Are Past Lives Real? Discover The Magic Of Reincarnation

Do you think you have lived before and are past lives real? Reincarnation is the topic for this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

Discover the Magic of Past Lives

discover the magic of your past livesYou’ll hear about some of my favorite books discussing past life memories unearthed through hypnosis, as well as lives between lives. And there’s one about the afterlife too.

I also share three of my favorite past life readings I did for people years ago, plus a few of my own lives as well.

The books I mention include:

  • Other Lives Other Selves by Roger Woolger
  • Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss
  • Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, PhD., about lives in between incarnations
  • The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan – one of my all -time faves

In addition, there’s an amazing book by Robert Snow who has investigated one of his past lives, proving his previous existence. Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic: The True Story of a Police Detective’s Reincarnation. Enjoy!

Are Past Lives Real? They Are To Me!

My interest in reincarnation started in the 4th grade when I wrote a book report about the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Akhenaten. Then in 6th grade I studied ancient history for the first time and we focused on Egypt.

With two friends, we recreated the inside of a pyramid using shirt cardboard from the cleaners and spent hours with colored pencils crafting hieroglyphics like we knew what we were doing. Maybe we did – ha!

Do you have a period of history you are drawn to or curious about? That can be a big clue about your past lives.

I love to read novels about King Arthur, the middle ages in England, Scotland, and Ireland. I love King Henry the 8th and his daughter Queen Elizabeth 1st. Renaissance Italy calls to me and the first European country I visited was Italy.

A Year-Long Past Life Group

Years ago, I discovered a local group doing past life work and joined. Totally fun! This was an awesome class that met weekly for an entire year.

We learned how to look back for past life situations that were connected to current life problems which was turned out to be incredibly helpful, adding a new layer of understanding.

As an example, let’s say I was having a problem with someone at work. I would tell the group about it and how I wanted to know what the past could teach me to improve my current situation. Or, how to best handle things given my past.

As a group we closed our eyes to meditate on my question. Having the entire group, plus the teacher tune into the same problem, raised the vibration making it easier to reach beyond the veil and get some insights.

It was astonishing how several of us would come up with similar, if not the very same answers, and information. To me, it seemed fair that if multiple people got the same answers, this was confirmation of being on target and correct.

We met weekly for our personal and spiritual development, learning from our past and applying it to the present.

Two Past Lives in Ancient Egypt

did you have a past life in ancient EgyptOne of the most fun sessions for me was asking a question that lead me back to ancient Egypt and my childhood fascination! I was a wealthy woman – not royalty but super wealthy and not very nice I’m afraid to say.

At first I got stuck on the stunning jewelry I wore. A very heavy and wide gold neck piece studded with lapis and other gems. Wide, detailed bracelets, big earrings and rings. Are past lives real? It sure seemed real with that memory.

I went to look deeper into what a past life had to offer me about my present situation and was surprised by what I learned.

In that life, I was an unpleasant person, cruel to the servants, and yelling all the time. Definitely not a light-hearted, happy woman. That’s the part that sticks with me as does the life that followed that one.

In my next life, I was a slave in ancient Egypt, making mud bricks in the camp of slaves building the pyramids. This was the time of Moses of biblical fame, so I did eventually get freed and crossed the Red Sea to wander the desert for 40 years. Karma is a bitch right?

Of course I can’t prove anything about my past lives or what I’ve seen for others.  However there are several therapists who have hypnotized their clients to see past lives, future lives, and even their time between lives!

Books on Reincarnation

My first introduction to this idea was a book called The Search for Bridey Murphy, published in 1956 (I read it in the 70s). Bridey was the memory of a woman who was hypnotized in the 50s.

In the 80s, this idea became very popular with therapists like Roger Woolger who wrote Other Lives Other Selves, and Brian Weiss, MD, who wrote Many Lives Many Masters. They both regressed patients with hypnosis and then shared about their experiences.

I wanted to know more and in the 80s, I read Shirley MacLaine’s Dancing in the Light in which she recounts her previous lives reclaimed with a past life therapist. Shirley lived in countless countries around the world over many centuries.

If you are still wondering, “Are past lives real?”, a book written by Robert Snow will make a big impression. It’s the story of a police detective who investigate his own past life memory.

Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic reveals his efforts to prove this life remembered was a real person ( not him physically) who lived some time ago. It’s a great story.

Other favorite on this subject are about lives between lives including Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Roger Woolger. There’s even one about a soul that skips heaven called the Afterlife of Billy Fingers which takes you through the afterlife of an advanced soul who moves on and decides not to incarnate again.

Life After Pearl Harbor

Pearl HarborLater, as my skills developed further, I started doing past life readings at psychic fairs. Completely fun! Three of these readings have stuck with me through the years. I’m going to share them, so you might see why they made such an impression.

The first reading that has held fast over the years was for a young Japanese woman. At 24, she had sleek, long jet black hair and beautiful almond shaped eyes. Her name was on the slip so I could tell she was Japanese.

She asked why she was so afraid of the dark. She was also bother by fireworks which gave her a lot of anxiety and found them disturbing. Lastly, she wanted to know what her most recent incarnation was before this current life.

As I went into a meditative state, I was surprised to discover she had been an American sailor on a ship in Pearl Harbor. I saw the Japanese bombers fly over as they bombed the navy ships and the death and mayhem that followed.

I was in awe of her spirit. Can you imagine being killed by Japanese fighter pilots as an American navy man and coming back as a Japanese woman? How brave is that?

This is a perfect example of how the soul comes to earth to learn and grow. She came to understand the people who ended her life, spend time living their lifestyle, and learning their ways.

When I gently told her what I saw, her next question was why she was so very afraid of drowning. That became pretty clear since she had a violent and watery death at Pearl Harbor. It also explained why she was bothered by fireworks and the dark.

The Pied Piper Reborn as a Biologist

The next past life situation is a funny story. A woman in her 30s sat down before me. She was very prim and proper, wearing jeans but, giving a buttoned up impression. Clearly she  was conservative in nature with short blonde hair and a nice smile.

The woman wanted to know what past life was most influential on her current life today. I laughed to myself to see her as a young man playing a simplified clarinet. Seemed like this took place somewhere in England after the Romans left.

The man she was played a simple tune on the instrument and as a result, a line of rats started forming and followed behind him. Sort of like the Pied Piper of German lore! He led the rats out of the medieval town much to the relief of the people.

When I opened my eyes and told her this story, she burst out laughing. Today, people call her the rat lady as she studies rats in a biology lab.

She thought this was very funny and was happy to hear it, taking this as conformation that she was on the right path in her career in this lifetime. It could have just been symbolic of her current situation, but that’s what I saw for her.

Reading a Reporter’s Past Lives

The last story I’ll share was also entertaining. My friend Lisa ran the psychic fairs and begged me to do a past life reading for a local newspaper reporter. All of the other psychics said no, so she suggested the past life reading and begged me to say yes.

I didn’t want to feel judged, scrutinized, or to be in the paper for this skill, thinking it could jeopardize my straight-laced marketing career – my day job.

However, she wanted the publicity for the fairs to build her business and so I after some convincing I said reluctantly said yes.

The reporter came to my table with his wife. They were in their early 30s and seemed friendly and genuinely interested in his past lives. They told me nothing about themselves and asked no questions.

Normally, I only work from the questions a person asks, so this was extra challenging. And I felt pressured to deliver something that sounded reasonable and interesting.

He Was a Viking!

he was a Viking in a past lifeAre past lives real? See what you think of this story. As I tuned in, I was transported back to a Scandinavian country. It was a rustic time in history when people wore animal skins to keep warm. But it was not like caveman times – more middle ages like 600 or 1000 AD.

He was dressed like a Viking in my vision, with a spear and sword, and was obviously a warrior. He held a round shield, wore a heavy leather tunic and a metal helmet for protection.

Fearsome, he practiced his sword skill with other men, anticipating an upcoming raid somewhere.

After seeing this vision, I was so nervous. Would he think this was all nonsense? Would he think I was a fake? The pressure was building but, I had to say something.

So, I told him what I saw. “You were a Viking. You were practicing with your sword and getting ready as a warrior to raid another village.” I explained to him how he was dressed and what he looked like with long blonde hair and a metal bead in his beard.

His wife started to laugh loudly and he smiled broadly. Turns out every year for Halloween he always wears the very same costume -he dresses like a Viking!

While we didn’t get any deeper into the discussion about why he was a Viking and what this had to do with today, they were both very happy with the reading and he wrote a good story for the paper.

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How Many Lives Have I Had?

past lives and reincarnationI’ve seen plenty of my own past lives. One life that stands out I discovered while working  with a coach. I was a healer who worked with herbs and lived on the outskirts of a village around the time when the Romans were in the British Isles.

I was not well liked by the villagers and for the most part, people only came to see me when they needed something like a remedy, potion, or reading the signs for guidance.

It was a sad and lonely life where I didn’t feel appreciated or wanted. I earned a meager living and spent my time alone, picking herbs, tending a small garden, and making potions, etc. for healing.

I had gotten to this life by seeking what was holding me back currently. Seeing that lonely life was not uplifting, At one point during the vision, the coach asked what I was wearing. I had on a heavy cloak that touched the ground to keep me warm in the deep cold of winter.

For some reason, she suggested I take the cloak off. I dropped the heavy cloak off my shoulders and let it slip to the ground outside my small hut.

I was shocked that this small action caused a great and heavy weight to be lifted from my shoulders. Somehow, I felt freed by this gesture. It reverberate throughout all my lifetimes until this present time and shook me up – like watching dominoes fall that are all lined up.

I felt lighter and relief washed over me. I managed to let it go of whatever I had been holding onto from that lifetime by dropping the cloak. It definitely shifted things for me in the present much to my surprise.

Are past lives real or do they just seem that way to me? I can’t say for sure but there’s something to it. You never know what you might discover and how it can impact you when you look into your past lives.

A Magical Life Ends Surprisingly

a past life in Renaissance ItalyI also revisited an amazing fun and rich lifetime in Venice, Italy around the 15th century. This is one of my favorite periods – the renaissance with all the art, colors, and explosion of creativity speaks to me.

I was from a wealthy family and married to a wonderful, wealthy man (who is my brother today). We had many friends and everything anyone could possibly want. I had children and a big home that was lavishly decorated in the way of the times.

We were part of a secret society and spiritual mystery school, performing some kind of high magic as a group. I’m not sure what it was about but it had far reaching impact for the good of the community.

However, this was a time when the church ruled and was deep into the inquisition. When I saw how this life ended, I watched a group of soldiers enter the room where we were performing a magical ritual in secret. Or so we thought.

Someone told the town leaders who sent soldiers to lop off all of our heads. That was the last thing I saw. Quite a heavy price paid for that magic!

There’s a lot to learn from your past lives, which is why I encourage everyone to check it out.

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