Listen To Real Life Stories of The Faerie Realm

Curious about the Faerie Realm? My guest reveals her real-life stories of the Fae, opening the Fae Portal and connecting with your heart and mind.

Fae Folk in America

the fae portalContrary to popular belief, the Fae Folk can be seen across the globe. Even here in America, you might encounter faeries and elementals while taking a walk in the woods or in any wild place in nature. I’ve seen them in my own backyard!

My guest this week, Barb Gallagher, visits a special wooded area with a babbling brook that was once part of amusement park that is like an open door to the Faerie Realm. She thinks the residual joyful energy from that park of the past attracts all sorts of Fae Folk to the spot.

Who Are the Sidhe?

I asked Barb about all the kinds of faerie folk she’s seen which are quite a few. First, we talked about the Sidhe, which are descendants of Tuatha de Danann who were children of the Goddess Danu. This is from Celtic mythology.

Other common names for the Sidhe are the Shining Ones and the Good People. They are Fae royalty, tall with long blonde hair in earth colored clothing. Think of Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings – so handsome with those pointed ears!

Then she revealed that she has a Sidhe guide, a male who she has spent many lifetimes with. Today, he encourages her when it comes to learning about the faerie realm and offers guidance about communicating.

Sepia-Toned Creatures

One time she was walking in the woods and had just put down an organic apple as an offering, when she was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of sepia-toned beings about 2.5 – 3 feet tall. Barb freaked and ran out of the woods.

She explained how this was a great honor, but she never expected to see so many at once and felt unsafe alone in the woods. It was frightening and she shut down.

Later, she went again and just one of the gnome-like creatures came forward. Barb apologized for running off and expressed her fear. He told her that she’s never alone in the woods and pointed to her Sidhe guide.

Brian Froud has captured what many of the faeries look like, but he focused on the not so pretty type.

This reminds me of my own experience when I told Pan, king of the elemental world, that I was ready to see them. Suddenly hundreds of unattractive beings stepped forward through the tall grasses at the edge of my property which shocked me completely.

Sending them away, saying I wasn’t ready, I felt shame and terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to be insulting but I should have asked to see a few at first to get used to them.

Tree Spirits, Sylphs, & Undines

Communicating with the fairiesNext, we talked about dryads which are tree spirits. Every tree has its own dryad and they facilitate communication between trees. I once stood on a massive stump and discovered how vibrant it still was, even after being chopped down! My husband felt this too although he’s not into the woo.

Trees, even when chopped down, broken, or rotting, still communicate with and nourish other trees.

Stone beings have spoken to Barb in those same woods. When you see a tree with roots that seem to grow out of the rocks or down over them, this is a sign that faeries are in the area.

She learned this from Celtic Shaman Jane Burns and I took a class with her myself on this same topic! So, keep your eye out for that when walking in the woods if you’re looking for the faerie realm.

How do the elementals differ from the fae? The elementals are about the earth, so beings like sylph which are air beings and undines which are water beings.

The sylph help the dandelion seeds spread through the air. And I’ve seen the undines at the Westport, CT library which sits near the river. They jumped, flipped, and splash like dolphins. Barb thinks of the faerie realm as including both the Sidhe, little faeries with the wings like pixies, and the elementals.

A bit more Celtic lore, the Sidhe had a battle eons ago with the Malaysians living in what is now Ireland and they lost. So, they agreed to live underground in the other world. Sidhe actually means from the mound.

Why Talk to the Faerie Realm?

This is all a lot of fun, but I asked Barb what she gets out of communicating with the Fae or what she learns. Barb says her heart gets full and sometimes she hears beautiful messages.

One time she had hurt her back and she heard intuitively to go outside and lay of the grass in front of her garden. She laid down on her back in the sun and a blue being swam through the ground taking stuff out of her back and when it was done, she got up and her back felt good again.

She’s also been guided to make flower essences for other people and she follows the advice. Later, looking up what she made, Barb discovered it was perfect for the emotional healing a neighbor needed.

Going back to how her heart gets full, I asked what that was about. She said she felt a part of her that was missing was returned. I suggested that she might have felt connected to everything. It’s only through our human lens that we feel separated, but that is not true.

Opening a Fae Portal

What about Fae Portals? Barb took a class with a woman who taught about the Faerie Realm. She received an email saying that the Fae requested portals be opened on a certain day in the United States, so they could interact more easily with people. The Fae wanted to start bridging the gap.

One day she was at a friend’s cabin in the woods with her husband, and she followed the instructions to open a Fae Portal. Fast forward a year, she and her husband were walking through the woods near the cabin again.

Suddenly, husband stopped and pointed out a strange occurrence. Leaves were floating 3 feet above ground moving in a circular pattern that was parallel to the earth! This was a bit shocking to him since he wasn’t familiar with faerie magic.

Then Barb recognized where she was and remembered she had opened the Fae Portal a year earlier. This was their faeries’ way of letting her know her efforts had worked and they appreciated what she did on their behalf! Amazing.

Yet, when she went to Ireland, hoping to meetup with the Fae there, she was instructed not to even try it. The human- Fae relationship there is more contentious. Over time, humans started blaming the Fae for things that happened. For example, if a cow died or the milk was sour, they accused the faeries.

How to See the Fae

Start by connecting with nature. Set the intention to see and talk to the Faeries. Come from an honest place in your heart with love. And do your best to trust what happens.

You might see them first or hear them – everyone is different and this is dependent on how your own intuition works.

For me, I read a lot about the faeries and elementals. I read several books about the Findhorn Garden in Scotland – they grew amazing vegetables with the help of the elementals, plant devas and more.

In addition I read several Tanis Helliwell’s book My Summer with the Leprechauns and The Elves of Lily Hill Farm among many others.

I hope Barb and I inspired you to go outside and commune with nature and the faeries because they’re real!

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