Tips To Let Go – The Adventure Continues With This Podcast Snack

As my adventure continues, I’m working on learning how to let go. In this short podcast snack, I share several helpful tips to release old emotions that might drag you down or make you feel bad about a situation or yourself.

How to Let Go

While doing research to find methods, tools and tips for letting go, I happened upon this article on and want to give Rebecca, the  credit she deserves for creating this great post.

What Is My Adventure About?

If you’ve been listening to this podcast over the last couple of weeks, then you know I’m on an unusual spiritual adventure with no destination, no map, and no guide.

I went on a Celtic Shaman journey, where I encountered Merlin who told me I was going on an adventure. However, this is an unusual trip because I don’t know where I’m going, there’s no path or map, and I have no guide and must find my own way.

That’s why I decided to talk about this on the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, inviting you to join me, so I won’t be lonely on this crazy journey.

I’ll be updating you from time to time on what I discover on my path to no where that’s meant for my spiritual growth. There have been a coupe of breakthrough developments which you’ll hear about in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for more!

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