How To Create A New Identity After A Transformative Healing

Wondering how to create a new identity and how this will change your life? A transformative healing can make this a positive experience. Find out what Akashic Reiki Master, Katie White, has to say about this process.

Breaking the Mold

Katie White Several years ago, Katie made a bold decision at the high point in her corporate career to shift gears and forge a new path. Throughout growing up, she believed in the path presented to her about going to school and college, getting a job, buying a home, getting married and having children. These were the expectations that her family had for her.

But she was a brand-new mom who couldn’t face working the 50+ hours a week, commuting an hour each way, and everything else that made up her life. After 10 years, it was all too much for her and her body shut down. She couldn’t take it anymore.

A friend recommended Reiki as part of self-care and she had never felt as relaxed as she did after her first session. That was the start of her transformation.

So, Katie left her stable dream job with benefits. She wanted to figure out how to create a new identity so she could help other women like her, who felt overwhelmed, stressed, and living in survival mode to break that cycle.

Today, Katie works with the Akashic Records and Reiki combined. She said the Akash is a masculine, grounded, human conscious energy while Reiki is a very feminine energy, loving, nurturing, healing energy. When the two are combined, this anchors the healing and creates lasting transformation.

She works with past, present and future information and brings that through along with Reiki healing energy. This unique method helps people relax and create the ultimate space for healing. The Akash helps the human and the Reiki helps the soul. Together, this is a molding experience that helps interlocks changes and creates depth.

Today, people are doing so much with Reiki, from adding it to their magic, to clearing and healing, to calming anxiety with three minutes of Reiki for themselves. That’s so smart!

What Lights You Up?

Katie WhiteThen I asked Katie about how to create a new identity and why this is necessary. Many times her clients come to her at their wits end about something in their life they want to change but haven’t been able to accomplish.

But as a client heals and recovers, things change and then figuring out who she wants to be comes next. It’s so important to understand what makes you light up like a Christmas tree. You have to know what makes you happy and what you want in order to get it!

This often requires breaking societal standards and is an evolutionary process that takes some time. Clients have to release limiting beliefs about themselves or the expectations others have of them.

This is also true about difficult relationships that shrink them and put them into depression or anxiety. You have to rise above this and then you can learn how to create a new identity.

Typically, it’s a gradual process, but before she starts to wrap up her work, she dives into what your soul is here to do, anchor into that, come up with actionable steps to make that happen now.

What Do You Want?

It’s often easier to talk about what you don’t want but that is also a great place to start the journey. This is where Katie goes into the Akashic Records to look at the past, and then look at what will serve her client right now from where the person is today. Then she can tap into the potential future.

Guidance from the Akash comes through to provide new perspectives and open new possibilities for her clients. And this is how to create a new identity.

Psychic Abilities

Katie discovered that her psychic abilities include quite a few areas. From inner knowing and the empathic ability to feel what her clients feel, to her psychic medium gift to hear messages from past loved ones. Plus, the ability to visualize the energy.

So that’s claircognizant (knowing), clairaudient (hearing), and clairvoyant (seeing). Then I asked Katie which one is her favorite. She said seeing which is my favorite too! Nothing like a good vision.

Creating a New Identity

Breathe Love and magicHere’s one client story. A client arrived saying she had a lot of baggage and her life was a train wreck. They worked together for seven months, doing Reiki, inner child and past life work. Katie could tell the woman also needed somatic movement to release the emotions stuck in her body and essential oils helped too.

The client ended up losing 30 pounds in just a couple of months as part of dropping her baggage. However, this caused the client to question who she was. She realized she needed a new identity, having released all that baggage.

As the weight fell off too, she wondered who am I without that baggage and the weight, right? Who is this happier, thinner person? She needed to know how to create a new identity that fit this new, lighter person.

That was the beautiful part. They created a new identity aligned with her higher self, without the baggage and today, she’s on fire. Her business is taking off and she’s figuring out how to engage better with her kids and husband. Things are really moving which is like a ripple effect taking place.

Illuminating Natural Radiance

Katie says everyone has a light inside them – that is your spirit or soul. Your soul chose this time and place, all the struggles and joys of the human experience. So, when you flow with life, your natural radiance comes out.

Many people are feeling the darkness and can’t seem to get past the subconscious stories and limiting thoughts. But like her client who lost weight and dropped all those stories, she can now shine. She flows with that natural radiance since there is far less resistance.

Her client leans into grace and more healing and self-care, allowing that to push out the darkness. Now she knows things are going to work out. It’s like turning on a flashlight and once you have the awareness, you can’t turn it off.

We also talked about patterns Katie has noticed in her clients and how everything in life is a mirror, reflecting her own path and journey. She works with career challenges, relationships, perspective shifts, people pleasing and rule following.

Overall, Katie works with women, who like herself, want to break the mold and strike out in their own direction. How to create a new identity is a big part of the reward for doing that hard work.

Katie has a fabulous Free Gift, a meditation series called 5 Days to Calm Download yours today!

BIO – Katie White

Katie White is a Trauma Informed Akashic Reiki Master Teacher, who could no longer ignore the powerful nudge to shift her life. She made a bold decision to trust her intuition, stop living the cookie cutter life and playing small, and commit to build a life she was proud of.

Katie works with empathetic souls craving freedom from mental and physical pain and uses various healing experiences to help you rediscover yourself on a path to whole-body happiness. By commanding the energy around you, embodying your trauma and holding it with confident, gentle understanding, she’s able to bring awareness to subconscious thoughts that are holding you back and shift them providing healing that lasts.

Truthfully, Katie never felt like she belonged anywhere, until she experienced the unshakable power of this work. When you are in her presence, she is absolutely honored to illuminate the natural radiance within you.

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