Notice Synchronicity And Coincidences To Guide Your Journey

Did you ever have synchronicity and coincidences that don’t seem to connect and then somehow magically it all becomes clear? That’s what I’m talking about in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

This is a new installment of my spiritual journey to nowhere with no map and no guide, that began last summer. I did another shaman journey which provided incredible insights to help me see how much I needed balance. It seems to be relevant to many people right now and you might see that for yourself.

synchronicity and coincidencesSpiritual Journey Episodes

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A Web of Synchronicity and Coincidences

This is a convoluted story that rambles a bit. There are many pieces that tie together for a happy surprise ending, so I hope you’ll be patient with me and hang in there to hear how things miraculously came together.

It started with those momentous solar flares between May 3-9. Solar flares definitely influence people’s moods and I sort of felt the brunt of it in a couple of difficult family exchanges that were unsettling.

These conversations disturbed me because I could not understand what these people were saying frankly or why they said those things. I spent far too much time pondering what this was about. When you have uncomfortable interactions with more than one person in a few days, you have got to look at yourself.

I wondered how I was contributing to these unpleasant exchanges. Did I do anything wrong that caused the altercations? Nothing came to me. However, as I later discovered the reason for the arguments was not at all what I thought originally.

Inspired Art Journaling

The path of ease and graceThe next piece of the story definitely appears to be unrelated. It’s not, but you won’t see the connection yet. I often get together with a good friend Dawn who moved to the other side of the country. One way we stay in touch is to have zoom calls where we both create art journal pieces.

I had this photo showing a woman from the back in a flowy pale lavender dress walking on a path between lavender plantings. It looks like Italy or maybe Southern France and is so beautiful.

The photo has a peaceful feeling and I wanted to be in that photo myself. I framed this photo with a border, adding a bird, a fairy, and some other flowers with leaves.

I wanted to give it a title and wondered where the woman was walking. Finally it hit me – it looked like the Path of Ease and Grace. Trust me when I tell you this is spirit inspired. I don’t know much about the path of ease and grace,  but I sure would like to get familiar with it LOL.

A Shaman Journey

A couple days later, I sat down to listen to a shaman journey from a class I signed up for. At 8:30 in the morning, I listening to this hour-long recorded class and meditated going on a shaman journey.

By 9:30 I was finished with loads of insights that were astonishing! So much was revealed I can’t wait to share all the pieces with you.

You Need Balance

The first thing was to ask Mother Earth what I need to work on and the message I heard was “Balance.” Then I remembered I’d heard before about 6-8 weeks earlier when I was doing intuitive work with my friend Carrie.

Oh yeah – that’s what I’m supposed to be working on! How did I forget that? Talk about synchronicity and coincidences!

I also heard to walk the earth to feel balanced more easily and to be unbothered, steady, and filled with grace. Oh that connects with my piece of artwork – with it’s title The Path of Ease and Grace. How synchronistic, right?

Release Indignation

Breathe Love & Magic podcastThe next piece of the shaman journey was to connect with jaguar and ask what I need to let go of. Immediately I heard “Indignation.” Indignation? I decided to Google it. The definition is “Feeling irked because you feel like you are being treated unfairly.” Bingo – how right on the money was that?

Having all these upsetting discussions with family causing me to feel indignant. What I learned was that if I’m constantly shocked and upset with people, then I’m always in a state of indignation which is not balanced.

Oh synchronicity and coincidences! It would help if I was more like the willow, bending and swaying and not be bothered by people so much. Too much time is spent trying to  understand why things get said that upset me.

If I want be more balanced and on the Path of Ease and Grace, I have to let go of indignation. I get it! This is why I had several unpleasant exchanges. Each one gave me another chance to stay balanced and let go of indignation.

Yet, I did not do that. Instead, I frittered away my energy feeling bad, wondering why this was happening, and desperately trying to understand. I’m human.

Indignation Vs. Contentment

The next thought that came into my head was, what is the opposite of indignation? So back to Google where I discovered that antonym is contentment! I am giving up feeling content because I’m so focused about being indignant about how people treat me!

Is that a trade off I want to make? No! I do not want to miss out on contentment!

What Holds Me Back?

messages from spirit The next animal was hummingbird. I asked what holds me back from my child-like playfulness, joy, and having fun. The vision that came showed me metal bars around my heart and throat chakras, protecting me. At the same time, this protection prevents me from childlike fun.

My solution was to melt the metal bars and allow the liquid metal to flow out of my body, freeing me up for more playfulness!

Next, hummingbird gave me a gift which was freedom! Imagine that! Freedom from wasting time on indignation that brings me no pleasure or playfulness. Freedom from being bothered by others, so I can get on the Path of Ease and Grace. Thank you hummingbird, I’ll take freedom any day!

What Do I Need to Release?

Next up was the eagle who has a higher perspective given how high they fly. I asked what I need to let go of and I heard the answer loud and clear. “Let go of my lack of trust.”

Oh that resonated deeply – its so true. I do not 100% trust the Universe or my path to get me where I want to go.

But that is another situation showing me why I do not walk the Path of Ease and Grace, right? How can I if I don’t trust that the Universe has my back? Obviously I do have a good amount of trust or I couldn’t do this intuitive work.

Yet, there’s a part of me that worries and doubts, just like anyone else. And the part of me that is frustrated with how things are going which impinges on my ability to believe for sure.

Walk My Path With Trust

What becomes available of I release my lack of trust? Trust of course! How amazing would that be to walk my path with trust? What if I truly believed on a deeper level that the Universe had my back and everything was working out perfectly for me?

That would be the Path of Ease and Grace wouldn’t it? It sure would. Perhaps you’re starting to see why this feels so earth shattering to me. This is the web of synchronicity and coincidences and it’s quite magical!

Next I asked my soul for insight about what had been revealed and got a message. I heard that when I release lack of trust and the distraction of indignation, I can walk a higher path – the one my soul is meant to take.

Stop Limiting Joy

Synchronicity and coincidencesI hold myself back by worrying, trying to understand, and feeling indignant about these altercations. That’s why all these disagreements were happening! Not because I did something to bring them on.

Each one was another opportunity for me to stay balanced rather than be distracted or allow my life force to be  drained. How much time is wasted that limits my joy?

Holy moly. To stay more balanced, I have to learn to not be as bothered by these eruptions. That’s big isn’t it? Quite a revelation thanks to synchronicity and coincidences.

When I spend my time in indignation, it’s draining, exhausting, and depressing. I lose focus and clarity as I focus on other people instead of myself. Duh? Of course there’s no pleasure in walking the path of indignation! How can there be?

More Synchronicity and Coincidences

There is one last area that spirit or my soul shared with me but before I tell you that, I have to fill you in on another part of this web of synchronicity and coincidences.

I had been waiting 10 days for this appointment with a representative of a doctor who claimed to have a solution for some health symptoms I’ve been having. This appointment was the same day I did the shaman journey, just two hours later.

I paid $97 for the appointment. Honestly, I was a little unnerved by the whole thing so I decided to be honest with the guy on zoom and tell him how I was feeling about the whole thing.

First I told him I felt the marketing was heavy-handed. They sent me 3 reminders that morning for an 11am appointment. Do they think I’m an idiot?

I also shared I was worried the program would be more than $5,000, and not too sure how I felt about this doctor, since I got him off the web. All that got said in less than five minutes.

Time for a Refund

How did the health consultant respond? He said, “I think I’m going to give you a refund.” Are you kidding me?  Now I’m mad. I said to the guy, I waited 10 days for this appointment, I paid the money and we are here right now on zoom. Just give me the pitch, what are you chicken?

Apparently yes, because he said we couldn’t work together. Then he gave in a little and said, “What if I tell you the doctor will not work with you unless your husband joins you on this call?”

OK, I’ve been in the coaching/online marketing world for 22 years. I know a high ticket sale pitch when I hear one. That question about my spouse had been on their questionnaire which I responded by saying this was a private matter and my husband would not join me.

This is a sales technique that is used for expensive thigns like a time share – they want both people there so they can get agreement upfront because it’s a high ticket sale and they don’t want to hear later that the husband said no. I’ve even seen this done by some high-end business coaches.

Light Bulbs & Miracles

your spiritual journeyThat set me on fire. What a chauvinistic practice! What if I was single or a widow? Would I need a husband’s permission then? I felt fury building and indignation brewing.

All of a sudden, the light bulb went on and I took a deep breath. I looked this guy right in the eye and said, “You’re right, please give me a refund.” The call ended and I gave a huge sigh of relief.

I finally got it! I figured out why this annoying appointment came to me. It wasn’t to handle my health concern. It was to give me yet another chance to avoid draining my life force on indignation! And I did really well – yay!

I was shaken but also excited. Somehow I had returned to a calm place and rather than feeling all fired up I agreed a refund was the best thing. Finding my center, I remembered that I’m working on balance and let it go with ease and grace. It’s a miracle!

Message from My Soul

As soon as I hung up from that guy, I went back to my journal where I had recorded the shaman journey. Then I reread the last message my soul had provided. This is when the intensity of synchronicity came on full force.

Here’s what I wrote which I did not remember or think about once I closed the journal after finishing writing about my shaman journey experience two hours earlier.

“Today when you talk to the health consultant, hold yourself strong, contain your energy, and remember to stay balanced. No one says he’s right, or his way is the only way. There are many ways up the mountain to heal yourself and his is not the only way. Stay balanced, do not give your power away through fear or indignation.”

Talk about synchronicity and coincidences! Such incredible advice and I thought – wow, that’s major and I did it. When I wrote that I didn’t think much about it. But after that call, when I reread the passage, I could not believe what a magical message that was. Perfection!

Something for You in This Message

I share this with you today, as part of my spiritual journey to nowhere because there might just be something in this message for you as well.

  • Where do you need to return to balance?
  • What’s happening in your world that you don’t understand?
  • What might be an opportunity for you to work through something on your soul path?

So, that is my amazing story of seemingly unconnected synchronicity and coincidences that helped me understand why I was having trouble with family members. I got a great reminder to stay balanced, avoid indignation so I can walk a higher Path of Ease and Grace.

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