The 12 Chakra System – What You Need To Know

How many chakras are there in the body’s energy system? Some say there’s a 12 chakra system. Others say there are 7, 13, 144, or even 200!

The 12 Chakra System

7 chakrasIn this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m speaking with Sarah Bright, Your Chakra Coach. Sarah started out as a personal trainer, helping people get into shape and stay fit.

Over time, she began to realize that without her, people’s accountability dwindled and the changes they had made reverted to old habits.

Sarah longed to find a way to help her clients make more permanent changes that moved them forward on life’s journey in a powerful and positive way.

She discovered the 12 chakra system and started working with her clients with this in mind.

The chakras are an ancient philosophy that studies how the energetic world is related to the physical world. For her, the missing link was the blending of emotional and mental health with physical health and in that moment – your chakra coach was born!

What Are the Chakras?

Your primary chakras are the seven centers in your body from the root to the crown, which we’ll being going over in great detail below.

Chakras are energy wheels within the body and when everything is going well they are open, spinning clockwise, and aligned vertically. Each one has a particular purpose which is what we are going to be talking about.

The veil between the physical body and the energy body is the thinnest at the chakras also connecting with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The Mind-Body Connection

I asked Sarah how she got started working with the chakras. Turns out she stumbled into a workshop for actors about how the chakras can help with character development!

She liked what she heard and after, bought a book that was very detailed about the chakra system.

At the same time, she was doing personal training work and realized that her clients fell off the fitness wagon when they stopped working with her. They were outsourcing their accountability to her. In other words, they relied on meeting with her to keep up the discipline of working out.

One day after a meditation, it came to her. Her studies showed that the mind and body are not separate and she realized she had to incorporate this 12 chakra system information in her training work.

The training alone wasn’t helping her clients feel good. But when they would become aware of their inner world with the 12 chakra system, this helped create a better state of being and more balanced emotions.

Sarah had this idea of combining exercise with nourishing your soul. Instead of trying to change the outside to change the inside which is very patriarchal, this begins by working on the inside!

Sarah started from the bottom of the seven primary chakras at the root and worked her way up.

7 Primary Chakras

Root Chakra

This is the body’s connection to the physical. Grounding, security, safety. The fundamental right is to be here, to take up space, to exist. When you focus on being your authentic self, you can peel away what society says you should be.

According to Sarah, this is where issues of self-worth and being more productive reside. It’s so important to understand your own personal value. The root chakra color is red.

Sacral Chakra

This is about your emotions and relationships with others from family, to love, to friends. You have the fundamental right to experience the full range of human emotions.

Many times you’re told that some emotions are not appropriate. For example, don’t be mad or angry, and don’t be sad or cry. However, you have the right to your emotions which are real and need to be felt and worked through.

Stuffing them down or ignoring your emotions doesn’t work, can cause many issues, and prevents you from being balanced. This area is also about sexuality and creativity and the color is orange.

Solar Plexus

This is a place of action, doing, confidence and taking steps for your highest good. Here you’ll find your drive and it’s no surprise that its related to your adrenal glands and cortisol.

Sometimes taking a nap or saying no to something is for your highest good, right? This chakra is about your right to your personal power. The color is yellow.

The element here is fire, but you can’t burn forever without recharging. You have to rest and regroup. When you lose passion, this is a solar plexus challenge. Also, stomach and gut problems show up when there’s an imbalance.


This is the chakra of love, both giving and receiving. Blocks are often found in this area, often about receiving love which is why opening the heart can be difficult for some people.

People close the heart when they’ve been hurt to keep themselves safe. You have to do the inner work and dissolve the blocks to get the love you want.

Imagine opening your heart with a physical opening like your your shoulders, collar bones, lungs and heart. There are yoga poses to help with this too. The heart is green.

Throat Chakra

This center is all about communication, expression and creativity like speaking and singing.

You have the fundamental right to be heard. This center can manifest blocks when you don’t feel heard or someone else takes credit for your ideas.

The neck is a narrow spot physically, so things can easily get stuck. If you have difficulty getting things off your chest or out of your mouth, you’re having communication problems.

Also important in this center is the responsibility to hear and listen respectfully – that’s sort of lacking in the world today. Being creative is a great way to unblock the throat chakra and the color is blue.

Learn about energy healing in this episode.

Third Eye

This is the seat of intuition and the fundamental right to see, not just physically, but also to see reality vs. living in your head. Constantly thinking about what could or should have been or worry about the future causes anxiety.

The “what ifs” of life can cause an imbalance in the third eye, disconnecting you from your intuition and making you spiral emotionally. The third eye connects you to your inner knowing and wisdom and the color is purple. Some say it’s indigo which is a deep blue.

The right to be seen can be a challenge, especially for women and many keep themselves small because they don’t want to be seen or have any attention. You have a right to be acknowledged for who you are and want to be.

Crown Chakra

This is the portal to the divine, your highest self, or deity of your choosing. This is about the fundamental right to know. Not the details of everyone’s life! It’s about the right to know your truth, your path, and that you are safe to take action on your path.

Sarah said she got to feel more peaceful in life when she was willing to open the crown chakra. This is the spiritual part of yourself which is white or purple if the third eye is indigo.

The balance of your chakras changes all the time. Check how your body is feeling to see which chakra may need some work and your attention. You can even simply breathe from the root up to the crown and back down to get the prana moving.

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The 5 Transpersonal Chakras

Then there are five additional transpersonal chakras that extend beyond the borders of the physical body. I’ve read that the Earth star has been assigned the number zero which is why if you add them up, there are actually 13 chakras in this system.

Go figure. Or perhaps the five transpersonal chakras are the ones above the crown.

Earth Star Chakra – This chakra is about one foot below your feet and that connects you to earth life force energy.

Soul Star Chakra – The soul star is one foot above your head and that connects you to divine love and your own divine sour. Also, it’s how you connect with the Akashic Records.

Spiritual Chakra – This helps you connect to and enter the spiritual realm which allow you to interact with angels, guides an all sort of light beings.

Universal Chakra – This center is about fully understanding how the physical and spiritual world work together.

Galactic Chakra – This tunes you into the galactic energy so you can speak directly to the divine. Also sounds to me like this is the place where ETs can connect, but that might not be accurate.

Divine Gateway Chakra – Also called the Stellar Chakra, it represent the energetic plane and opens the door to the divine world.

BIO – Sarah Bright

Your Chakra CoachSarah has been working in the fitness and wellness industries for almost two decades, helping 1000s of people reach their health goals as a personal trainer and coach.

During that time she was also a student of the chakras, an ancient philosophy that studies how the energetic world is related to the physical world.

A few years ago, that the missing link in most people’s wellness program was the blending of emotional and mental health with physical health and in that moment Your Chakra Coach was born.

Sarah is now the host of the podcast Your Chakra Coach and provides guidance and direction for 1000s of people in over 50 countries each week showing them how to expand their well being and happiness.

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