Akashic Records Readings: Uncover Your Past Lives & Heal

In this episode of the Skeptic Metaphysician podcast, Will and Karen (the skeptics) ask me about Akashic Records Readings.

What Are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records ReadingsThe first question and a great place to start was what are the Akashic Records? Many religions talk about a Book of Life and some actually talk about past lives like Buddhism, Jainism, and Judaism (according to Kabbalah).

There is a record in your book of everything you’ve done in this life and all your past lives. If you believe in reincarnation, then you know you come to earth to learn lessons and work through karma to lift your spirit, grow aspects of your soul and raise your vibration.

The Akashic Records track everything you’ve done with all the details. However, when I go into the Records, I’m looking for the big picture to help you solve a problem, find a solution, or better understand a situation.

Will asked if it’s like the Harry Potter library that goes on forever and my answer was, “Yes!” Some call it a temple, others call it a library. This is where the information comes from for Akashic Records readings.

How to Access the Akashic Records

His next question is how do I access the records and should he be worried about it? We had a good laugh. The way I do this is the same way I open my mind to intuition and mediumship. I tune in and ask a question for my client.

Someone might want to know why she had a tough relationship with her brother or other family member. Having a specific question helps me have something to focus on because my personal reason for doing this is to find solutions wherever I can. I’m looking for past lives reasons why something is happening now.

So, I’ll look for where a problem started, how it happened, what’s been the situation in previous lives, and how you might resolve the issue today. Will said I was like a cosmic problem solver – that sounded good to me!

Akashic Records Reading Example

Will wanted an example of how Akashic Records readings work. I told him about a young Japanese woman who came to me at a psychic fair years ago. ( I don’t work at fairs now.) This woman was curious about her most recent incarnation before this life. In accessing her information, I saw she was an American sailor who died in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Next she asked why she was afraid of loud noises and fireworks and why she had a fear of drowning. You can see how these phobias came from her untimely, watery death in her past life.

In this case, I was shocked by the bravery of her soul to come back as a Japanese woman – the people responsible for her death in that earlier life. Isn’t that amazing?

Choosing Life Lessons

Karen asked if I believe we choose who we come back as. As I understand the process, we make agreements to learn specific things and advance as best we can, but not on the earthly, conscious level.

Will wanted to know exactly how I get the information for my readings. Sometimes I get a visual impression in my mind’s eye, almost like a little movie. Other times I hear the information and then on occasion, I suddenly know or feel what I need to pass along.

Over the years what I’ve learned is that if I push and look too hard for the information, I won’t get as much. Instead, what works best is to relax and allow the information to flow to me. Then I get more details and what is needed and well-received.

Another good question, Will asked how do I know what I’m getting or what to look for. I explained I need to turn my radar on. It’s intentional rather than coming to me unrequested all day or night. Thank goodness!

The next question was what set me on this path for reading the Akashic Records. When I was 12, I was in ancient history class and worked on a group project to create a pyramid like the ones found in Egypt. My friends and I made all the hieroglyphics with colored pencils on cardboard and just loved the whole thing. I’ve always been a fan of ancient history.

Books and Authors

Skeptic Metaphysician podcastAs time moved on I ran into a book called The Search for Bridey Murphy published way back in 1959. (Before my time LOL). This was the story of a Colorado house wife, Virginia Tighe Morrow, who through hypnosis sessions had a past life memory of being Bridey Murphy from Ireland in the 1800s. I was hooked on this idea!

Then in the 1980s and 1990s, I read other books by Shirley MacLaine, Roger Woolger, PhD., and Dr. Brian Weiss. The big jump came in 1990, I took a weekly, year-long past life class. So, that was a whole year practicing this skill I still use today.

Love & Akashic Records Readings

Next, Karen asked how I use this with single women who want to find love? I explained that I had been a dating coach for 20+ years, but sometimes when nothing seemed to be working, I would tune into a client’s past lives to see if anything there was creating a block.

As an example, one woman was engaged at 20 in her current life, but she couldn’t go through with it and broke it off. As she got older and into her 40s, she felt plagued by regrets that she could have been married and shouldn’t have ended the relationship.

I went to look at her past to see why this was a factor. It turns out, her ex-fiancé had been of royal blood in the middle east centuries ago. He had a big harem which she was part of and this made her really angry. She felt trapped and wanted nothing to do with him. That same soul/man was her ex fiancé in this life!

Today, my client is a very successful, independent woman, a physician, who enjoys directing her own life. But she misses the companionship and romance that a relationship offers. However, she didn’t want to give up any independence or risk being controlled by a man. Quite a conundrum.

Soul Family or Pod

past lives influence todayNext up, Will asked if key issues keep following you life after life and you’re stuck with them. My belief system is that you choose your challenges and the people you work them out with. Those people are actually from a Soul Family or Soul Pod and you make Soul Contracts with people before you incarnate.

I read this great book called Journey of Souls written by Michael Newton and it’s about hypnosis to get information from what you do between lives on earth. When you are in heaven or on another plane of existence. So interesting!

Then Will asked about my track record with Akashic Records readings and the pressure was on! I explained that everybody is different. At a psychic fair the responses varied. Some people had little reaction and just said “thank you very much.” Others said, “That’s generic.”

A third and biggest group is usually blown away over how real and right the information feels. Working with private clients today, people are always appreciative of the readings. I’m very good at honing in on what’s most important for the person to know.

Reading for a Reporter

I did a past life reading for reporter of a local paper. He sat down at my table at the psychic fair (years ago!) and his wife stood behind him. He wanted to know about any past life. I tuned in and told him he was a Viking somewhere between the years of 800-1100.

He wore all the garb, furs, horns on his helmet etc. on a boat that looks Viking with the dragon heads at both ends. His wife completely cracked up and said every year he dresses as a Viking for Halloween.

There’s plenty more, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get the rest!

And if you’re interested in a getting a past life reading, learn more here . Let’s see where you’ve been before and how that influences your life today!

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