We Always Fight But We Love Each Other – Past Life Reading

She said, “We always fight, but we love each other,” but she wanted to win the battles. She then admitted there wasn’t much love, yet she felt a deep connection and pull to be with him. Discover her past lives and soul contract with this man and what her guides had to say about it.

Savannah’s Difficult Relationship

past life readingIn this past life reading for Savannah, she revealed that all she and her romantic partner did was fight. They had tough screaming matches and she created a barrier by keeping the bed piled with clothing and books to keep him away.

Savannah wanted to understand why they were driven to fight and how she could fix the situation. She wanted to get back into the house they bought together, but for now she was living with family and he had the house.

My client was sad that this was the state of her relationship, but she couldn’t seem to find a way around the arguments. They were harsh, cold and constant and this was wearing her down. Thinking about the statement, “We always fight, but we love each other,” made her realize that sometimes, love is not enough.

On the other hand she dreamed of moving back in and redecorating. She loved that house and wanted to be in it – with him. So confusing, right?

To feel compelled to battle it out, yet want to be with someone at the same time. Not an easy situation.

Past Life Reading

past life readingI accessed the Akashic Records for Savannah and uncovered a surprising series of lives that were about either war, battles and sword fights or peace and a spiritual life dedicated to love and the Goddess Aphrodite. Talk about contrast!

She had been in several lives with this man before, often as a man herself. We always fight, but love each other was a theme that didn’t relate just to romance.

They were sometimes brothers and other times from competitive, warring families. Her lives covered a lot of the planet from ancient Greece, to several countries in the South Pacific including Japan and then Manilla which came to me out of the blue.

That’s when Savannah told me her family was from Manilla! What? That was amazing to find out. I had no idea and had never even seen a photo of her.

Her Life Mission

This time around on earth, Savannah’s mission is to stop the fighting. She’s here to learn how to give up the desire to win and instead, learn to honor and take care of herself. To do what is for her highest good, without concern over whether or not she wins the battle.

But the desire to fight and win runs strong through many lifetimes and it’s not an easy thing to simply give up. The choice is truly up to her.

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Spirit Guides Offer Advice

we always fight but we love each otherThen her guides came in to share their support and advice. They suggested she be around water because that would help her feel more peaceful and bring solace to her soul.

Savannah said she loves the water and always feels better when she’s near the ocean or a lake.

This episode is filled with fascinating insights, discussion about life lessons, making choices, difficult relationships and so much more. If you have a difficult relationship where you also say, “We always fight, but we love each other,” then listen to this episode and see if it gets you some insight as well.

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