Moon Phase Magic With Tracey Rampling Brown

Learn about Moon Phase Magic with Moonologist, Tracey Rampling Brown in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast.

The Beautiful Moon

Tracey Rampling Brown MoonologistWhen you look into the night sky and the full moon is high above, have you ever noticed how you feel? Sort of awe-inspired if you ask me. I love the moon with it’s luminosity and pearl-essence. It’s so beautiful!

That’s why I was SO excited to speak with Tracey Rampling Brown, who is a certified Moonologist extraordinaire. If there is something you want to know about the magical moon and it’s related manifesting powers, she’s the one to look to. She knows the manifesting techniques and the coinciding astrology which can really help.

Moon Phase Magic

Tracey and I had a fabulous conversation all about the moon. First, I wanted a better understanding about manifesting and using moon phase magic. I’ve done a lot of research and found conflicting strategies.

One thing that confused me is the idea of focusing to manifesting just one thing at a time. I asked Tracey, if you choose one goal and set an intention on the new moon, but it doesn’t happen by the full moon, or the next new moon, what do you do then?

Her answer cleared up my confusion! You can have several goals, of course. That’s because some goals are more long-term in nature and will take time to manifest. Keeping this idea in mind, you can have a short term goal, a three-month goal and a year long goal. Or whatever works for you.

Now, if your short term goal doesn’t happen in the two weeks it takes for the moon to become full, maybe it needs 28 days or the complete moon cycle. And if it still doesn’t come to pass, you can simply choose to focus on that goal again.

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Steps for Every Moon Phase

Here’s how to work with the moon in each phase of the moon’s cycle. When you do something every week during the four-week cycle, you stay in touch with your intention and goal. You can start any time but I’m going to begin with the new moon.

New Moon Magic

Tracey Rampling Brown Moon ManifestationThe new moon is like a blank slate waiting for you to create what you want. This is the time to get clear and plant seeds for what you hope to manifest.

On the new moon, begin by clearing your energy. You might want to clear not only your physical body but also your home. You can use a smudge stick made of sage or Palo Santo wood to clear the air by going counter clockwise around your home, room by room.

Then be sure to go back into each room clockwise with a prayer or happy song to put the good frequency back in. Don’t leave the space vacant after clearing – fill it with good vibes!

Next, set your intentions for what you want to manifest. Then use any manifesting technique that suits you. Now you are on your way!

First Quarter Moon Magic – Waxing

A week later the energy is building or waxing, as the moon visibility grows night after night. With Moon Phase Magic, this is the perfect time to check in with yourself to make sure you are on plan.

Maybe you got side-tracked by a big project at work or a new show on Netflix. No problem. Just reset your intention and start again. And if you’ve been doing your manifesting work all along, awesome!

Full Moon Magic

Now the energy has peaked and the moon is in it’s fullest phase. Big and round, it lights the night sky, sometimes revealing hidden secrets that are not always possible to see in other moon phases. But that beautiful moon lights the sky and the landscape, highlighting things you may not have noticed before.

At it’s full power, the full moon is a perfect time to release what no longer serves you and let go of anything that has gotten in the way. Again clear your energy, take an Epsom salt bath, smudge, or write the whole story down and burn it.

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This is a powerful time to ask for forgiveness or forgive others, even if you do this only on the inner plane. Remember, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” according to Alexander Pope.

Some people choose to do some manifesting work now as well, using their Moon Phase Magic. But that is up to you. This is another thing that Tracey and I discussed and a point of confusion for many just starting out with their moon ceremonies.

Third Quarter Moon – Waning

The last quarter moon is a time when the energy is waning, as the moon shrinks to a crescent night by night and then becomes the new moon again, leaving the sky dark and mysterious. You may continue to release anything that comes to mind.

The Rare Dark Moon

Tracey Rampling BrownApril 2022 is very unusual as it has two new moons – the first was on April 1st and the second is on April 30th. Very uncommon in Moon Phase Magic, this occurs only every 33 months or so. It’s far more rare than the blue moon which is two full moons in a single month. Some also refer to this phenomenon as a double new moon.

According to Tracey, this is extra secret sauce for manifesting! When combined with the eclipse that is also coming, your manifesting power is absolutely ginormous! This is perfect for your moon phase magic.

That means you better get busy thinking about what you want to create and crystal clear on your intentions. The last thing you want is to end up manifesting something you didn’t really want because you were not properly focused or didn’t think it through all the way.

Moon Manifestation Academy

In addition, Tracey talked about her Moon Manifesting Academy which meets twice monthly to celebrate the new and full moon. It sounds incredible, providing support for your manifesting on a spiritual path. She also writes a 35 page guide for each month to give you all the insights you need.

Tracey also has a free gift for my listeners – a free guide to manifesting with the moon! Get your copy now.


Tracey Rampling Brown is an international best-selling author, Certified Moonologer™, Lunar Business Strategist, and founder of the Moon Manifestation Academy.

Her mission is to help astro-curious, multi-passionate women reconnect with their intuition, harness the energetics of the lunar cycles and rebalance their divine masculine and feminine energies. Then you can ditch the outdated, burnout business paradigms, embrace ease and flow, and succeed on your own terms.

Tracey supports her clients through monthly New and Full Moon circles, private readings, and coaching programs that help her clients become perfectly aligned to manifest their dreams and live vibrant, balanced, joy-filled lives they LOVE!

An Aussie girl at heart, Tracey lives in glorious Italy with her husband, two children, and a Bengal cat named Maple.

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