Do You Believe in Life After Life? Connecting With The Other Side

Have you thought about what happens when you pass on? Do you believe in life after life? That’s what this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast is all about.

Is There an Afterlife?

Interview with Annette Marinaccio on the Breathe Love & Magic podcastI started by asking my guest, Annette Marinaccio, author of Your Soul Focus, how she came to be a believer in the afterlife. She said she assumed that when you were dead, you were dead. That’s it. She hadn’t really even considered if life went on after that.

Then her mother-in-law (Lucille) crossed over and things started to happen. She had been close to her mother-in-law, who became insistent on proving that she was still around. To think that you go on and can be actively involved with the people you leave behind on earth was not something Annette had ever thought about before.

Spirit Left Her Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumb #1

Lucille enlisted other ancestors and spirit guides to help Annette open up to this idea of the afterlife. Annette hadn’t thought much about spirit guides being real either. This determined group left her breadcrumbs, one after another, helping her catch on that there was something more after crossing over.

Annette was quite grateful that her helpers in spirit approached this awakening slowly, giving her numbers-oriented, accountant mind time to get used to the idea.

It took her a long time to accept this and admit that there was truth to the afterlife. Before that Annette had never thought much about how or if the dead communicated with the living.

Curious about speaking with those on the other side?

Then in 2006, her mother-in-law passed. A few days later, her daughter at the breakfast table told Annette that Grandma Lucille had left her pompoms at school the day before which she called a gift.

Her daughter was making a handmade card and selected 11 red and 11 green pompoms. She left them on the table and when she returned, two more that mysteriously appeared. One lavender and the other ivory which were the same colors as the balloons the family had released at the gravesite. This was the first breadcrumb!

Now Annette felt worried about her daughter. Was this some kind of grieving thing? She started telling everyone to get feedback on what she assumed was a hallucination.

Evidence of the afterlife with Annette Marinaccio on the Breathe Love & Magic podcastBreadcrumb #2

When she told this story to her long-term friend, the woman asked her, “Do believe in life after life Annette?” That was the second breadcrumb. Now she’s discovered that a dear friend of 10 years believed in the afterlife.

Breadcrumb #3

The third breadcrumb was when this same friend mentioned a medium, Josephine Ghiringhelli, that she had visited several times to speak to her deceased loved ones and get practical answers to questions.

Annette tucked that away. Soon after, she went to dinner with the family and saw a poster at the restaurant promoting dinner and show with the very same medium! Coincidence or synchronicity?

Annette went to that show and her mother-in-law came through with flying colors and lots of details. There was no doubt about who was providing the message – it was Lucille for sure.

Reading Everything

do you believe in life after lifeOnce Annette came to believe in the life after life, she started reading everything she could get her hands on about reincarnation and the afterlife. She took a lot of metaphysical classes as well because she needed to learn and understand the other side.

Her main question was, “If we go on, what are we doing here, now?” Good question, right?

One of the most important messages that often comes from relatives on the other side is to simply let their loved ones know they are OK after passing.

Annette said she heard a lot of negative comments about how mediums are praying upon those in grief. But she wasn’t in deep grief – she was anxious to learn and no one was taking advantage of her. That wasn’t her experience at all.

We talked about the different ways the information comes to the mediums – through all the clairs, including seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, smelling, touching and even taste!

Listen to more on mediumship

Your Family Is With You

Your Soul FocusWhat I understand about spirit is that we are light beings, so we can fractionate ourselves and be in many places at the same time. That means your soul could be in many bodies living different lives at the same time, different times and in other realities. It’s such a different level of existence, sometimes its hard to fathom.

This is why your deceased family members can be learning and doing things on the other side and still visit and help you! Do you believe in life after life? I hope you do by now!

Annette and I talked about so many things in the podcast including:

  • Dreams about people alive or dead
  • How your guides and angels are called in when you’re very emotional
  • Our favorite books on this topic
  • How a story from her book ended up in a Saturday Night Live skit!
  • How Annette’s grandmother taught her baby daughter to sing a song after she passed!
  • And so much more!

Listen this weekend to enjoy the entire fun interview.

Bio – Annette Marinaccio

do you believe in life after lifeAnnette is a Certified Public Accountant, an accomplished healthcare executive, and the author of Your Soul Focus. Annette’s mother-in-law led her on a path after she died to prove to her that there is an afterlife.

After understanding that the afterlife exists, Annette learned how intricate and extensive our souls and our journeys are. It’s fascinating! The information that Annette has accumulated and conveyed has a clear and deep benefit to others during their times of need, grief, or curiosity, and Your Soul Focus will pass that knowledge to you.

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