Banshees, Faeries, And Mediumship With Sandie Byrne

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic, I’m speaking with Sandie Byrne, chosen as Ireland’s Medium of the Year. I recommend you make yourself a cup of tea, get cozy, then sit back and enjoy wonderful real-life stories told by an Irish Psychic Medium.

Ireland's Medium of the Year Sandie will draw you into her world of faeries, spirits, banshees, and more as she regales us with tales from her own life and her gifted ancestors.

What Is a Banshee?

It’s a spirit that lets people know someone has passed away or is about to, and this features into one of Sandie’s family stories.

From a long lineage of readers, Sandie Byrne shares how she became a fulltime Psychic Medium and so much more in this absolutely delightful interview.

Allow the lilt of her Irish voice and the sweet way she weaves the narrative to awaken you to the possibility of spirits and guidance that Sandie says is available to everyone. Yes, even you!

Sandie Byrne’s Stories For You

This episode is like a spiritual fireside chat, as Sandie talks about:

  • How she came into her gifts, starting as a child at her grandmother’s funeral
  • A message out of the blue that kept her safe when danger lurked
  • How her grandfather saw the banshees and why
  • Her psychic lineage that goes back more than three generations
  • Resistance to her gifts
  • What unexpected event happened that started her Psychic Mediumship career with a bang
  • Why she fought with spirits as a teenager
  • Irish folklore and so much more!

This is a rare opportunity to hear, in her own words how a Psychic Medium comes into her abilities and listen to how things unfolded on Sandie’s spiritual path.

It’s an epic episode – I hope you enjoy it!


One of Ireland's Top Psychic MediumEveryone is brought up in different environments, and Sandie Byrne quickly recognized by sharing her ability with others, that people sought her help to move them beyond grief, hurt, and confusion.

For years she’s been sharing her abilities with people across many countries and continents. As a result, she’s managed to build her reputation as one of the top Psychic Mediums of her generation.

She’s proud to have even been compared to the famous and world renowned Irish Psychic Medium Eileen Garrett. And, she won Ireland’s Medium of the Year for 2020-2021.

Whether you are looking to have that meaningful and emotional reconnection with your loved ones in Spirit, want to reassess your path in life or develop your own abilities, Sandie has a program to help you.

Bereaved, Life Change, & Career Path

If you have been bereaved, had a life change, or are simply confused about life or career path, Sandie can help you to Move Beyond all of these issues.

By reconnecting with your loved ones, finding structure after change, and enabling you to gain clarity on your life path, you can discover the best path for your highest good.

Sandie Byrne’s Psychic and Mediumistic abilities are just tools to help you realize your purpose and Move Beyond the grief and hurt to create a powerful new direction that fulfills your desires and dreams.

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