Do Your Travel Plans Reveal Past Life Karma? Past Life Reading

In this episode, you’ll hear a past life reading for Lori. We talked about her travel plans revealing surprising clues to her past life karma.

Past Life History

past life karmaLori was curious why she feels a strong desire and connection to Scotland and Hawaii. She would like to visit both places someday. In addition, she’s read tons of books about romance in the Scottish highlands. Interesting, right?

Turns out Lori has had many previous incarnations in both places that are on opposite sides of the globe. Her lives in Scotland are more recent, starting around 1500 A.D., and she’s got plenty of past life karma there.

Without revealing too much (it’s so much better to listen to how the reading naturally unfolded), Lori had several lives where she was involved in magic, healing and was close to the land and the old ways of life.

Spiritual travel and past lives.

Things weren’t always warm and fuzzy for her as Lori discovered some of the hardships and challenges she faced in her Scottish lives. She was considered an outsider in one life and didn’t manage to become part of society.

A Past Life Love Story

past life readingOf course, there was a love story which is always a fun part of anyone’s past life history. In one incarnation, Lori lived through a war that took her husband’s life. There is a clear past life recall happening that weaves threads through her life now.

Lori also had messages from spirits that there is a man of Scottish heritage she is destined to meet. So exciting and romantic! Her guides call him Blue because of his intense blue eyes.

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Today the land is calling to her and that is why she feels so drawn there. Her background and spiritual skills will likely be enhanced and some may be awakened when she steps on that rugged terrain once again.

Previous Incarnations in Hawaii

Going deeper into her past life history, we discovered she had several lives in and around Hawaii, including an ancient one where she traveled there from Lemuria as it started to falter. This goes back at least 12,000 years in earth’s history.

Lemuria was a highly advanced and spiritual land that was around at the same time as Atlantis. You can find quite a few books on both locations and also about their differences.

These lives in the South Pacific were again strongly connected to the earth, the land and were deeply spiritual. Coincidently, Lori said she often did the forgiveness process of Ho’ Oponopono which originated in the Hawaiian islands.

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Some really cool things happened in her Hawaiian lives. Although once it seems, she may have been sacrificed to Pele, the Goddess of volcanoes! Lori said she was standing looking down into the hot red lava right before I said this to her.

Completely amazing!

This is what I love about doing past life readings. It can be so much fun. But the process is also incredibly informative, as it helps you get a much bigger perspective on your issues and life as you are living it now.

Past Life Karma

Lori was inspired by her past life karma and history and stated that she was going to investigate going to Scotland very soon. She’s lucky because her work is online, giving her plenty of freedom to travel if needed.

I encouraged her to go visit – why not? Make it a fun adventure. You never know who you might meet, whether in the airport or in the countryside. Or perhaps simply in the planning process itself.

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Clues about Your Past Lives

previous incarnationsTowards the end of the episode, I shared a series of tips on how to find clues about your own past lives. Think about historical novels you’ve read or periods of history you feel drawn to.

You might think about what you enjoyed or wanted to do as a child. What skills come naturally. What hobbies you enjoy including sports. Your job could even harken back to previous incarnations.

For example I loved calligraphy in high school and when I started doing past life work, I discovered a few lives as a monk and a scribe, writing the Bible by hand and illustrating the pages.

Other tips can include what you like to dress up as for Halloween. I did a past life reading once for a guy who I saw as a Viking. His wife laughed because that’s how he dresses up every year for Halloween! Your past lives bleed through into this life in the most interesting ways.

Sports can be another area that helps you recall your past. How many of today’s Olympic athletes where probably Olympic athletes in ancient Greece?

Be sure to listen until the end to get all the juicy tips that can help you with your past life history and past life recall.

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