What Is Light Language & How Does It Helps You Heal & Evolve?

Are you curious to know what is light language? Find out what is this is really about and the amazing healing capacity that it offers in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

What Is Light Language?

Light language activationLet’s get right to it. I asked my guest, Elies Hadi, what the heck light language is. She explained that it’s simply an energy transmission done through sound, movement, symbols, and even art. In fact, it’s an energy healing modality.

Her personal interpretation is that light language (LL) is divine expression – the expression of divinity to your humanity.

Next, I asked Elies how she started to channel and become a light language practitioner. It’s a good story because she had a corporate job in banking and thought it was too woo woo. for her She never took a workshop or anything, but she knew other people who did this spiritual work.

One day, she took a writing workshop with her mentor, but in the middle her mentor announced, “Your light language is coming out.” Elies said “Oh no it’s not!”

Light Language Activation

The mentor said there was something in her throat that wanted to be released. Elies agreed to try and this was her light language activation. Within just five minutes, she started speaking light language! Then she started laughing!

My guest explained that she doesn’t understand the words, but gets the overall meaning. It’s so powerful because LL works on you in a multidimensional way – at a deep cellular and soul level. It works beyond the thinking mind.

Light Language Healing

podcast interview with Elies HadiIt’s really hard to interpret the words, but luckily not at all necessary. Light language can provide massive clearings for emotional issues, awaken your gifts, and even help you remember where you come from, like why you incarnated here on earth now.

Many clients have remembered the star they came from, their soul parents, and more. Often the reason for being here is learning about love. Feeling it, sharing it, and living it. That’s a great answer to the question, “What is light language and why do I need it?”

A lot of people think  their purpose is something much bigger that needs to be worked on for years throughout life. But your purpose can be as simple as love, compassion, or forgiveness.

I asked Elies why light language has shown up now. It seems relatively new to me. Elies started her journey in 2014, but she thinks it’s been around a long time. People were probably speaking LL but more in private because it’s scary to come out with something that seems strange to people.

At this time, volumes of people are awakening which is why so many are activating and remembering light language as well as other energy healing methods. Another way to answer the quesion of, “What is light language?” is to realize it’s an incredible healing and awakening modality.

Remember Your Origin

Remember your orgin with Elies HadiI thought it would be fun to hear a client story and asked Elies for one. She told a story about a client who remember her origin story back to her first name. The client had heard the name before but thought it might be a person she would meet. Instead, it turns out it was actually her own name.

But with the light language session, she remembered everything and had what felt like a marvelous home coming. And, this activated the client’s own ability to channel light language.

She’d been speaking light language since she was five, but she didn’t know what it was. Now, instead of thinking she’d been talking gibberish, she knows it was LL!

In addition, her client started to come out of the spiritual closet, beginnng with family, and slowly stepping out into the world. She also decided to combine LL with her sound healing pratice.

What else is LL compatible with? Elies says it can go well with almost any modality and two healers can work together, each doing their own thing.

Has Light Language Changed?

Originally, Elies started using LL for her own personal healing. The shift could be felt rapidly. Now, her work is about deepening her ability to channel light language. She’s also learning to surrender which is a huge part of anyone’s spiritual journey.

What’s really important for people to understand about LL? Elies says that it is safe to receive it. It’s energy healing. Trust your intuition about which channeler you want to work with and try it.

A Pleiadian Message of Love

breathe love & magic podcastThis next part is so exciting because Elies channeled the Pleiadians! The message was very aligned with our earlier discussion about coming to earth to learn about love. They say it might sound too simple, but it is a simple truth.

Return to your essence of love and express your divinity in your everyday waking moment. Allow yourself to see and feel the energy of love before you go about your day.

Can you do and speak and live from this space of love? It can be as simple as putting your hands on your heart to shift your consciousness away from your mind.

The love you feel is only a fraction of what is available. As you continue to evolve your soul, you will experience more love in a way that you didn’t even know exists. Your mind can’t understand, yet your heart can feel it in every fiber of your being.

This is especially true when you are emotionally challenged, ask what would love do? What a beautiful message! Thank you Elies and the Pleiadians!

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BIO: Elies Hadi

starseed guide and healerElies Hadi has been guiding lightworkers, healers, and starseeds in their awakening journey since 2016. She focuses on helping women to remember their calling, activate their gifts and fulfilling their highest vision.

She is also the host of “Starseed Goddess” podcast where she shares about all things woo-woo, in a playful yet powerful way.

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