The Magic of 2021 with Marla Martenson, The Mystical Matchmaker

What kind of magic have you been experiencing this year? In this fun episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’ll be talking with Marla Martenson, The Mystical Matchmaker, about the magic we’ve encountered during 2021.

We talk about our visions and intuition, efforts to release the old and make room for something new, the Emotion Code and healings that has been accomplished, and more. You’ll hear a couple of seriously magical stories. Ultimately, we’ve discovered that this has been a year to go within and learn to trust ourselves.

Plus, Marla pulls a few cards to look into what the magic for 2022 will be like in her beautiful, insightful, and fluid way. Don’t miss it.

Marla Martenson is a Los Angeles based matchmaker, transformational life coach, an energy healer and tarot reader. She has been using her intuitive skills to connect singles with their soulmates for two decades. Marla also hosts a podcast called The Mystical Matchmaker. I read and loved her latest memoir The Magic Seeker, which humorously chronicles a year in her world as she balances her life as cupid to muggle multi-millionaires, and her deep dive into the mystical, magical, and the occult. Marla has been featured on the Today Show, Beyond Belief on Gaia TV, and hundreds of radio shows including Coast to Coast AM with George Nori. You can connect with Marla at Follow Marla on instagram @TheMysticalMatchmaker

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