Earth Medicine Can Heal Your Womb, Cycle, & Divine Femininity

Have you heard of cyclical living or womb work? Are you fully connected to your body? In this episode, we talk about earth medicine and the 3Ms – Mindfulness, Meditation, & Mushrooms, which can help you heal and reconnect with the divine feminine and your body!

Psychedelic Guide & Embodiment Coach

Leslie Draffin -Somatic psychedelic guide and sensual embodiment coach on the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.I asked Leslie how she became a psychedelic guide and sensual embodiment coach. For 20 years, Leslie had been numbing out as a result of being in a spiral of shame after contracting the herpes virus at just 18.

Growing up with a father who was a preacher from the deep south, having herpes made her feel was worthless. She got addicted to achieving, hustling, and proving to the outside world that she was worthy, good enough, and lovable.

Leslie landed a job as a TV news anchor, so from a societal viewpoint, it looked like she had it all together with great job and salary. Yet, she was seriously stuck and burned out. She tried western medicine with a therapist and a psychiatrist, taking a prescriptions and doing talk therapy.

Mindfulness, Meditation & Mushrooms

Later, Leslie found mindfulness, meditation, connecting with her menstrual cycle. Then she discovered magic mushrooms (also referred to as earth medicine) which helped her come home to her body and get sober.

This is how Leslie forged a path to connect with who she is on the inside and live from a place of grounded, sensual embodiment.

I was curious what the biggest contributor was that moved her from shame to the empowered woman she is today. Leslie explained it started with reclaiming her sensuality and connecting to her feminine energy through her cycle.

She was on hormonal birth control for 16 years and that was the epitome of living in the masculine with overachieving, people pleasing, and perfectionist tendencies and behavior.

Coming off the pill she had a lot of hormonal issue afterwards. She had to come back to her body and understand what sensuality and pleasure really is. This caused her to revisit some of her beliefs adopted while growing up in the church. Ideas like pleasure is sinful or dirty.

Live More Sensually

Interview with microdosing coach Leslie DraffinLeslie started to understand how much pleasure and sensuality allows you to be present in the moment. This discovery helped her tackle anxiety, depression, and the PTSD she was diagnosed with from her TV career.

Living in her head most of the time, she was often thinking about the future or the past, rather than living in the present moment. That’s the beauty of connecting with sensual pleasure (vs. sexual pleasure) which helped her come back to herself. The shift was magnified by working with earth medicine – magic mushrooms.

Her Spiritual Awakening

In January of 2019, Leslie had her spiritual awakening. Under the wolf full moon, she felt totally activated with the crown to the root chakra completely lit up. Today she understand this was kundalini energy.

She spent the year learning about meditating, crystals, tarot, astroglogy, and more. Leslie stumbled on a group called the Golden Yoni membership from Australia, which is a wonderful community focused on sensuality, pleasure, and how that can be healing.

This is where the gate started to open for her, as she began integrating her mind and body.

The real shift however, came from the magic mushrooms (earth medicine), when she stopped intellectualizing everything and finally embodied the healing and learning. Leslie learned to slow down and be present in the now and feels she was divinely guided to these amazing teachers.

Earth Medicine & Microdosing

psilocybin mushrooms and microdosingMicrodosing is about taking a very small amount with a session lasting about 90-minutes without any tripping. Yet, this is still highly effective. Microdosing is a slower, more gentle, and compassionate way to work with mushrooms.

While I’ve never taken mushooms or Ayahuasca, I know many who have. People are astonished by what they learned about themselves, life, and the world.

Leslie had a coach to help her through the trip and integrate the learning which she feels was a must. Becoming educated about what she was doing allowedher to particpate safely.

Having grown up in the 90s with the D.A.R.E. program, where police spoke at elementary schools about drugs, she had a strong fear of taking mushrooms. Now here she is teaching people how to work therapeutically with things that society still labels as drugs.

Emotions Stuck in Your Body

What she discovered was how much women internalize and hold inside the facia (muscle tissue). Your body holds a lot of emotion, including your cycle, the womb and sex.

After seeing how much psychedelics can help women uncover these layers, Leslie was driven to get educated and become a coach in this field.

There’s a difference in using mushrooms for recreation vs. therapy, which boils down to the intention behind what you’re doing. If you’re looking to heal, then you want to do the prep work before consuming the earth medicine.

The next step is the journey or trip and the last part is the integration which happens last. Therapeutically, Leslie helps people to think about what you want to find in and what your intention is. Then she creates a safe environment and uses a controlled amount of mushrooms to provide a positive experience.

Patriarchy & Hormones

menstruation educator Leslie Draffin Leslie explained how living in a patriarchal society means you’re expected to maintain the same emotions every day the way men’s hormones work. That was an eye opener!

This is what male hormones are like – very constant. Men have a 24 hour cycle, so from day to day they are far more consistent then women are. Female hormones are more similar to the moon, where month after month women are consistent. However, day-to-day it can be quite different.

As Leslie came off hormonal birth control, she began to understand the important phases of the feminine cycle. Learning about her own cycle, she changed her lifestyle, diet, and workout schedule which helped tremendously, so she felt more at ease with herself

When you choose to live with “Cycle Sync,” that makes life easier, but may look pretty wild to people who don’t menstruate. Syncing with your cycle makes it easier to handle mood swings, get more done, and live a life that feels good.

Isn’t that better than dreading your period every month? You’ll understand why you feel blah, energized or sexually driven at different times.

Discover how to be confident in your body

Take Change Slowly

One important message Leslie shared was trying not to do everything all at once. Change one or two things and see how it goes rather than do everything in one fell swoop.

There’s no rush to get to a place of healing. Mindfulness and journaling helped her process tremendously.

The microdosing earth medicine helped with healing the shame around her body and being female. Those beliefs deeply impacted her physical life and experience on the planet.

She had many epiphanies through the mushrooms that allowed her to speak her truth and make big changes in her life.

There’s much more to this episode like the four phases of your cycle and how to leverage each one. Enjoy Leslie’s entire interview which is insightful, inspiring, and helpful.

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BIO – Leslie Draffin

Somatic psychedelic guide and sensual embodiment coachLeslie Draffin is a somatic psychedelic guide, sensual embodiment coach, and menstrual cycle educator focused on helping women embrace their bodies, sex, and psychedelics.

She supports conscious women and  menstruators who want to heal themselves. Women who want to connect more deeply with the divine through intentional micro-dosing, womb reconnection, pleasure activation and cyclical living. Leslie believes sacred Earth Medicine has the power to bring us home to ourselves. It awaken our authenticity, and heals the trauma locked within our subconscious.

Want to learn how to microdose and live in tune with your cycle, try Leslie’s free 5-day email course The Cyclical Microdosing Method.

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