The Magic of Shamanic Intuition with Jenna Smith

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I am speaking with Jenna Smith, Shamanic Intuitive, Coach and psychotherapist. It was a lively discussion delving into Shamanism, Intuition, synchronicities, and healing the underlying issues that crop up and keep you stuck.

Creator of the Re-Sourcing Method TM, Jenna provides tangible framework for people to tune-in to their untapped resources in order to live a life of purpose, with deep confidence and self-trust.

An in-demand speaker, professional singer, coach, and author, Jenna is knowns as the “real deal” to get you past trying and fixing to fully living as your ideal self permanently. She does this by aligning people back to their nature; as confident, worthy, creative, successful beings. Jenna cuts through half-baked Woo-Woo and Ra-Ra self-development, by providing concrete, easy to learn tools for tangible results that last a life time.

Smith has trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Ontological Coaching, Peak Performance, Oneness, as well as Shamanism and intuitive healing from Peru, India, Africa, Ireland, and North America.







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