How To Be Confident In Your Body With Vicki Dello Joio

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, find out how to be confident in your body in this interview with Vicki Dello Joio, Qi Gong Master Teacher and Public Speaking Coach.

How Vicki Discovered Qi Gong

Vicki Dello JoioVicki started her long relationship with martial arts growing up in New York City. She wanted to kick through obstacles, get where she wanted to go, and learn self-defense.

After years of practice and dedication, she got a strong inner message that it was time to focus on the energy of what she was doing vs. breaking a board or do harm to someone else. She started to explore the other aspects of Qi Gong.

I shared that I have a client who is a lawyer and being at court sort of makes her a warrior. I got a message for her that it was time to put her proverbial sword and shield down and learn to use her feminine energy instead to deflect attacks and court room antics.

Turns out Vicki also has an attorney client who was going to present to the Canadian Supreme Court and she needed to learn how to present an important case at this top level.

Using what she knows about moving energy and how to be confident in your body, Vicki helped her client with her case. We come back to this later in the blog post.

WaQi Is About Your Energy Field

WaQi is a powerful, scientifically-validated practice for making positive changes in mind, body, and spirit. Harnessing the power within and your confidence, you can walk into a presentation (or anything really) saying to yourself, “I am,” which is always a bold positive statement.

Think how much more presence you would have with “I am” vs. thinking either, “I can’t do this,” or “I hope it goes well.” Vicki explains that the energy you bring to any interaction is the one ingredient that matters most.

The shift for Vicki came at the end of training and sparring with her partner one day. They’d come home and end up fighting a lot and she was done with this pattern. So, it came to her that she wanted to stop hurting people and being hurt. She didn’t want to fight anymore.

Coincidently, she got a phone call that same day from a friend who was a Qi Gong master. Her friend said she’d been thinking about her and had a feeling it was time to stop fighting and learn more about the inner plane. This is why Vicki shifted to Qi Gong.

How to Exude Power

qi gong master teachVicki became more familiar with what it means to exude power from within. She gained a sense of internal power and become a lot more resilient, rather than having to fight. This is about how to be confident in your body.

People who learn this skill to come from within as they straighten their spine and emit that energy. I asked what that means to the average person. Vicki says its a way to tap into your inner guidance and know what is best for yourself.

Believe it or not, standing tall in your body is a way to unite heaven and earth in Qi Gong. To understand and know what steps to take to get to your goal, what serves you best, and how to be discerning all at the same time. It’s about realms of consciousness.

When you’re not straight, then the energy gets stuck and doesn’t flow as freely. Allow for flow in your body with this type of posture to shift or eliminate pain or even how you feel or perceive something.

Vicki’s Work as a Public Speaking Coach

Vicki works with private clients to help them move into a good place physiologically, for the best possible presentation. With her attorney client going to the supreme court, they worked on how to respond to difficult questions and hold herself strong.

The client had a huge win, because the case was expected to be shot down. Yet, the court was split and agreed to review again in six months. This was surprising and a reflection of how well she used her energy during the presentation.

She demonstrated how to be confident in your body.

Tai Chi Vs. Qi Gong

What is the difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong? Qi Gong is actually a word that references a broad array of practices with many subcategories and styles. Some martial arts and others meditative, etc.

Qi Gong was a word created in China in the 1950s to represent the whole category of movement exercises. Tai Chi is a branch of Qi Gong. It’s about techniques that work with the breath, move energy intentionally (like acupuncture), and visualization.

There are over 6,000 exercises that fall under this umbrella, so in any class you attend, you might encounter a new series of movements. Qi Gong is more solitary vs. working with a partner, to build yourself, improve your health, and walk your talk.

What Is a Joy-Fueled Life?

Vicki Dello JoioNext I asked Vicki what she means when she talks about a “joy-fueled life.” She sees joy as a fuel and in Qi Gong it lives in the heart. It can be a fuel for life. Many people see their joy as dependent on outside things like having enough money, the right job, or house.

She thinks joy is a birthright and a life force that you can tap into any time you want. She also clarified that joy is not the same as happiness. This is not about everything being nice all the time.

Vicki sees joy as a container for all other emotions. For example, at a funeral or memorial, people are sad about the loss, but might also laugh during the eulogy, remembering the joy of the person who passed.

Laughter is like tears, allowing emotion and energy to move through you. When you think about how to be more confident in your body, you know joy follows close behind.

Her name Victoria Dello Joio means “Victory of Joy” in Italian. Realizing this made her ask herself what it meant and what that looks like. The way of joy is her own hybrid system she created over many years that combines heaven, human, and earth.

The Power of Your Heart Center

Qi Gong and the heart centerWhat are some embodied tools that people can use to amplify the power of our presence while honoring our shy self?

If you want to push past the shyness, speak your truth, and come forward with what matters to you, start by putting your hand over your heart chakra. Your thymus gland is behind your sternum where the heart center is, which supports your immune system.

Then ask yourself why you care, what matters to you most, and what your message is. The heart center is where the WaQi energy and field emanates from.

At the same time, lift your crown and lengthen your neck, so your chin drops a bit. This move opens a channel between your wisdom in your head and your heart, the source of love and joy.

Then feel your sits bones connected to your heels, so you have a sense of vertical alignment and move into neutral compassion. This is how to be confident in your body.

Now when you express yourself, you honor your shy self, but come from a place of inner power. Doing this connects your heaven realm or wisdom and your earth realm which is your power.

Ready to awaken to the voice of your soul?

How to Be Confident in Your Body

qi gong master teacherI brought up the Donna Eden’s Thymus Thump, which is tapping on your sternum to calm your nervous system and reduce that fight or flight feeling. This brings you back into alignment. Cool right?

So, when you feel nervous or have to make a good impression, or get your point across, lift your crown, activate your thymus, ground through your feet, then you will be in  your power. This connects the heaven and earth, helps you be strong, and is a great example of how to be confident in your body.

This reminded me of the Wonder Woman  stance (from Amy Covey’s work) with your hands on hips and feet apart of shoulder wide which helps you remember you are in charge. You summon up energy in this stance, and feel in your power.

Stand tall, feel into your heart, and remember to breathe. In addition, seven long, deep breaths can bring you back to center, helping you feel a lot more resourceful. Give yourself this gift!

You can find lots of videos on Vicki’s website to learn more and enjoy!


BIO – Vicki Dello Joio

public speaking coachDrawing on decades of theater performance, directing experience, and life-long study of martial arts, Vicki stands apart from other trainers (public speaking coaches). By focusing on crafting the stories her clients tell AND the energy behind how they deliver their message, their audiences can feel and remember them forever.  The Energy You Bring is the Ingredient that Matters Most.

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