Intuitive Style And Spirituality Redefine Fashion Rules

Does your sense of style accurately reflect the real you? Imagine feeling fabulous in your clothes. Now you can with an Intuitive Stylist!

Becoming an Intuitive Stylist

The Breathe Love & Magic PodcastI started by asking Susan Padron, how she became an intuitive stylist. She answered that she always loved dressing people and finding clothes that allow people to see themselves as she sees them. The outfits reflect how they appear to her on the inside.

In her youth as she started going to the mall with friends, that’s where it all began. But she didn’t know she could even be a personal stylist. So, she became a middle school music teacher. However, style stayed in her orbit.

After she had a son and took time off, a friend told Susan she liked what she picked for her better than anything she got from her subscription box. The friend suggested Susan get a job with one of those clothing services.

That’s when the lightbulb went on about being a personal stylist! Susan dove in exploring how to become a personal stylist, working with mentors and taking classes. Finally, she left teaching and started out on her own.

Right about then, she also began her spiritual journey and it all just somehow came together. That’s why today she uses her intuition to select some of the clothing and help with style.

Style and Spirituality

Intuitive Stylist Susan PadronSusan taps into her guides who explain how the options will help her client. Sometimes the items help clients to see what they are capable of or the outfit makes the person sparkle.

Style is a different aspect of spiritual growth versus intuition or healing. Yet, your personal presentation represents how you feel about yourself and influences how you vibrate. It sends signals to the Universe, saying what you are ready for and what is to come.

Susan doesn’t talk about trends much or body types. Instead, she sees personal style as an outward expression of yourself. It’s about how to feel your best regarding what you wear.

During a transitional period in a client’s life, how they react to their clothing can change. A power dress from an old job might not work the same way in a new position.

Clothing Holds Energy

Podcast Interview with Susan PadronYour old clothes hold energy and when you evolve or shift, you are no longer in alignment with that outfit. It’s a past version of you that you evolved out of. It can no longer support you in the same way today, so let it go!

I asked Susan, “Isn’t fashion today more about self-expression rather than what looks good?” We talked about some outfits I’ve seen that I thought were awful because they did nothing to enhance a person’s looks.

Susan responded that she wants to challenge the term “flattering” which is typically rooted in a fat-phobic mindset that women are flooded with. It’s usually about what makes you look thinner and that smaller is better for a feminine body. She disagrees with this premise.

Also as a stylist, she knows everyone isn’t going to like every style. But instead of hating it, simply say, “That isn’t my style esthetic.” That’s a positive way to go, although I might have a stronger opinion, but it’s okay to disagree.

For example, there are parts of my body that I would prefer not to enhance which is why I make certain fashion choices. To Susan, this positioning of what I said about style and my body was more PC and acceptable. Got it!

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Body Positive

She did say that body neutrality is so important vs. hating your body. Susan feels no one can constantly stay in body positive energy all the time, but at least you fluctuate between loving it and being neutral. That makes a lot of sense.

This intuitive stylist insists that there’s no reason to feel bad about changes in your body because that is just how things go. This is part of learning to love yourself as you are today. That’s certainly healthy.

She says get rid of those size 4 jeans and stop constantly microdosing on what no longer fits you. Those are low vibes of longing for what used to be. Those “goal jeans” are a constant reminder of what you don’t like about yourself! So true!

I never thought about how this could negativity impact your mindset or vibration, but I can really see that now. Who needs to be reminded that you’re not OK just as you are?

As a stylist, Susan wants you to feel good in your body and your clothes and stop judging yourself about the size you wear. She thinks no one is going to think less of you for being a size 14 if you used to be a 10.

How Her Clients Transform

the spirituality of personal styleI asked Susan for a client example about how they shifted or transformed as a result of working with her. She said she works with her clients for months. They start out with certain beliefs about who they are and what they can wear. She challenges them about these ideas to break out of these confines.

Susan slowly expands her clients’ comfort zone for colors and styles. As they try new things and have new experiences, they lose concern about judgement and build confidence in themselves. How nice!

Her clients learn to make themselves a priority and be their true selves. Susan sees this as letting go of stuck energy in the energetic body as they stretch to try new things. Cool, right?

Then Susan mentioned a client she’s worked with for three years. When they started together she only wore oversized, clothing that was flowy with soft fabrics and always in neutral in color.

However, the client expressed that she wanted to embrace the person she was uncomfortable or afraid of being. She hadn’t been able to connect her personality with her clothes.

In the past, the client gravitated to drapey, soft fabrics in muted colors because she was toning down her personality. This was a reflection of her relationship with her soon to be ex-husband, where she held her self back by turning down the volume on who she was.

It’s Time to Show Off

Now, after divorce, the client was ready to be her true self. Susan encouraged her to think about showing off her body rather than covering it up and to try bolder colors. The client was ready to embrace this new sense of style and her new self. The change was incredible!

Susan loves to help facilitate that kind of transformation and growth for her clients as they come into their own. Giving them permission to be who they want to be and go for it. See how fashion can impact someone’s entire outlook on life?

The Impact of Color

Breathe Love & Magic podcastPersonally, I consciously choose the colors I wear based on my mood and emotional state. Sometimes I need the soft love of pink or the peace of sky blue. Other days I need the power of red.

Susan says a lack of color in the wardrobe could be an indication about a troubled chakra. For example, if there’s no yellow in the closet, is the person having a problem with the solar plexus, confidence, or showing up for themselves? That’s so interesting!

Celebrate Your Body

Her last piece of advice is, the next time you’re shopping, instead of thinking about what parts of your body you want to hide, think about what part you want to celebrate.

This will help you be more present day to day. Ask yourself, “What part of my body is my favorite today?” Wow, what a positive question!

BIO – Susan Padron

Breathe Love & Magic PodcastSusan Padron is an intuitive personal stylist, an award winning author, podcast host, and has been featured in InStyle and many publications accessible all over the world. She works with her clients to find a personal style that is a true reflection of who they are as a unique individual, while simultaneously helping them to navigate through their limiting beliefs.

Rather than focusing on fashion trends and body types, Susan curates a style for her clients that is accessible, versatile, all while dressing their soul. She is a tattooed, queer mom, who is always ready to give you the gentle nudge or emotional hug, whichever you need, so that you can give yourself the permission to be you.

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