Discovering Inner Wisdom With Life Coach Ulrika Sullivan

Discover your own inner wisdom with Ulrika Sullivan. Having left her corporate job as a scientist and chemical engineer, she’s now a spiritual life coach and energy healer.

Ulrika SullivanUlrika is passionate about helping women connect with their intuition, energy and true self to find greater life balance and self- love. She believes in living from the heart with more ease and flow. Sounds good doesn’t it?

The Work Hard Success Model

The idea that the harder you work, the more you will receive has defined success for many decades. Often, there is a specific career path to follow. But this old paradigm has become outdated and doesn’t hold true any more.

People are tired of the struggle this creates. Ulrika challenges the concept by asking, “What if that’s not true?” She knows there’s another way and this is the center of her life coaching practice. You can discover other ways to experience success.

Wow, wouldn’t that be freeing? The shift is to define what success is for you. That’s how you get into the flow. You can step away from being completely driven, following your focused career path, and all those usual check boxes.

How to Redefine Success

Ulrika suggests shifting this typical pattern by going inwards to find your true talents and gifts. Connecting with your inner wisdom is a better way to discover your own individual path to success.

The old way would be to get promoted, publish a book, become a thought leader, have a big stock portfolio, drive a status car, own a big home, win awards, etc.

If you redefine success based on your inner knowing, what does success look like then?

It’s important to identify those patterns in your life that may no longer serve you. They keep you on the treadmill, feeling unsatisfied. Raise your awareness to notice these patterns and open to new possibilities.

Go within and figure out what ignites your creativity. When do you feel the most life force? What lights you up? This takes some digging but is so worthwhile because you get in touch with your true self. Start by asking yourself these questions.

Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Ulrika SullivanHere’s a concrete example of the new kind of success Ulrika enjoys. In the past, she started her morning with her phone and a big to-do list. She’d wake up, take her phone into the bathroom, shower, rush around, and commute 1.5 hours to work.

In contrast today, Ulrika doesn’t set an alarm. She wakes up when her body is done sleeping. Then, she lies in bed for a while reviewing her dreams and connecting with her body. Next, she makes coffee and goes back to bed to meditate, talk with her spirit guides, do intuitive journaling, and pull cards.

After this, she gets up, moves her body, and starts the day. Her morning is about self-care and self-reflection. This massive difference in pace and flexibility from Ulrika’s previous way of life has totally shifted and greatly improved her well-being.

Honoring Yourself Defines Success

Having time to herself and honoring her needs gives her a whole new measure of success. The path of connecting with your inner wisdom is a game changer.

I could relate to part of this because I’d been my own boss for most of my career. I worked freelance, so I could set my schedule and say no to jobs that didn’t fit.

Then, as a coach, I had freedom over my schedule too. But in the end, I still defined my success with traditional metrics – number of clients, income, social media followers, etc. I guess I’m still working on this new idea, LOL.

The next step is to stop tracking and detach from these metrics which creates an opening to trust that you will be given all that you need. This is heart-centered living according to Ulrika Sullivan.

Signs and Synchronicities

trust your gutBy working with the energy, signs, and synchronicities, you allow your own inner wisdom to guide you. The awareness of energy helps you align with the Universal flow to attract what you need and release the fear of not having enough. Wow, that’s huge!

When you allow yourself to work through the heart, tap into that, and let it lead, there is no more wondering. This helps you trust and be even more of your true self.

Synchronicities happen when you are present in your life right now. In the past, Ulrika lived only in the future, planning and stressing. This happens when you want to control or expect something in a certain way which is normal for most people.

Signs and synchronicities work in the complete opposite way. What comes to you is right for you at that time because you are open to it and aligned with the energy. That’s why there is less stress and more ease.

Self-Love Is The Key

The key to it all is self-love. When self-love is low, you may attract things that you don’t want. You must turn this around, so that you are your highest priority. That is the core of self-love – listening to and taking care of yourself so you have access to your inner knowing.

This is also the fundamental of heart-centered living. When Ulrika let go of her logical mind, the right situations just started to show up for her. Now this happens all the time. In the past she was way too busy and so was her mind.

Slowing down and tuning in, helps you see the signs that are meant for you.

Ulrika’s Awakening

Breathe Love and magic podcastUlrika’s company was restructured which eliminated her job and she was laid off. Her identity had been totally wrapped up in her career, which caused her to hit rock bottom. However, this also gave her the opportunity to reconnect with herself and start the awakening process.

Ulrika says signs are always present but it’s too easy to be all in your head and miss them. You have to commit to yourself to take time to notice the signs, build inner wisdom, and stop the go-go-go.

My Decision Making Method

For me, when it comes to big decisions, I write the pro and con list and ask my close friends what they think. Tuning into the energy of each option is also a step. If I still can’t decide, I leave it up to the Universe to show me a sign.

Some people are great at noticing signs like hearing a song on the radio, seeing a shape in the clouds or noticing an animal that let’s them know they are on the right track.

But I prefer more control, which is why I request something specific, and set a time limit. This works for me every time! I’ve made three of my biggest life decisions this way and it’s been wonderful.

Learn more about asking the Universe for a sign in this episode.

Building Trust in Yourself

Connecting to your inner wisdom and following the advice you get requires trust. Then you have to be willing to follow through based on the signs you see. Allow yourself to be receptive. Receiving is the epitome of working with Divine feminine energy, which is on the rise today.

Being receptive feels much easier and that’s what people want now, an easier life. Going within and trusting yourself are two proven ways to get there.

Ulrika’s Top Two Tips

breathe love and magic podcastTo make space for yourself and your own life is different for each person. You need that “inner me” time and to make yourself a priority. Also to make time for a daily spiritual practice to go within so it’s as natural as brushing your teeth.

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BIO – Ulrika Sullivan

Ulrika supports mindful working women to find calm and return to balance in all areas of their lives. She’s a mom, wife, National Bestselling Author, intuitive spiritual life coach, podcaster, energy healer, yoga teacher, and a fiercely calm professional.

Ulrika is passionate about helping you see your life in a new light and get you to where you want to be professionally, personally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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