Secrets Of A Modern Day Pythian Priestess

Are you curious to know the secrets of a Pythian Priestess and what kind of magic she does? Find out in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

The Oracle of Delphi

Pythian PriestessOriginally, the Pythian Priestess was the Oracle of Delphi in the Temple of Apollo back in ancient Greece. The oracles (usually three) were often women in midlife, taken from their families to devote themselves to the divine for the rest of their lives.

Over the last few years in my past life readings, I’ve been finding clients who actually were part of the Oracle of Delphi. That got me wondering just how many oracles were there? it must have been quite a few for me to keep bumping into them.

So, lots of women did this work!

She’d Rather Be a Priest

But my guest in this episode, Ashley Ryan, is a modern day Pythian Priestess! It all started when she was four and her two aunts, who were nuns, asked if she wanted to marry Jesus.

Her immediate reply was, “No, I rather be a priest.” How precocious, right? Her aunts let her know that as a woman, she couldn’t be a priest.

Then in 2013, while in college, Ashley learned about the Pythia Priestess which transformed that childhood dream into reality. Then she embarked on spiritual initiation in 2019.

Search for Truth

Ashley had been searching for Truth her entire life. She had been inspired by ancient philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Lao Tzu, but the academic side of philosophy didn’t cut it. Something was missing – the esoteric, mystical aspects.

The Philosophical Research Society in LA captured her attention, where she learned that magic is real. Next, she found a magical society to join, and began her initiation.

When you are initiated, you are brought into an energy current and each one is dedicated to a different God or Goddess. The ancient Pythians were devoted to Apollo, but she is devoted to the Goddess Isis (Greek version) which is the Queen of Heaven.

This was a life changing experience that had her looking at her values and decide what to dedicate her life and teaching what magic truly is. Her goal is to bring a more wholesome world view about magic to what has been a cold materialistic world in recent years.

So, how does this work for her in modern day life? Ashley said she’s a vessel for the Goddess requiring twice daily rituals to cleanse the energy around her and prayer as well. She speaks for the Goddess.

Love Unites the Universe

A big part of what she helps people understand today is that there is love in the world. Not the diluted version of love like, “I love pizza,” but deep love is the force that unites the Universe and keeps the electrons moving around the atom’s nucleus.

The other message she shares is unity and acceptance of others. Currently, many people can barely tolerate others with differing viewpoints, etc. Having entered the age of Aquarius, there is a shift away from dogma and to see that we are all human. We must respect each other since we are all flesh and blood and a reflection of the divine.

Tarot and the Elements

Magic is the creation, direction, and manipulation of energy. In our world we have the four elements of fire, air, water and earth. Magic means that you not only control the elements outside of you, but also how psychologically you work with the elements.

Here’s a secret: The elements are hidden in the Tarot cards.

  • Cups are the water element and deal with emotions and intuition
  • Wands are the fire element which is about passion, drive, and creative spark
  • Swords are the air element which relates to your thoughts and sense of right and wrong
  • Pentacles are the earth element which relates to everything physical

Domestic Violence

When Ashley works with her clients, she’s usually working with the emotions. A lot of the magic she does today is around domestic violence, helping people escape from negative, harmful situations. She also helps clients reevaluate how they got into the situation, how to not repeat the pattern, and finally break free of it.

This was so surprising to me! That’s quite a service. Building up self-worth and the fire and confidence to take a stand for themselves and say, “No more.” This is often not an easy shift for people.

Ashley does this work as a labor of love for her clients and says she has a lot of success. Good to know!

Candle Magic & Sigils

Occult Unveiled PodcastMost of the rituals Ashley does with her clients use candle magic because this incorporates the four elements plus a fifth – spirit. The candles represent alchemy.

She’s a big proponent because of the psychology of ritual. our human minds are conditioned to understand symbolism. By studying the flame of the candle, and putting the intention there, people can feel that intention growing inside them.

There’s a lot of research being done now in accredited universities about how rituals impact our subconscious mind. She draws a sigil for clients which is from chaos magic.

Curious about ceremonial magic?

Every night before the client goes to bed for two weeks, they are instructed to trace the sigil with their eyes which imprints this into the subconscious mind.

They also listen to a recording of binaural beats at 6 hertz to get their brain waves not a more receptive state – theta and delta waves. This changes the neural pathways and prepares the client for the energetic influx about to happen to make the desired life changes.

Then on the new or full moon, depending on the kind of magic, they will destroy the sigil through one of the elements. They rip it up, throw it into the air, or burn it, flush it down the toilet or let it go down the drain, or lastly bury it.

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My guest finds some of this work tiring. When she thinks about the earth oceans, and how microplastics are destroying the environment. We need massive change and a lot of that is dependent upon what we worship. So many people today worship money vs. a God or Goddess.

Ashley wants to be clear – she is not a princess but a handmaiden, serving the Goddess. She does not wield her own power but that of the Goddess and everything she does she tries to do within that Goddess light.

You Don’t Walk Alone

Occult UnveiledOne important point Ashley made is that she doesn’t walk alone on this path. There are many like her working for the same good. She also loves living in Los Angeles because of the magic that is so prominent in the area.

Being around open-minded people who want to exchange ideas is very exciting for her. She loves a good open conversation!

I asked her how she notices the magic around her. Ashley is blessed to live near nature in Los Angeles which is uncommon. Plus, she has a little garden and loves her cat Euphrates, an orange tabby cat.

There is a whole lot more including talking about ceremonial magic, rituals, a wild magical experience, and why she thinks magic is childish which makes it powerful! Go ahead and listen right now πŸ™‚

BIO – Ashley Ryan, Pythian Priestess

Ashley Ryan, who goes by the name Pythian Priestess, is the host of the podcast “The Occult Unveiled.” Through her show, she sheds light on the mystifying world of the occult by sharing secret rituals, unusual experiences, and miraculous events.

Ashley is an accomplished screenwriter, producer, and personality who specializes in explaining the often-misunderstood areas of philosophy, theology, history, and Western esotericism. With over half of her life dedicated to practicing the occult, Ashley has worked with candle magic, Tarot cards, and ceremonial magic. Go listen to her podcast, The Occult Unveiled for more witchy wisdom!

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