The Magic of Ullis Karlsson and Her Book Holy F*ck

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I talk with Ullis Karlsson from Sweden about her new book Holy F*ck and Sacred Water: The Secret Connections to Everything.

Ullis is a Spiritual Teacher, International Author, Public Speaker, and Yoga Teacher/Therapist who travels the globe working with women to raise their vibration and create a happier, juicier, more conscious loving life. Sounds good! Her background in traditional Western and Eastern Holistic disciplines, combined with personal development and Inner Leadership over 28 years of experience.

Just 12 years ago she was burned out, deeply depressed, and suicidal, but today she is thriving, having addressed her fears and the subconscious programming that was holding her back.

Enjoy this fascinating conversation and find out what worked for Ullis. To learn more about Ullis at her website

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