Shamanism And The Elemental Goddess With Ashley Renee

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, discover wisdom from a female shaman and the Elemental Goddess, Ashley Renee, as we discuss shamanic elements and healing, the power of voice, and even tattoos!

Ashley Renee’s Healing Practice

elemental goddess Ashley ReneeAshley has studied a wide range of healing and shamanic methods and has combined them to create her own unique method for healing trauma. She is quick to point out that YOU actually do the healing, but she is skilled at guiding you along the path to reclaim your power.

One method we discussed in detail is how using the voice frees emotions trapped in the body. From blood curdling screams to singing opera, you’d be surprised what can be released and healed in this way.

(Ashley looks like an Elemental Goddess in the photo to the left don’t you think? Check out the ones below too.)

Shamanic Elements

She also does breath work and movement with clients, as well as shamanic drumming journeys. We spent quite a bit of time discussing the five shamanic elements. While I have heard about earth, wind, air, and water, ether was a new one for me!

One of my favorite parts of this episode, was talking about the magic that happens in the eye of the storm. This is where you can be a wise observer and choose the life you want. When you can step into the observer role, this allows you to stop taking everything so personally. Beautiful.

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The Elemental Goddess

shamanic elementsAshley has written the Elemental Goddess Guide Book which is part of her Elemental Goddess Master Series  and she has several ways to work with her from group shamanic journeys to weekend retreats.

She does strike me as a bit Goddess-like and when you take a look at some of her photos, you can see her modeling experience comes in handy. Fabulous photos!

Alchemizing the Energy

She has a way of looking at life and the world through the eyes of a shaman, explaining how the energy works and flows. Her goal is to help clients transform their energy, to gain the benefits of living a well-balanced life and feeling safe within yourself.

Working like an Elemental Goddess, she helps clients use the five elements to complete this alchemical process.

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Cross-Country in a Camper

Recently, Ashley downsized from a three bedroom house to a camper, as part of her plan to travel around the United States. Her goal is to bring healing to places new to her and create connection. This seems very brave to me, a woman (and her cat) journeying cross-country.

The idea of eliminating three-quarters of her possessions alone would be highly taxing for me! However, Ashley is extremely excited about this new phase of her life.

Tattoos Combined with Ceremony

tattoos and ceremonyAshley has an incredible tattoo on her chest that is truly remarkable. Graceful lines that curve and cross form a “chest plate” as she calls it, reminding her of who she is.

She talked about the experience of getting this tattoo from a Swedish tattoo artist, steeped in Nordic spiritual traditions. Shamanic drum music played while the work was done, creating a full and transformative experience.


Ashley Renee, The Elemental Embodiment Coach helps guide you back to a well balanced life through unique journeys using tools and techniques that helped her overcome obstacles of life. These are practices you can use even during a demanding and busy schedule.

The creator of a truly unique program, Ashley combines many therapies and coaching backgrounds, to create a space of healing and awareness for workshop or retreat attendees, or who work with her in one-on-one journeys.

Her mission here on Earth is to create a Safe Space, Remind others how to LOVE through the LOSS and to BE the CENTER in the CHAOS. Ashley is here to remind you that you are safe to be in your body and safe to feel what is coming up for you.

She’s been a Holistic Wellness Practitioner for 11 years, studied yoga for 16 years, including 12 years teaching. Ashley has 11 years experience in fascial release, the effects of trauma on the brain and the nervous system, and how to heal those imbalances using the five elements of nature.

Ashley also hosts Secrets of the SheWolf podcast

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Where to Find Ashley


Instagram:   the_elemental_goddess

Facebook: Ashley Hall


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