Past Life Reading Resolves Current Fears And Limiting Beliefs

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m sharing a recorded Past life Reading and Intuitive Coaching Session with Lori.

Past Life History

Past life reading is the subject of this Breathe Love & Magic podcast episode.This was an amazing session that delved into so much history. The session was sort of a wild ride with really interesting twists and turns. Lori wanted to better understand why she struggles and things seem so hard for her. We also investigated her difficulties with romance and fear of open water, like the ocean.

Looking into her past, we discovered she was royalty, although not in line for the throne. Her father’s conniving trespasses left her in bad straits. Unfortunately, she has hung on to those feelings today, even though she was not personally at fault for what transpired. However, she did pay a heavy price that she’s been holding onto for many lifetimes.

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Since this is not necessary for her soul development, it was time to release these feelings. Today, this includes a feeling of not being good enough that comes from this situation which we discuss in depth during her past life reading.

Life at the Time of Caesar

As to her fear about open water, like the ocean or the Mediterranean, we found three lives going back to the time of Caesar. So fascinating!

Going deeper into her previous incarnations, we also uncovered a lifetime where she was in command of the elements. It was in that lifetime when she lost her respect for the water element which turns out to be the root cause of her fear today.

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The Healing Temple

Next, I took her to the healing temple which I discovered through meditation at the library with the Akashic Records. Lori cleared several issues, connected with her angels, and took it all in stride. She felt much lighter after being in the temple.

The last issue we addressed is the idea that she thrives on anxiety and moments that really test her. Lori says sometimes she thinks she’s not happy unless she’s miserable. She also mentioned that often her life feels like a marathon that doesn’t have a finish line.

In the end, Lori wanted help to shift this perspective and feel more at peace. Together we unraveled where this idea came from and how she can go about being more kind to herself. Spending more time on self-care was one important solution.

Past Life Regression

Past life reading without past life regression is completely possibleHaving worked with past lives for over 30 years, I can say that it’s easier than you think to connect with this soul level information. Past Life regression and hypnosis are not at all required to get the information you seek.

For Lori, what was great about this reading and Intuitive Coaching session was how everything unfolded so beautifully. Lori is a very open person which made her a fabulous client. As a result, we covered a tremendous amount of ground in a relatively short time and cleared up a number of things that had been bothering her.

You’ll hear how she shifted by the end of the Past Life Reading and Intuitive Coaching session and hopefully you’ll enjoy the journey as much as we did.

Thanks for listening!

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