Worried If You’re On The Right Path With Melissa Oatman

In this episode, first you’ll get an update on my spiritual adventure with a message from my basil plants. Then Melissa Oatman talks about, “Am I on the right path?”

Update on My Spiritual Adventure!

Breathe Love & Magic podcast snackWrapping up the summer season, I went into the garden to express my gratitude for the beauty and bounty. Sitting on the little bench near the zinnias, I reached out to the elementals, plant spirits and devas to share my heart-felt thanks.

When I opened my eyes, I was watching little orange brown moths flit around the zinnias, picking up pollen or drinking the nectar. They often fly in groups or pairs, with synchronized movements, almost like a figure skating duo.

Then before I knew it, two little moths buzzed over to me and sat on my arm! My first comment to them was, “I’m not food.” How silly of me!

It took me a moment or two to realize what was happening. They were saying hello and letting me know, “We hear you.” My moth friends did a little dance on my arm, then sat still before lifting off on their merry way.

Isn’t that amazing? Moths have never sat on my arm before! It was nature’s way of letting me know they heard me and appreciated my gratitude. My heart lit up with this realization.

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Basil Plants Share a Message

After that, I sought out the basil plants to see if they had a message. Not sure why I picked them – perhaps it was a little nudge from spirit.

Earlier in the season, the basil plants weren’t looking so good. The bugs were attacking them and eating the small new leaves. I was worried they weren’t going to make it, so I bought another plant and kept it on the deck instead of planting it in the garden just in case.

But by August they had become lush and like big bushes 3.5 feet high. Healthy and full of leaves. I let some of it flower and the bees were in heaven.

The basil said to me, “Don’t judge how we are doing in the moment, because you don’t know how beautiful things can turn out. You gave up on us but look at us now!”

What a great message and so true! You can’t take a moment in time and decide how things will end up. Maybe have a bit more faith. I’m always amazed at the messages my garden shares with me.

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Am I on the Right Path?

Melissa OatmanThe next part of this podcast episode is an episode from my friend Melissa Oatman’s podcast, Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness. She talks about how to know if you are following the right path. There are many ways to tell and this is a wonderful exploration of that idea.

Melissa’s podcast has hundreds of episodes and way over a million downloads – she’s very popular and comes from the heart. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her!

Happy listening!

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