man for me!

Believing strongly that love was my destiny fueled the fire, kept me active, and passionate about manifesting love, as well as taking action. Both are needed.

When you ask yourself can you manifest love, remember you can’t just do the inner work. You need to get out there to meet men if you want to find that dream guy.

Feng Shui for Love

feng shui for loveNaturally I did other things for manifesting. I created a vision board depicting the kind of love I wanted including fun activities, where we might travel, visit, or live. I found some fabulous magazine pictures that represented my desires.

I also did Feng Shui in my home and focused on creating a beautiful love corner. I sought out elements of meaning to place on the altar and over time had quite a collection of objects.

Listen to this episode to learn more about Feng Shui for the bedroom and your love corner and get lots of specifics for making that work for you.

In my love corner, I had a variety of quirky objects that always made me smile. Two pink taper candles paired next to each other. A lead glass, heart-shaped small dish.

A small puffy red velvet heart that was a Christmas ornament was part of the collection and an ornament that was a pair of doves. Plus, I wrote a letter to my future husband expressing my love and feelings and happiness for our relationship.

Somewhere in my flea market travels, I had found a small plastic toy that was Disney’s Aladdin on his magic carpet to which I added a plastic Esmerelda figurine. They were perfect together and created a sense of playfulness, fun, romance, and of course, magic!

Can You Manifest Love? You Bet!

At one point I fell for a guy who was not the right man. But he was so sexy. I felt amazing with him and even though I knew he was not the right man, I just wanted the experience of being with him.

Since I knew he was not going to be the love of my life, I promised myself that if and when things got ugly, I would walk away and not look back. I was very firm in this intention.

After three months, we hit that point where I was done and I asked him to leave. It was easy and I did really enjoy being with him in so any ways.

But it was over and I had to shake it off.  That’s why I wrote a new affirmation. It worked like a releasing spell of sorts. That was certainly my intention – to let him go and move on as quickly as possible.

How to Let Go of Love

It was time to let go for not only my highest good but also his. I have to admit I wasn’t that angry with him because I knew when I started, he wasn’t the right man for me. But I was heartbroken.

What I later discovered was that my willingness to be vulnerable with him, directly lead to attracting the next two high-quality men who were both great catches. For years I hadn’t been willing to be vulnerable.

Recognizing that I could be vulnerable, recover, and move on made all the difference in my willingness to continue meeting men. With an open heart I attracted the two best men I had dated. And the one I chose is the man I married – my adorable husband, Paul.

So, there you have it. Can you manifest love? Yes, I lived it! It took me 15 months to start from ground zero, meeting and dating 30 men to find the one who is my loving husband.

You Can Manifest Love Too

yes you can manifest loveHaving been through this myself and being a love and dating coach for 20 years, I know without a doubt you can do this too. 20 years ago there were no dating coaches. Now they are on every street corner.

You can make this dream come true for yourself. Do the mindset work, do the manifesting, meet the men and find your guy.

If you would like to have a free conversation to discover if love coaching is right for you, click here to fill out the application. I have a variety of ways to work together and look forward to speaking with you.

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