This Manifestation Coach Says Use Your Body Not Your Head

Manifestation Coach, Danielle Marggraf, shocked me when she suggested that you should use your body not your brain to attract what you want in life! I never knew that, did you?

Becoming a Master Manifestor

Master ManifestorI asked Danielle how she got started doing this work as a wealth manifestation coach. She explained how hard things were when she first got divorced with two children under the age of 2. She ended up on food stamps three times, had her car repossessed four times, and was homeless once too!

According to Danielle, this was her way (from a higher level) of seriously testing her manifesting abilities! She had been manifesting in the wrong direction. What does that mean?

This is about the Law of Polarity and how manifesting has a spectrum. At one end is poverty and at the other end of the spectrum is wealth and prosperity.

Danielle explained how she consistently manifested poverty being stuck in that energy and not firmly believing she could get out. The bottom line here is choosing what to focus on. You can think about what’s not working and how you don’t have enough money or tap into the flow of abundance.

Your Focus Is What You Create

Almost everyone has experienced some form of financial trauma and this causes people to feel fear and worry doubt and uncertainty with tons of evidence for that. So it’s not a habit to hold prosperity consciousness and it’s a challenge to build this.

I just released a podcast snack about this very idea. To focus on what you do want vs. what you don’t want related to the news. If you’re overwhelmed by the state of the world, stop watching the news on TV. Instead, focus on something you DO want (vs. war and bad news) and take steps to get that.

Stop Sacrificing Your Life

Manifestation CoachNo amount of money is worth sacrificing your life for. This is what Manifestation Coach Danielle came to realize on her way to becoming a manifestation coach. She said this requires moving from self-abandonment to self-loyalty. You want to stop prostituting your values, beliefs, and ideas for transactional ends – such as money.

This can be frustrating! Danielle spent a lot of time praying for guidance and help. She knew something had to change and so she moved into total surrender.

She worked to become a master of her mind and realized she needed to come home to her spirit. You are spirit in human form – learn how to be your mission with such conviction and passion that there is nothing else to do. Stop trading your precious life for survival and money.

The Prosperous Goddess UnRetreat

Every year Danielle hosts this fabulous event. This year, the group invoked Lakshmi, the powerful Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Working with the Goddess requires the full acceptance of who you are – all of your parts and this is also true of her somatic work as a manifestation coach.

Another way of looking at this is it’s about devotion and the sacredness of your life. It’s time to live your life in ritual and practices that create more prosperity.

Also, you want to be more embodied and expressed in alignment with what you want to attract and why you are here on earth.

Somatic Coach

Danielle says there is an inner world and her practice is to go in to rewire and repair the connections of the body to your emotions, energies, memories, and more.

The mind lives in the body and your nervous system is the command center. Since your body holds on to your fears, you end up not being wired for success but for survival.

In somatic work and as a manifestation coach, Danielle works with the subconscious in this body-based approach, to create more alignment and wiring for what you want.

As you do this work, you create alignment and more space which allows more movement and that promotes healing!

Learn More about Somatic Release with the Power of Gesture

Turning Things Around

I asked Danielle what was a defining moment on what happened that kept her from having a 5th car repossession. How did she finally turn things around?

Danielle responded quickly that she made a decision and she says it’s a psychological process. Before the decision, you ask things like:

  • Is this going to work?
  • Can I do this?
  • Am I in or out?

But once you make the decision, you close all exit doors and look for solutions. You decide where you’re going and nothing will stop you from getting there.

You are open to learning all the lessons required and to seeing solutions that come your way. She would no longer tolerate the same and unworthiness that came in the form of poverty. The decision was, “This is it – it stops with me.”

What’s the most important thing to share with the listeners to help them begin the transformation?

Make a Decision

Danielle MarggrafPeople say they want things, but they don’t stick to it. They stay stuck in the pre-decision of will this work for me and can I do it? But you have to come from true conviction!

“Your self-image is your inner success mechanism.”

If you don’t see yourself clearly moving forward, going for it, knowing it will work, then you have not made the decision. Then you cannot live from the conviction of that decision, of who you are, and who you serve, etc.

You are not fully living this or stepping into fully embodying this new version of yourself.

Step Into Authentic Power

As a somatic coach, Danielle works with women who have disowned their power, identity, and voice in exchange for safety. They are ready to reclaim that through tapping into their soul-led, mission-based work.

It goes deeper than reclaiming your power. You need to know who are you, what is your identity, and what is your mission on this planet. You need discipline and practicality around that to stick with your decision even when it’s hard.

You have to stop living from the neck up and need to create and manifest from the neck down.

The women she works with as a manifestation coach need a bottom up approach because simply affirming doesn’t work for them. That’s only in the neck up. This needs to be actualized in the body or it doesn’t stick.

That’s why you are working with the subconscious mind. The inner work is far more important than your marketing methods. Strategies and tactics don’t matter if you aren’t in alignment – then it nothing will work or it won’t be sustainable.

Everyone’s process is unique due to their history and trauma, so the somatic work requires a personal approach. For example, if you had a million dollar business, maybe you’d wake up, do yoga, drink green juice and get a driver to take your kids to school.

Act As If

Now you know what to do – act as if… But this still goes deeper. Most people can’t sustain this discipline. They didn’t see the money come fast enough and then don’t keep it up.

As a result, if you feel tired, you let yourself off the hook about yoga or skip drinking the green juice. Then you’re no longer embodying the qualities of a million dollar business owner. Instead, you have a gap and disconnect from that version of yourself, so you end up out of alignment.

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BIO – Danielle Marggraf

Danielle Marggraf is a leader in the feminine wealth movement. Followed by women worldwide for her inspiring and no-nonsense teaching style. Danielle mixes her spiritual badassery with money and nervous system coach trainings for women. Her nervous system healing practices literally rewire your body for more freedom, fulfillment, and feminine financial flow.

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