Focus On What You DO Want – Podcast Snack

Stuck in a thought loop that makes you unhappy? It’s time to focus on what you DO want, vs. allowing your brain to dive into negativity.

I’ve been giving that advice out lately to friends, family and clients. This stems from the Law of Attraction which states “Like attracts like”.

What that means is if you keep thinking about what you don’t want and feeling badly about it, unfortunately, you could get more of the same!

Here’s a tenant from Hawaiian Shamanism: “Energy flows where attention goes” It sure does. That’s why you want to catch yourself in that negative and unproductive thought loop and shift your thinking to what you DO WANT!

Makes sense doesn’t it? Not so easy but it can become a new habit when you set that intention. Plus, it offers not only relief but also helps you create what you DO WANT! That’s a much better way to go, right?

So, that got me thinking. Does this message apply to my life? It sure does and this links back to my last podcast snack about How to recover from a big fight fast. Turns out, I’m not totally over it – LOL. Although I’m so much better now.

Listen to this very short podcast snack and find out what it’s all about and how you can apply this helpful method to your life as well. You know, in case you do any unwanted, repetitive thinking…

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